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Heard while playing with Tecsun PL880 while on a smoke break at work. I never know if Time stations should be under utility or not(?).  PPE was weak under WWV & I was listening with only the built in whip antenna. Brazil only audible at the end of each minute when WWV obligingly goes quiet.

Intuned at 00:25 to lovely, jumpin' swing tune. S8 to S9 on my R75 with no preamp. really nice signal & cool music.

Heard while on a smoke break at work , outdoors with my PL880. When in AM s meter showed a measly 13 dbu, in USB it went up to 35 dbu. ID's heard at 00:08z. I haven't logged Dr Benway in quite a while. Nice to hear you again. I'll go & buy a shirt when I get home if they are still available.

Other / Re: STANAG 4285 @ 20918 KHz 2150z ?
« on: April 26, 2014, 1830 UTC »
It is STANAG 4285.  per UDXF group I found the following log.

20918    : MIL STANAG-4285/1200L/5N1/USB (22Jan14) 1540 CRYPTO BROADCAST (BC)

Very interesting stuff. Lots of other defunct cold war stuff on that site. I just spent a couple of hours looking at the old Nike missile sites etc. I used to live near some of this stuff but never took the time to check it out. Thanks , Vince.

heres the palcohol website.


  I've gotta say this sounds like a horrible idea on sooo many levels.

Pretty good signal heard on PL660 while wandering about outdoors with my hound. Multiple ID's from 3:44-3:47z. Really sounds good on barefoot portable.

Great signal on barefoot PL660. Intuned at 2:16z to music, none of which I recognized. At 2:34 as I was about to enter the no reception zone (7-11's parking lot) I heard Mr Weed repeatedly mention "star fucker". Thinking I was about to hear one of my favorite Stones songs I lingered for a minute but I was soon disappointed. After I came out of the store Mr Weed was apparently perusing porn on his phone trying to reload his browser,a problem we all have from time to time. Really nice sounding show , especially considering I was using a portable with no external antenna. Thanks for the entertaining show which ended as I reached my front door ...perfect timng.

I was hearing this JBA while I was lying in the grass at a nearby park snoozing on a lovely day. Back home its kinda noisy but audible.

23:40 I switched to the R75 & 10 meter wire & it sounds better. "In the mood" at 23:43  Yeah, baby... Kansas City swing

General Radio Discussion / Re: Radio Caroline news clip from 1965
« on: April 20, 2014, 1752 UTC »
DJ with an Elvis album at 2:02.  very cool. That looks like the "Elvis is back!" LP from 1960....oh, by the way I am an Elvis fan.

General Radio Discussion / Re: 1931 Radio Hat
« on: April 20, 2014, 1748 UTC »

I realize this was a long time ago but when I got my sdr out to record STF International last night I found lots of recordings on the laptop that I used to run HDSDR. I don't think I have ever logged RGI before so I thought I would fix that. Spacey music that started at 23:48. At 23:50 with a short CW that faded out after 3 or 4 characters (I could not copy despite my best efforts). More music w/ another CW at 00:02:50. signal was fair/good peaking at about S8.

I took the extreme step of getting out my SDR (I don't use it too much these days) & setting it up to record both 9955 & 9925. Both were coming in well from the looks of it. There didn't seem to be any jamming on 9955 as is usual. I will run the recording today & try to decode it. I thought it was supposed to be on 7490 & 5110 also but they both went off air at 4:00z. Thanks for the interesting show.

Big 'ol S9+20 signal with female country'ish song at 3:12z. I have always managed to miss this station so its nice to hear it.

Intuned at 2:44z while taking my dog out to check her pee mail. Listening on PL660 heard fair signal with very low noise. Positive ID at 2:50z while i was in an electrically quiet part of the neighborhood with few streetlights. Back home the signal is not really much stronger on big antennas/radios & there's more noise but still an enjoyable show. Thanx BOR. Great tunes.

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