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General Radio Discussion / Re: "Preacher Teacher" Alert
« on: October 25, 2017, 1123 UTC »
One thing to bear in mind is that these religious organizations that use SW stations in the US probably lower the rates for the non-religious people who broadcast over the same stations.

In a weird way, people like Brother Stair (or his similar counterparts) keep the rates down for those programs that aren't so extreme, and other programs that are more entertainment oriented (I have heard of a couple of them, although I haven't heard them personally -- except for the foreign broadcasters that thankfully use WRMI).

Religious organisations tend to pay whatever rate a station charges -- that is how they feel about getting their 'message' out.

If it weren't for religious organisations, the stations would undoubtedly go off the air.

General Radio Discussion / Re: A Visit with Victor Goonetilleke
« on: October 25, 2017, 1120 UTC »
I have heard of Victor, and recall reading some of his articles / reports in either PopComm or MT. God bless him, he's a veteran DXer and was one of the DXer voices from a part of the world that many of us knew little about.

I may be old school, but I would never try to navigate on sea or in air without at least a rudimentary knowledge of dead reckoning, use of a sextant, and the other old school navigational aids. It just seems practical. I love most new technology, but some of it is just too sketchy in the long term to trust your life on it without a backup.

The diagram accompanying the article was very cool. Rhombics everywhere. I was always fascinated with that antenna. Never built one, though....

"AM-FM radio cassette recorder"... sounds like it might have been a boombox.

Boomboxes often had very good radio sections. I've always been pleasantly surprised. Did some of my best DXing on one back in the 1980's.

Josh, you are correct, I noticed this when I was in India and Pakistan, many people, who had the money to buy batteries, still using shortwave receivers in villages and semi rural areas.

Same applies to the majority of islands in the Pacific, many villagers in remote islands that have no aviation service and only get a ship every two or three months still rely on shortwave radio to stay abreast of events. They were shocked when Radio Australia pulled the plug back in January.

Not long back some aid agency was giving away "wind up" power shortwave receivers to some islanders, a similar programme operated in Africa some years back I recall.

Now there's not a lot for the Pacific islanders to listen to, just Radio New Zealand, Radio Vanuatu and Solomon Islands BC on shortwave, Papua New Guinea, Fiji and New Caledonia have terminated their outer island services on HF altogether.

However, with a decent piece of wire strewn through the coconut palms they tune Australian and other Pacific stations on Medium Wave, better than nothing. ;)

Hi LookingGlass,
Wasn't aware that Pacific Islanders had any concerns about Radio Australia discontinuing... I figured they would, but hadn't heard it expressed in fact.

Luckily New Zealand is serving the islands. Sounds like they don't have any intentions of stopping, at least for the next few years.

The islands seem to have a strong connection with NZ, I know that Pitcairn, at least, was administered through an office in NZ (if memory serves).

I wonder which MW stations can be received in the islands with a good portable, without an external antenna.

Wow, very cool. Some of the Canadian programs may reach the US as well, naturally.

Cool pic of the guy listening to a small boombox -- can't recognize the brand, though.

General Radio Discussion / Re: The World's "Largest" Radio Station
« on: October 01, 2017, 0737 UTC »
The link works. Fascinating article. I'm not certain ELF is still used by the Navy. I know that VLF still is, though.

General Radio Discussion / Re: "Preacher Teacher" Alert
« on: September 27, 2017, 0429 UTC »
To put it bluntly, if that "freak" wasn't "polluting the airwaves", the airwaves would be more silent and you'd hear nothing but Radio Havana in Spanish (and sometimes in English) and maybe Gene/Melissa Scott. Shortwave is struggling, and religion is keeping much of it afloat, not only here in the US, but in other parts of the world as well -- Trans World Radio (that serves Africa and Asia) is an example.

The days of the national SW broadcasters -- aside from Cuba and China -- are coming to an end.

Equipment / Re: Long Wire or Dipole for HF/SW RX?
« on: September 25, 2017, 0447 UTC »
There's always the old reliable Windom. You can find the formula for building one on any antenna site and it's been a proven performer for a century. Wire element w/ an offset wire feedline cut to resonance for your preferred frequency. Hook the feedline a simple tuner to match it for wide band listening/ transmitting. It's dirt cheap and it works.

I forgot about that antenna. Definitely would be a good, simple antenna for someone to try out. No coax needed.

Some prophecy extremists also thought that perhaps the "rapture" might occur this month some time, due to the sun rising in Virgo or something like that.

Equipment / Re: Long Wire or Dipole for HF/SW RX?
« on: September 21, 2017, 0526 UTC »
Antenna length isn't as critical for receiving as it is for transmitting.

You may notice a small boost, but you wouldn't notice more than a db or two at best.

Guys use 100 foot wires to DX the MW/AM band, and that is not even close to a quarter wavelength at those frequencies.  But still, such antennas work well for receiving a wide range of HF and MF frequencies.

Antenna length is more critical when transmitting, and maybe if you're making a beam.

Propagation / Re: MW Signal Strength vs Distance
« on: September 19, 2017, 1432 UTC »
Does the "range" in this graph mean Elevation (km's in height), or Distance from the transmitter in km?

Equipment / Re: Drake SW1
« on: September 19, 2017, 1431 UTC »
I was wondering if anybody has done an alignment or adjustments on Drake's SW1 receiver? Or any other improvements for reception.
The only thing I can find on it is the manual. I am running about 90 ft random wire that works fine with my National 109 and several other radios I have but the Drake sucks. I use to own /bought  a new Drake R8 back in the day and it sucked so bad I got rid of it, Now many,many years later I saw this SW1 for almost nothing and picked it up only to realize and affirm my dislike for Drake radios.
Any info on checking the alignment or other possible problems would be appreciated.

How does the Drake SW-1 "suck"? I'm just curious.

General Radio Discussion / Re: Home generated RF interference...
« on: September 18, 2017, 0112 UTC »
LookingGlass: PETA is a pro-animal rights organisation here in the US. They're a little on the extreme side for a lot of people.

Our version of the RSPCA would be the ASPCA.

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