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Redhat, I'm glad to hear that.

Weller says the noise floor is a common problem that doesn’t just plague AM. It’s one reason why HD Radio FMs needed a power boost and why when VHF television stations switched from analog to digital the coverage was not as good as expected, especially indoors.

The second canary in a coal mine: the fact that even with new digital broadcasting technology they have to boost power in some way just to make a signal listenable -- and as more RFI predominates, that need for some way of boosting the digital signal will increase.

This especially applies to AM, where digital can work, except the stations need to be fully digital and probably have more power to actually be listenable in most of their metro.

Power = electricity produced from burning coal in much of the U.S.

The only conclusion I can reach (sarcasm button on) is that RFI causes more global warming (sarcasm button off).

General Radio Discussion / Re: "Preacher Teacher" Alert
« on: November 19, 2017, 0029 UTC »
The only SW preacher I actually listened to was Gene Scott -- that is, when he wasn't yelling at his congregation to send more money.

Some of his religious commentaries were fairly interesting: it was obvious that he was an educated man.

As for Brother Stair, I find it curious when some preachers declare themselves "THE" End Time prophet. There was another guy I heard on the AM band in the 1990's, a different guy, who was claiming the same exact thing: that he was "THE" End Time prophet.

I always thought it would be cool to put both of them in a small room, ask them "which one of you is THE end time prophet", and see what happens.

^^^^^^ The problem with FB unfortunately is that social and other internet media -- with the vast amount of accurate info actually available -- was supposed to make people smarter, not more gullible. Woops.

Like Token, I have seen a lot of junk on FB news postings. Links to questionable 'news' sources (sometimes they are just exaggerated blogs -- although other times they are indeed legit news stories from legit news sites), memes that are often exaggerations or out and out lies.

I've turned to clicking more of the music and cat videos in my news feed, and not clicking or responding to the news and political ones. The FB algorithm is useful in that way -- what you click on or respond to -- you get more of. :-)

This is wild speculation, but I imagine all the am listeners will be dead in 50 years or less, at least in Canada and USA. Does anyone know any kids or young adults that listen to am radio?

Probably minimal. When Radio Disney went off the AM band, maybe 16% of the listeners were listening to the AM Disney stations. So they were at least aware of the AM band. Possibly some ethnic younger listeners tune into the South Asian and other ethnic stations -- but I've never read any studies on that.

I'm certain that there are millennials who are sports fans that probably tune into sports talk stations. And maybe some of the religious teaching stations have a small younger audience -- for those who are into religion heavily. But overall, young people are abandoning radio -- not in massive numbers, but disturbing numbers.... And streaming isn't helping. A recent study hinted that young people who listen to online music streams do NOT stream local radio stations.

Equipment / Re: Do it TO yourself RFI !
« on: November 15, 2017, 0350 UTC »
Sounds like it was a cool device for Halloween, at least.

I wonder how far the RFI reached. Blocks? A mile or so?

My neighbor's psycho washing machine at least reached two blocks or more -- that was into my short indoor antenna. I'm certain that if someone another two or three blocks away had a longer antenna they probably heard the alien noises over half the HF spectrum also.

Political posturing. TV viewership is in decline, TV news has less and less influence, and people are cutting cable to watch Netflix and other internet-based entertainment and social media, where increasing numbers of people get their news anyway (30% of Americans get their 'news' via Facebook, according to one recent study).

Some of these politicians just can't stand the idea that a conservative oriented company like Sinclair exists. But unfortunately, they don't realise that TV companies like Sinclair have less and less influence, while internet news sources (of all types) have more and more influence. If a company like Sinclair bought newspapers in 72 percent of the markets in the US, would they still be complaining?

Probably not.

TV isn't too far away from where newspapers are. The entire media picture is changing -- TV won't disappear, but it's become part of the whole -- internet, social media, streaming, radio, TV, print, etc. It's a whole new world today.

General Radio Discussion / Re: "Preacher Teacher" Alert
« on: November 12, 2017, 1255 UTC »
Jim Bakker was busted for something and went to prison. He had a prison ministry there.

RE: Benny Hinn: I know some people who are acquainted with his ministry, and I went with them to attend a Hinn appearance here a few years ago.

The lowlight of the evening, you could say, was when he led the assembly to curse themselves with death if they didn't support his ministry efforts. I was -- needless to say -- thoroughly appalled.

Religion has its place in America, but -- like politics -- too often it is used as a means of gain for some people.

RE: Shortwave: a lot of the ministries ignore shortwave because they have TV and satellite. Brother Stair's teachings are probably odd enough that the mainstream Christian networks won't carry him, so he uses MW and SW.

Ya never know. It could happen, but the North Koreans themselves seem to be rather tech savvy (they managed to hack the South Korean military's site and download multipage documents showing US/S Korean war plans) -- I would think that their version of internet security at the radio station is pretty robust.

Plus, Radio Pyongyang grobably isn't connected to the internet at all, unlike many US FM stations which have been hacked.

Shortwave Broadcast / Re: What The...
« on: November 07, 2017, 0747 UTC »
Yikes. I couldn't understand a word.

Interesting info here. Probably no chance of hearing deep into South America on 6800-7000 at this location (NW US) but still very interesting to read about it.

Thanks for posting all the info, especially to FFM.

Equipment / Re: Electronic Dog Fence Wire as Antenna
« on: October 30, 2017, 0533 UTC »
My guess is if it is used as a dog fence, it should hold up in weather.

MW Loggings / Re: 21 Aug 2017 Eclipse Day on MW
« on: October 30, 2017, 0531 UTC »
Late to the logging party here, but I heard 1670 KQMS Redding; then 1660 KBRE The Bear, Merced faded up; then 1110 KBND Bend OR and 1290 KUMA Pendleton OR; then I heard 1060 KSL Salt Lake City -- all on my Sangean PR-D5. All roughly about 400-500 miles or so distant, with KSL being farther away than that.

There were probably a few other DX stations, but I concentrated on the X band and some regional channels because I knew more what to expect on those channels.

1190 KEX Portland was in louder than usual, as was a 1600 kHz station near Bellingham WA -- but sometimes both of those stations come in during 10 in the morning so I didn't count them particularly as Solar Eclipse DX.

Was a fun way to "view" the eclipse... I used a paper plate with a hole in it to project the eclipse on a dark cardboard folder -- but DXing was more fun than that.

Thanks for the heads-up on this event. Shall have to take a listen.  :D

Equipment / Re: Electromagnetic Pulse Web Page
« on: October 27, 2017, 1019 UTC »
Interesting articles. Thanks for posting the link.

Looks like some transistor radios could survive an EMP -- if not attached to an external antenna. That was interesting to read.

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