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Spy Numbers / XPA2 13884 Khz USB 1421UTC 12/06/2014
« on: December 06, 2014, 1500 UTC »
XPA2 13884 Khz USB 1421UTC 12/06/2014

Excellent signal S9++ recorded for audio log.

All India Radio (Burmese) 15040KHZ 1245UTC 12/06/2014

Fairly good signal S7-S8 with rapid fading...  I have made audio of this for my recorded log.

Busy today watching news updates about the Typhoon Hagupit  as the YL is Filipina...

Spy Numbers / XPA2 12217 Khz USB 1440 UTC 12/05/2014
« on: December 05, 2014, 1459 UTC »
XPA2 12217 Khz USB 1440 UTC 12/05/2014

Signal was S5 to S6 above the noise with rapid fading... some interference from OTH and an encrypted Data signal ( both intermittent )

HF Beacons / GNK 13564.17KHZ CW 1726UTC 12/1/2014
« on: December 01, 2014, 1736 UTC »
GNK 13564.17KHZ CW 1726UTC 12/1/2014

Receiving with a 550HZ tone..  fair to good signal even with my local noise level...

location: (Madison, Wi)  Power: 4 milliWatts

For more info.

North American Shortwave Pirate / XFM 6955 khz AM 0033z 11-23-2014
« on: November 23, 2014, 0035 UTC »
Has a good signal waiting for ID...

General Radio Discussion / random ideas for my station set up
« on: November 22, 2014, 1608 UTC »
The other night I noticed that I was missing a number of very weak CW stations while scanning the bands outside of the ham bands with my FT817ND...

I had just built up a 4 pole cw filter for 750Hz and tried something... 

I use an external speaker on this rig when not in the field so I tried using the CW filter along with standard audio output (running a small 386 amp for the CW filter of course)  well well... I works very good... not only can I hear the phone stuff but also the CW signals that are just at the noise level...  like the CW stations very close to the SW broadcast stations...  I was surprised to here all that CW action down in the 11-14 Mhz region that I was missing.  And dummy me was only using the CW filter in the ham bands...!!!  (kicking myself)  arrrggghhhh!

A bit of history>>> This is very much like the old lash up I used to use with my tube rigs... kinda sorta... I had those beasts set up with seperate detectors for each type of emissions... ie: AM, NBFM, CW, SSB... very noisy because they were fed to their own amplifiers but it was fun and worked very well... 

BTW  You can kinda sorta customize the audio on the FT-817ND but putting different values of filter capacitors ( 10 - 100 ufd ) across the speaker leads... cheap and dirty sure but it does help lower the awful atmospheric noise... not to mention the really bad hash from the AC lines out here.  If you like try it on your rig I am sure it will work on other rigs because most of these newer rigs use OP amps  as the output stage.  Worth a try...   :)

later all...

Other / odd signal 15034khz USB 1646utc Nov 19 2014
« on: November 19, 2014, 1710 UTC »
odd signal 15034khz USB 1646utc Nov 19 2014

I'm sure someone here knows what this is but I don't  :P

audio file is here:


and for the fun of it the screen shot of the picture file is here:


Other / buzzer 20248khz USB 1417utc Nov 19 2014
« on: November 19, 2014, 1422 UTC »
buzzer 20248khz USB 1417utc Nov 19 2014 S8 with moderate fading.

Not welly timed some breaks in transmission and it appears to be zero beat at 20250khz

UPDATE: off at 1428utc

Huh? / I am feeling like the 'odd man' out...
« on: November 18, 2014, 1854 UTC »
Hi folks...

Just wanted to pour my heart out to everyone on this web site :-)

Since moving from my home site in Maine (ideal Kennebec/Lincoln County... house in Kennebec, antennas in Lincoln County) to this site in Miami County Ohio (very much less than ideal)  I must say... never in my life have I ever known the feeling of being a Novice since many many years ago.

I use to DX numbers stations years back but it seems I am only able to receiver HM01 (http://www.hfunderground.com/board/index.php/topic,19384.0.html) etc and XPA2 stations from this location. The noise level here in Miami County Ohio is horror-able.  But I will put that aside for now. BTW I have been able to receive XPA2 at this location but only on the higher frequencies ( recordings are available on request)  Of course this might be because of propagation conditions.

I'm going to stop, for the most part, listening to and for 'numbers' stations.  Why? because I believe there is no way in hell that, in the case of HM01, they have that many spies outside of Cuba.  This appears to me to be more like psy-ops to me.  My reasoning is this: if it were 'true' spy activity then they would make sure that the transmissions were at the correct time and at the correct frequencies.  If I were a 'spy' I sure as hell would want the transmissions to be correct and at the correct times... In this the Cuban stations fail big time.

There is no good reason for using shortwave on the CONUS anyway.  What with 'toss-away' cell phones...  who needs short wave?  Now take as an example central-Europe now there is a reason for using shortwave...  Small radical groups would be more likely to use shortwave but what is the reason for Cuba?  None but to freakout the NSA or whomever might be following them.

