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Longwave Loggings / 189 khz AM Iceland? 3:34 utc Dec 1 2014
« on: December 01, 2014, 0343 UTC »
189 khz AM S 2.5 - S3

3:34 utc getting some audio of soft rock or easy listening music, whatever,  nice base line,
can't hear the male vocals enough to ID language but may be in english.
3:35 utc  did not hear any talking or Id - into another similar sounding tune - similar vocals as well.
Just one more S units and this would be decent copy for 189 khz..
3:46 utc S2 - carrier almost gone, audio all gone..
3:46 utc back up to S 2.5 - S3  female vocals
Looking around - I see DIW 198 khz - NDB beacon out of Dixon North Carolina, good sign for me that
I'm getting long wave propagation from the East, just don't see how I'll ever ID any  AM above 200 khz
with all the beacons I have above 200 khz? Guess I will need a direction setup of some kind.

Shortwave Pirate / Old Tme Radio 6769.9 AM 1:05 utc 11-30-14
« on: November 30, 2014, 0121 UTC »
6969.9 khz  AM  S5 ish on peaks

Been listening for awhile now, pops up above the noise briefly at times, music, 1:16 utc male DJ talking , English?  might be a euro-pirate?

1:18 utc still on but I can't get an ID
1:21 utc  talking just audible.....still no ID
1:30 utc jazzy sound tune playing now

Too weak to ID for me - Thanks Skipmunk

10/11 meters / UNID 26827 khz 20:11z - 20:24z 11-28-14
« on: November 28, 2014, 2035 UTC »
26827 khz AM bandwidth ~10 khz  S7 - S8  Very nice audio quality
20:11 utc UNID country tune
20:13 utc UNID oldie country tune
20:15 utc  "Wish I Was A Teddy Bear"
20:18 utc just started another tune then suddenly audio off  - carrier still on
20:20 utc carrier off for 30 - 40 seconds or so
20:20+ utc Back on with Hey Good Lookin'
20:24  Fade down then Off - seems to be gone for good now...

Nice sounding signal / audio where ever you were broadcasting from.

Shortwave Pirate / YHWH 17910 khz AM 17:16 z to 17:28 z 11-28-14
« on: November 28, 2014, 1759 UTC »
1710 khz AM  S7 - S8
17:16 z  Usual anti christian speeches, Gives time and frequency of his next broadcast this evening!
Oh My! Now giving our current serving and veterans a poke in the eye!  
Hey Bubba, No doubt you are definitely not trying to win any popularity contest!!!!
17:25 utc Usual weird tune
17:28 utc Sign Off!

S9 - S10+

Rock Pile show  is sounding very good tonight here. Very nice classic rock mix. Led Zep. Iron Butterfly  Police, Crazy Horse, etc.
Heard one advertisement so far - Universal Radio - same place I purchased my antenna supplies from...

I'm going to check these guys out more often...

MW Loggings / KFSG 1690 khz AM 0305-0325 utc Oct 25 14
« on: October 25, 2014, 0342 UTC »
3:05 3:25 utc listening to Russian language programming  1690 khz AM  S9+30
On occasion KDDZ Radio Disney in Arvada Colorado comes up above this signal then fades back and KFSG rises up back to S9+30
3:30 utc English language public service advertisement then dead air to 3:34 utc then back into Russian language tune??

During the dead air time the strong carrier continued but KDDZ could only be heard very weak at best.

No Id's heard by me but a search for Russian language broadcast on 1690 khz brought up information from several sources
including Wikipedia on KFSG 1690 khz AM  Roseville California, 1 kw night  10 kw day - I have to wonder if they forgot to go to night time power levels tonight?

After the last Russian sounding tune program switched to  "elevator music"  This stations programming definitely sounds like it is on "auto pilot"

4:01 utc Lots of public service announcements then KFSG ID - sort of - as part of a disclaimer "The views expressed blah blah blah", back into Russian language program.

Longwave Loggings / 162 khz France 1:26 utc Oct 17 2014
« on: October 17, 2014, 0134 UTC »
162 khz AM 
1:26 z Male speaking French
1:27 utc  UNID Music
1:28 - 1:34 utc  Male - speaking , sounded like station ID maybe - Male & Female talking...

