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About S-5 over S-3 noise into north Canada tonight.
Tuned in to hear several ID's, then into Golden Earring "Twilight Zone". More I'D's.
Nice to hear you!

Now I just wait patiently for the 24 hour a day, all Suzanna Hoffs TV station to start.

Equipment / Re: Pixel active RX antenna
« on: October 21, 2012, 1919 UTC »
I really like mine so far. I find it hears as well as my 55 foot Double Zepp in a fraction of the space and only 15 feet off the ground.
Although it has some directional characteristics I find that the biggest advantage to being able to rotate it is to avoid some noise, but even this is barely noticeable. I'm still experimenting with it to see if there's improvement to be gained from better grounding but that will have to wait: we have snow and the ground is frozen. No more antenna work 'til May.

General Radio Discussion / Re: IS PIRATE RADIO DEAD ?
« on: October 21, 2012, 1851 UTC »
Listening to 14.313 for an afternoon can leave one with much to think over. Personally I don't like and am disgusted by what goes on there, but isn't what goes on there what pirate radio purports to be? It reminds me of what goes on in public squares in London, and where the term "on his soapbox" comes from. A person simply stands up in a public forum and voices their opinion on whatever they want to talk about. The surrounding crowd can then either listen, debate, or shout down as they see fit. And that actually happens from time to time on .313. It's democracy in it's most stripped down form.
There used to be several pirates that operated in this fashion. The most recent example would have to be Radio Yellowknife then Northern Relay Service. The problem is that the internet allows spineless weasels (or bunnehs, as the case may be) to operate with anonymity and impunity and "shout down"  stations like Radio YK/NRS without debate or fear of retribution. And that's not democracy.

General Radio Discussion / Re: I thank you, Belinda thanks you!
« on: October 21, 2012, 1602 UTC »
Dang, I'm gonna be walkin' like an Egyptian all day now...

General Radio Discussion / Re: I thank you, Belinda thanks you!
« on: October 21, 2012, 0219 UTC »
I can't say much about radio, but if they ever start a 24 hour Suzanna Hoffs (of the Bangles) TV station I'm all in.

General Radio Discussion / Re: IS PIRATE RADIO DEAD ?
« on: October 20, 2012, 2320 UTC »
I both agree and disagree. I've been a pirate listener since the early '80's and was even an op of a short lived station called Maple Leaf Radio in the early '80's. Not the one from the the '90's, but the original one, from the '80's. Anyway, I've seen many changes in pirate radio over the years but also there have been changes in everything else as well. Back then (and before) many pirates had something to say, but not all. Amazing stations like Voice of the Purple Pumpkin and Voice of Laryngitis did brilliant, genuinely funny comedy productions that were fresh and interesting. Secret Mountain Lab and others had cutting political commentary. And of course others spun music. Operations were rare, and it was a treat to hear a station, any station. At MLR our agenda was to play only Canadian artists as well as do original comedy and political comedy. There were Canadian  bands that were superstars in Canada but unknown outside our borders. Bands like Prism, Trooper, Streetheart, and Luba were featured on MLR and heard in countries like England, Ireland, Germany and France when they had no hope of ever being heard on mainstream radio there. BTW Yoder has a large collection of our material that I sent him some years ago.
Anyway, fast forward to the post Y2K world and everything has changed. The internet makes it possible for anyone to hear anything, anywhere. Legit radio stations are all programmed and virtually none play obscure rock unless it's in a special oldies show, and to actually get through to a station and have them play your request is like finding the holy grail. So now pirates that spin cool old songs actually do have a place in the scene. When I'm working in the shop I listen to BOR and RTN as my station of choice as local legit FM radio sucks.
Most listeners today don't take the time to actually listen to a broadcast. This is mostly due to the fact that most of them just want enough info so they can obtain a QSL, but also it's due to the reception of the signal. Unless the signal is strong and clear with little fading and interference it's tough to follow a political discussion if half of every sentence can't he heard.
The internet has changed pirate radio in other ways. Darker, more sinister ways. It allows predators and trolls to operate with impunity. And as NRS and others can attest, it can destroy the pirate experience. Maple Leaf Radio can no longer operate because the very bunch that came after NRS came after me.

Got them in pretty good here. About S-5 with occasional S-7.

Just got the clear I.D. here. Pretty good signal at about S-5 with minor bursts and fading.

Nice clear signal into a different part of northern Canada tonite. Always a nice signal!

Nice clear S-5 signal into north Canada tonight. Playing some great Bluegrass.

Equipment / Re: Rotator for loop antenna
« on: October 05, 2012, 0349 UTC »
I have a Pixel, bought it at the Dayton Hamfest. It's a great antenna. I turn mine with a HyGain Ham II rotor which is way overkill but I got it super cheap. I did used to use an Alliance U-110 on my 6 meter beam and it worked well even at -40. You'll find that the Pixel isn't terrible picky about where it's aimed. You don't have to turn it much, and never more then 90 degrees.

Pretty good S-5 signal into north Canada. Always a pleasure to hear one of Pirate Radios heroes. Thanks for the relay, whoever is responsible.

Nice signal into north Canada tonight. Always a pleasure to hear!

Tuned in on Iron Maidens "Run to the Hills". Been listening since, had Judas Priest "Electric Eye" on when I left to type this. Occasionally tough copy but never gone for long. Generally about S-5. Fantastic choice of tunes and good audio for SSB.
Please eQSL to the address below, this is a very rare catch for me.

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