As I have stated before. I hope to be located in Southeast Asia in the near future... from those locations there I will provide as much information as I might be allowed to (considering the local rules etc) to anyone that might want to hear but as far as it is here in CONUS it isw a waste of my time... If you want to listen to what matters... learn Chinese ... use the web radios if you might... the issue is China.

I'm not saying NOT to listen to Cuba but don't take it seriously unless something big happens.

Now for issues with Miami County Ohio:

I have never in my life never seen any electric company be so unresponsive than Miami Light and Power.  For years, as I have heard from local ham radio operators, any company be so unresponsive than MPL.  They are a disgrace... period.  Sure they have underground electric lines but in the areas where the electric lines are above ground they cause more noise than any electric company I have ever known or seen.  I have tested the grounds on the electric lines here and the ground ARE the source of ALL RFI!!!  If it gets any worse then the aircraft frequencies will be involved (I am next door to Dayton International Airport and Wright Patterson AFB)....  The public service frequencies (AKA police and fire) are already involved.  It is a mess here in Miami County.

If the FCC plans to get the AM broadcast band revitalized then they should consider this...  With the current RFI from the local power company here... a 50 kw Am radio station cannot be heard without noise a mere 50 miles from the station transmitter... No matter what type of receiver is used... I've tried it... the noise is so bad it makes the station UN-listenable... So much for AM radio ehhhh?

Ok guys... thanks for the rant, sorry you won't be seeing many reports from me but that is the way it goes for those of us that live here in 'NOISE CITY"...

and best of luck to you that don't live here...

PS... tell me I am full of fecal matter... I have a thick skin :-)


M08a 8010khz LSB 2300utc with mistake HM01 callup at beginning 11/12/2014

M08a is CW but I was listening in the LSB mode and heard HM01 callup at the beginning and the CW was at a 1,000hz tone...

gotta love it ehhh?


The HM01 transmission that should be on 11530khz at this time is now on 8010khz... just another mess up from our friends down south it appears

Here's the audio of this one:


General Radio Discussion / w1aw/7 seattle washington 18159khz
« on: November 10, 2014, 2221 UTC »
This just me bragging so forgive me    ;D

I just contacted w1aw/7 in Seattle Wash and got a 59 signal report with my piss weak FT817ND running 5 watts USB into my homebrew vertical antenna... from the worlds worse location... low ground with apartments 1/4 mile all around... talk about noise... not bad for me in Troy, Ohio ehhh?

My point is this, if band conditions are right you can be heard so don't let low power make you think you can't be heard, sure it may be a challenge but that's the fun of it. I feel better doing this than I ever did contacting central Europe running 250 watts into a 1000 foot V-beam from my super quiet Maine QTH.

On 20 meters I seem to be able to receive good reports into Texas almost any time of day with 5 watts....

And to be honest I don't operate all that much, truth be known I am just an SWL that happens to have a ham license.

If any hamsters here would like to set up a sked I would go for it... Tests are welcome also...

P.S.  I don't like contests, DX pile ups, or any  such operations those that do, fine I'll just sit back and listen while I build some sort of something  ::)

later all... & 73 Vince

Shortwave Broadcast / Radio Veritas Asia Philippines 15355khz
« on: November 07, 2014, 2308 UTC »
15355khz 2300utc Nov 7, 2014 broadcasting in Filipino (Tagalog) S9 signal with rapid fading

I'm lucky to have a YL here that knows Tagalog :-)

Utility / Volmet 11253 khz USB possibly U.K. ?
« on: November 07, 2014, 2034 UTC »
11253 khz USB 2015 UTC 11/7/2014

I'm guessing this is from the U.K. as others have mentioned.  Signal is just above my local noise floor, ie: weak but copyable.

BTW, my local noise floor averages about S6 on my FT817ND using my 20 meter vertical.  I tried a horizontal dipole after hours (when everyone was asleep) but it didn't lower the noise enough to make it worth the bother.  Living in apartments isn't much fun for me :-(

Other / possible "E" beacon on 7020.3 khz (From QRP-L list)
« on: November 05, 2014, 0644 UTC »
Anybody got any ideas as  to what the signal on 7.020.3 is.    It's the
letter  "E" being sent once a second with no call sign or ID of any kind.
Just a letter E every second.  The signal is strong enough to bump my
S-meter over the S6 to S7 noise floor here in central Florida.  What the
heck is it?

Being on the low end of 40 meters, hopefully somebody besides me is hearing
this and wondering what's up.  A few fellows with directional antennas might
be able to get a bearing on it, possibly see where it's coming from.  Be
nice to know what it is?

Has anyone in our group heard this??? vw

Other / WA1HLR AM 3880.41 Khz AM
« on: November 04, 2014, 2231 UTC »
Wa1hlr 3880.41 khz AM 2230 utc  just above the noise level...

Finally I heard the Timtron on 75 meters with my nasty pw vertical...

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