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North American Shortwave Pirate / UNID 7320 AM 0305 UTC 13 OCT 2023
« on: October 13, 2023, 0306 UTC »
Has been booming into Masset for the past hour, at least, (now 03:05 UTC) with right wing talk an hour ago, but not melodic instrumental music. 
You're listening to the Corbett Report ID at 03:06.  Corbettreport.com.  Repeated over and over again.

Tough copy into Masset in AM mode. 
Let's Dance, by David Bowie at 02:37
AM mode had me fooled.  Radio 48 ID at 02:51.

Strong reception into Masset tonight at 01:55 check. 
A Drug Against War, by KMFDM
Rooster, by Alice in Chains at 01:58
77LJS ID at 02:20 UTC and mentioning the violence in the Gaza strip.

Very strong reception in Masset at 00:25 tune-in.
Expecting to Fly, by Buffalo Springfield at 00:29   (one of my favourite bands!). 
Fly Into the Sun, by Lou Reed at 00:32
Off at 01:00 following a nice SSTV image of a hawk (I think).

Fair to good reception into Masset, BC with Devil Teasin' Me, by the Commoners at 00:27 tune-in.
Much nicer reception with QRM from another app.  RFW IDs at 01:02 UTC.  Lots of mentions of being cashed out.  Warbling QRM cochannel!   RFW signing off at 01:04....Warbling continues!

Poor to fair at 02:20 utc.  Noticed transmission while listening to B-Side Radio on 6935.  Masset BC location.

Superb reception into Oahu (via my SDR in Masset, BC :-)  at 01:38 tune-in

Spillin' the Tea
Shout out to HFU and ID.  Wonderful music !!!!

Pretty tough copy, but also heard Russia's invasion of Ukraine at 01:14.  Except for static (a lot tonight), would be quite acceptable into Masset, BC.

North American Shortwave Pirate / Re: UNID 6930 USB 0211 UTC 30 SEP 2023
« on: September 30, 2023, 0305 UTC »
Fair copy into Masset, BC at 03:04 UTC tune-in
Jockey full of Bourbon

North American Shortwave Pirate / Re: UNID 6870 USB 0406 UTC 25 Sep 2023
« on: September 25, 2023, 0417 UTC »
Right Here (Bliss ReMix) at 04:15, then going into another instrumental (Tropicalia (Jay's Bahia Remix), by Blue Six.  Fair to good reception into Masset, BC.
Thanks, as always for the program.  eQSL always appreciated! 
50 kHz wide noise blob is interfering now starting on 6870 and above.  Grr!   73,  Walt

Fair to good reception with a stuck record at 02:00 UTC.  Into Masset, BC.  Almost another hour until LSS.  A brief SSTV signal at 02:02, but I didn't have my program on to decipher. 
Off at 02:48 after a SSTV image, but too weak to get much content from it.  I was hoping for improved conditions but didn't happen, and agree that there was a modulation problem, so not just me!

Only poor to fair reception into Masset, BC at 02:24 tune-in.  Hoping things will improve with darkness!
Red Rain (Peter Gabriel) at 02:26

 73,  Walt

Excellent reception at 03:57 UTC into Masset with Tommy Dorsey (Swanee River).  Funny, Shazam doesn't ID it, but no problem with AHA.  More the music I enjoy (vs what was played earlier!!!).  Thanks for the show!    Walt (Masset, BC)

Excellent reception into Masset at 03:14 tune-in. 
Broken Hearts Parade (Good Charlotte).
ID for Radio 48 via MRI at 03:16, then Say Yes to Heaven.
This is a very typical genre for many Europirates that I've heard direct from Masset!
Continued at same great level until signing off at 04:07:30 after giving their protonmail address.  Thanks for the program!   QSL appreciated, if available!

Slipstream (The Crystal Method) at 02:39 UTC at very nice level into Masset, BC.  No ID yet? 

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