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General Radio Discussion / Re: Brother Stair re-run on 5.890MHz?
« on: January 21, 2018, 1629 UTC »
I heard it also, a night or two ago. Very grainy reception here, both on my DX-398 through the indoor wire and the G2 off the whip.

Sounded like a replay of a sermon on Revelation. Lord knows he has tons of stuff that isn't time stamped that could be replayed -- just like Gene Scott, or any other religious commentator, for that matter.

Equipment / Re: PKs Loops Model A-LOOP-TAM AM Loop Antenna review.
« on: January 20, 2018, 0848 UTC »
Looks like you could make a better performer out of a plastic milk crate, some wire, and an old BCB tuner cap (if you can find one) and save a bit of money (about $65 and then shipping from Oz) -- but I digress (just me being snarky I guess)

But it's cool that someone is making these loops for the MW crowd, especially when the only other mass marketed one (at least that I am aware of) is the AN100. Select-a-tennas aren't made anymore. 

Power to the guy making them. I hope he does well. It sounds like these antennas are good performers and tough, as well.

MW is the new SW. Enjoy it while it's still here. :-)

I say that I hope for the best, but fear for the worst. Propagation isn't helping things much.

Agree on the stupidity of demanding that SW stations run 50 KW minimum. Lower powers can work well with the antennas many of these stations have.

General Radio Discussion / Re: Propagation
« on: January 13, 2018, 1008 UTC »
Interesting in that this propagation report from Tad Cook doesn't have the usual anecdotes and observations from hams, including instances where they were saying how much DX they bagged -- which generally has appeared interspersed in these prop reports in the past.

Why do people vandalise anything? Because they want to.

I see these pranks as the same thing. People who want to wreak havoc really don't need a reason. They just do it because it's their version of "fun".

Propagation / Re: is it me?
« on: January 09, 2018, 2112 UTC »
Tuning around earlier this a.m. on 40 & 41 meters, seemed like prop was down. One unreadable weak CW around 7045, and one weak, barely readable SSB QSO in Spanish higher in the band. The Chinese BCB stations higher up in the 41 meter band weren't very audible, either. Was better a couple mornings ago.

General Radio Discussion / Re: Propagation
« on: January 07, 2018, 0015 UTC »
Well, perhaps MW and LW will begin to really kick in over the next couple of years.

Time for me to build that longwave loop.

And maybe check out 160 meters CW more often.

Even though prop has sucked recently, I have heard a few stations here and there on the SW bands. Mainly the Asia pipeline during the early mornings on 49 and 41 meters.

In the USA its a vast waste of spectrum. religious freaks in sheets and crazy crap. Music generally is horrible. NPR sucks because its biased by the left elite. The news stories are not of any real interest.
Indeed the web seems the only place to get what u want. I can tune almost any station half a world away in India or Japan without interference or fade outs. Its a new World that some have lots of trouble admitting is the future.
Both AM and FM radio are largely dinosaurs  :-\

All I can say is enjoy that online radio while you can, before it's all geo-blocked. The BBC already geo-blocks much of its output. Most FM stations (and many AM stations) in the US geo-block their streams also. Geo-blocking appears to be the trend, at least for most commercial (and some government) stations, due to streaming and royalty costs.

If AM and FM are dinosaurs, so is free broadcast listening. :-)

General Radio Discussion / Re: "Preacher Teacher" Alert
« on: December 29, 2017, 0548 UTC »
As for Brother Stair, his broadcasts will go on, even while he is locked up, there must be hundreds of recorded shows that will play on forever...how refreshing eh? 8)

As I tell folks, his brand of preaching has to stay current to be effective. I imagine his warnings about Y2K had some power in 1999, but nobody would give it two seconds of their time if they rerun that. Ultimately, it's the same with anything else. The current events will change, and in a few months ranting how the US moving their Israeli embassy to Jerusalem was foretold in Revelation will seem about as quaint as Y2K.

That said, his legal troubles and their specific nature seems to have taken care of it for good. I think WBCQ is the only one still giving him air time, but that's per reports I've seen elsewhere online, not what I've had the displeasure of hearing for myself. So, taped shows or live, stale topics or up to the minute, we won't hear it if stations won't transmit it. He'll have to try his luck streaming online.

True, unlike some of the other fringe and wacko preachers (like the late Pete Peters, whose sermons I heard on air as recently as six months ago at least), Stair's claims to be a prophet make his sermons more time-stamped. It's not like he was a preacher per se, where you could re-run sermons like Gene Scott's.

The biggest issue for Stair's continued broadcasts may be funding. I can imagine that a lot of Stair's non-communal based funding will begin to fade.

Too bad 6070 kHz has been inaudible on the West Coast for the past two years or more.... But it will be nice to hear it on CFRX if and when propagation ever picks up.

One thing I don't get -- the guy was a leader of a cult-like organization. Why wasn't he able to find a wife from the harem a bit earlier in life and keep it inside the confines of the relationship like many other religious leaders have been able to do? Being a religious leader, he would have been able to have the pick of women in the organization basically.... This kind of stuff always gets someone into trouble. Didn't he know that? I guess his ego far transcends common sense.

The irony is that they are the richest country in the world, and have no need to drop all FM for their NRK (and other nationally delivered) broadcasts -- it's not like the country is hurting for money.

They could have kept some FM on in places to fill holes in the DAB reception.

To their credit, like Iceland, they still have Longwave on in the north for mariners and oil riggers to hear the NRK.

Shortwave Broadcast / Re: Radio Nacional da Amazonia??
« on: December 05, 2017, 0856 UTC »
Thanks for the info. They used to be the most dependable signal south of the border on SW, aside from Cuba.

Shortwave Broadcast / Radio Nacional da Amazonia??
« on: December 03, 2017, 0251 UTC »
Anyone here heard them lately? They used to be full-on signals on 11780 and 6180 -- I haven't heard a peep from them over the past few months (granted, I don't tune the SW bands every night).

I used to hear them invariably, and the only time I didn't hear them was in the worst of conditions.

Equipment / Re: 22 Meter Band Part 15 CW Beacon Kits Now Available
« on: December 03, 2017, 0249 UTC »
WOW. How cool!

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