6924.14 khz AM  ~S6 , considerable interference from a LSB signal on 6925 khz
00:37 utc - Could hear bits of Beethoven's 5th, anticipating an ELO tune?
Did not hear an ID
00:40 utc  UNID blues tune
00:42 begin another blues tune then audio off abruptly mid tune
00:41:32 utc Carrier Off

00:56 utc carrier back on - Beethoven's 5th again...
00:59 utc heard the announcer this time but could not make out what he said - into the blues again.
1:07 utc Captain Morgan SW ID  - few S7 peaks now
1:12 utc another CMSW Id - signal still improving for me - Averaging S7 now

Thanks for the show Captain...

25910 khz AM mode?  and 25990 FM mode both carrying the same programming - both strong signals with very little fading.
Oldies station - Texas State Network news, various west Texas advertisements
ID at 18:20 utc KLDE 104.9 and 105.3

-- Also hearing a clear ID on 25910 khz at various times - WQGY434

HF Beacons / Russian D Beacon 7038.7 khz 03:25 utc 9-15-2014
« on: September 15, 2014, 0338 UTC »
'D" Beacon 7038.7 khz
This beacon is just above the noise tonight but signal comes up enough to catch a few clear _..
Said to be part of a Russian "Cluster Beacon" in the 40 meter Ham band but I only see this one tonight.

Shortwave Pirate / Radio Garbonzo 6925 USB 2:39 utc Sept 8 14
« on: September 08, 2014, 0245 UTC »
S8 - S9  good loud modulation
2:39 utc Radio Garbonzo ID
2:40 utc Billy Idol Blue Highway
3:00 utc Story of Radio Garbonzo / FCC bust to music from Beverly Hillbillies - funny stuff (not the bust but the creative skits....)
bumping S9 now...
3:20 utc Off Air  - Thanks for the show Fearless Fred!!

HF Beacons / Russian L Beacon 6917.5 khz CW 2:10 utc 9-7-14
« on: September 07, 2014, 0217 UTC »
6917.5 khz notice the CW signal while listening to KPIM on 6930 USB

L   ._.. repeated approx. every 2 seconds

still hearing it at 2:26  and 3:00 utc - slow fades up and down S3 - S5

Shortwave Pirate / Liquid Radio 6925.3 AM 2:18 utc July 27 2014
« on: July 27, 2014, 0249 UTC »
6925.3 khz AM S6 - S7 audio about the same level as the storm static here.
~ 2:18 utc signal came up on top of RFW broadcast - occasional peskies in the lower side band
2:36 utc male OP made an ID  - could not make it out
2:39 utc  Another short ID - no luck this time...
2:43 utc playing what sounds like a dance tune - possible female vocals?
2:49 utc Male op talking - only woeds I think I made were "I'm sorry" ?? back to dance tune
2:50 utc  another Id - heard the word "Radio" the rest was in the static.
3:04 utc  ID  80% sure I heard "We're Liquid Radio"  
3:40 utc Dance music continues, signal to noise was better earlier,
not another clear Id heard since 3:04 utc.

Thanks for the confirmation!
Using headphones but the old ears just ain't what they used to be - static burnout now - over and out....

DC waterfall image captured at 2:54 utc

Shortwave Pirate / LODE Radio 6930 USB 1:17 utc July 26 2014
« on: July 26, 2014, 0135 UTC »
S8 - S9 - nice strong signal / audio here

1:18 utc  Taking Calls - IRC?
1:24 utc  EMail addy for QSL's
1:32 utc g iving numbers to call in - into more music
1:52 utc  Sold the Ping Pong table to a caller for Dogecoins?
4:30 utc  Still going strong, S7 - S8 , some S9, mostly call in's with bits of music at times.
4:55 utc  Off Air

I'm receiving 2 separate signals on 25950 khz tonight  7-7-2014

In AM mode ~ 8 khz bandwidth 3:20 - current time 3:45 utc  "Indie" like music - rock, fading in and out S3 - S7
DJ in between each song but can't make out much of what he is saying, think I heard 93.3 a couple of times,
sounds like a commercial quality broadcast?

while I'm listening to the AM sig  - a couple of times a much stronger FM signal at 20 khz bandwidth has popped up on the
same frequency at ~ 3:31 utc accu weather forecast and traffic report mentioning I 25 and I 75 then ID of News Radio 950 KOA
then a local Advertisement then back off, can still hear the music in AM mode.  3:45 utc KOA FM sig back with advertisement.

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