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Latin American Pirate / Re: AD149 Radio 6934.9 AM 0130 UTC 4 FEB 2024
« on: February 04, 2024, 0151 UTC »
Fair reception into Masset at 01:50 UTC playing El Amor Despues del Amor, by Fito Paez
Bajo las Sabanas by JAF at 01:54 UTC.     Frequency measured at 6934.894 kHz
El Pordiosero, by JAF at 01:57 UTC   Thank you, Shazam!

Good reception into Masset, BC but with RTTY like interference cochannel.  Men Without Hats at 03:08 UTC

Very good reception into Masset with an interesting story about Capt Nemo, etc.  Piano music at the end, then off without any ID.  Sounds like someone in my backyard!   73,  Walt

S9+20 with the VE6ARS KiwiSDR. Off around 0238 UTC, no ID.

Nothing noted at 02:48 utc into Masset.

North American Shortwave Pirate / YHWH 7475 AM 02:50 UTC 3 Jan 2024
« on: January 03, 2024, 0254 UTC »
Very good reception into Masset.  I don’t recall this particular program. USA practices the most vile Christianity.  Homos in the US military.  Satanic symbols on US currency, etc.  Where’s B-Side Radio when you need him? 

Booming into Masset, BC from 02:30 tune-in.  I'm assuming that this is B-Side Radio.  Exceptionally strong and clean modulation, as always!  Eclectic mix of music tonight for sure! 

Very strong into Masset at 03:47 tune in, but with a het from a carrier on 7474.676.  10 commandments, so not a new program. 
Sign off tonight at 04:14:20.  OC until 04:14:45 when he cut the transmitter.  Exceptionally strong tonight, with superb modulation.  Josiah has tweaked something!

Poor to fair reception at 00:54 tune-in.  A bit too weak for Shazam to identify music.
The Look of Love, by Chris Botti at 00:57 UTC, though, fiddling with my AGC parameters.

We were out for Christmas Eve, but home now and fair to fair+ reception into Masset, BC at 05:22 UTC playing Jazz  (Darling, Come on by Brian Gray)
How you doing out there at 05:25.  Sounds like Two Dog Radio DJ.
A couple of SSTV images, the last being at 02:49 UTC but what exactly is it?  A building, or is that an appliance?  Thanks to Myteaquinn for a good image of the SSTV....Funny, but I didn't see Merry Christmas at all on my SSTV image.  Just the building (?Outhouse) itself!  Slow Jazz music continues.
05:57:  Shout out to this city boy! Then into another SSTV image:   same building, but once again without the Merry Christmas being visible!
06:03:  Outhouse Radio ID.  I'm out of here, and Merry Christmas.  We wish you a merry Christmas (with animal noises).  Transmitter off at 06:04:30  Thanks for the Christmas Eve program!   

Fair to fair+ reception into Masset at 00:32 UTC tune-in.  Santa's list....Levi, etc.  I always enjoy Radio Crapola's unique programming!
Great program, as always until 00:52 UTC sign off with the Star Spangled Banner.  Thanks for the Christmas Eve program!   73,  Walt

Good to very good reception into Masset, BC at 00:19 UTC with Mr Roboto by Styx
00:20   She's a Lady by Tom Jones.
00:43  Coin-Operated Boy by the Dresden Dolls
01:03  Frequent mentions that they forgot to tell you that the request lines were open, and Merry Christmas.   Then into,
           Feeling Good by Nina Simone
01:07  Elephant by Tame Impala
Many owl hoots and "ID Radio" IDs.  Finally off just before 03:01 UTC.  Thanks for the interesting broadcast.  eQSL appreciated :-)   73,  Walt in Masset, BC (due south of Ketchikan, AK)

Note:  same station was heard to 01:10 UTC sign off on December 15th.  I thought the ID then was "NID Radio".  Reception on that day was only fair, but frequency and voice of the YL was identical. 

Request test:  Anything by the Doors

AM mode, just above threshold audio at 00:14 UTC on measured 11289.361   About same strength as last night. 

North American Shortwave Pirate / YHWH 7475 AM 0305 UTC 20 DEC 2023
« on: December 20, 2023, 0343 UTC »
Good reception tonight (UTC 20 December).  Off at 03:42:30 into Masset with the usual, "Good night.  I love you".

Poor to fair reception into Masset, BC at 02:35 UTC, but they were there much earlier while not at the dials.  No useful audio, really, however.  Shazam is having a hard time with the low signal strength. 

Music unk.
0109utc ID given just before silence, I could not get a clean copy for this.

To me, sounded like, "This is NIB Radio"....could be NID, NIV, MID, MIV, MIB Radio as well!

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