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North American Shortwave Pirate / 6925am Capt Morgain 0200z 9-11-2010
« on: September 11, 2010, 0200 UTC »
Wasn't there ~ 10 min ago ...

QRN a little

0202z Twilight Zone theme ... QRN is bad this evening too

0204z Another 'theme' ... too rough to pull out ...

0206z Simon and Garfunkel: "The sounds of Silence"

0211z Pgm continues ... piano playing with accompanying vocal ATTM ...

0243z Pgm continues ... signal peaks then fades, QRN aplenty ...

0302z Off air ...


0149z Copying here too ...

North American Shortwave Pirate / Re: Mike Radio-Netherlands 6945 am
« on: September 11, 2010, 0149 UTC »

0147z Carrier detected using Icom ... QRM and QRN here prevent copying much else ...


Verticals are OK, if you have LOTS of ground radials and are in a quiet location (I am).  But, even the simplest dipoles outperform a vertical for SWLing, hands down.

Ground radials can be elevated (located several feet above physical earth)* along with the antenna feed point ... if you are going to actually mount the vertical at __ground__ level (at the level of local physical earth) then the requirement for 'LOTS' of ground radials arises ... for receive, I am going to state that this is not nearly as critical, it makes a BIG difference on the GROUND losses during transmit for sure, but on receive you are 'working' with a signal to noise level already establish by the local and ionospheric environment (as in "QRN" vis-a-vis lighting 'static' discharges) in a similar manner that a small tuned loop works (physically small, but working with a S/N ratio established by 'outside factors').

And AS noted above, the vertical _was_ the nosiest antenna I have ever used ... I cannot emphasize how noisy it was, and this was with direct comparison against 3' receive tuned loop and the dipole ... so I make this statement quite beyond simply repeating the experiences of others  ;) ;) ;)  :) :) :)


Found it - "HF vertical ground systems experiments"

"Beginning about a year ago I set up a test range in my pasture and began a series of careful experiments on HF verticals with various ground systems including some with elevated radials.  Two results stand out.  First the NEC prediction that a few elevated radials can be as efficient as a large number of ground radials seems to be correct at least at my site with the test antennas I used."

Other / Strange Alarm Noise - the buzz-buzz signal
« on: September 10, 2010, 0154 UTC »
Logging 'the buzz' tonight:


0140z (8:40 PM) CDT 6941 kHz  7365 still jammed

0147z - 0148z (8:47 PM) buzz heard btw 6940 to 6946 kHz

0157z 6939 - 6941 kHz, 7365 kHz still jammed, 7405 kHz nothing on that frequency

0208z Not finding the buzz-buzz signal ...

0330z About 6964 kHz

9-13-2010 0202z Chased this buzzing from 7097 to 7110 kHz over about 10 minutes tonight ... drifting/wandering pretty bad ...

9-13-2010 0222z On the Icom was able to put the 'jammer' at 7365 (rcvr tuned to 7356.5) on 2nd VFO with wanderer on 1st VFO and switch from one to the other ... I get the same 'buzzing' sound from both the jammer and the wandering signal ...

  With captions:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=V_t9qv3fcmY

9-13-2010 0305z Broadcast station left 7365 kHz and one jammer left too, but another one stayed ... and the one that stayed does a slower 'galloping' buz-buz ... have vid and should post ...

North American Shortwave Pirate / 6925u UNID 0130z 9-10-2010
« on: September 10, 2010, 0139 UTC »
Been active for awhile ... no ID yet ...

0144z Pgn continues ... can't make too much out, between QRN and some low-frequency IMD (distortion) ...

0152z Op live on mike ... QRN is killing me at critical times ...

0200z Pgm continues - music (not identifiable)

North American Shortwave Pirate / Re: Barnyard Radio 6925 U
« on: September 08, 2010, 1727 UTC »
Delayed post from the field: copied Barn Yard radio on Degen 1103/telescopic whip about 11:30 CDT local / 0430z

Signals on 40 M last night were fairly stable, very little in the way of fades here ... good signal, "hi-fidelity" for SSB on SW.


  Hmmmm ... a job that is almost "out of this world" ... 

Other / Re: Very Strange Alarm Noise
« on: September 08, 2010, 1136 UTC »
Radio Marti - traced this 'noise' to coincidence with the jamming on Radio Marti on 7405 kHz


Tracking the alarm 'buzzer' last night:


PS It appears PresentedIn4D has removed his vid, but I have about 43 seconds of audio from his video I will have to post ...

Loop - have you tried building a loop? ... a 2' to maybe even a 4' diameter tuned loop ... you won't be disappointed ... ONLY if you've never tried one and seen how quiet they are compared to dipoles or verticals (not sure about a Beverage tho), if you have tried a loop, disregard this post  :) :) :) . I tried a vertical about a month ago here at the QTH, full 1/4 Lamda vertical, 35' straight up cut/tuned for 6.93 MHz with ground radials ... and - MAN was that thing noisy!!! QRN out the wazoo ... worse, far worse than the dipole even ...

     Technical/advanced hobbyists and theorists only - verifying/measuring vertical antenna resonance:

Anyway -

This simple loop version worked pretty darn good, I've tried sizes from 1' diameter to 3' diameter:


An article that is a little more technical; note also the coupling loop (to the receiver) is down low to the loop; this helps in coupling out a little more signal (real easy to try things; I used plastic clamps from home depot to 'mount' and move things like the coupling loop around for testing):



You do realize, that this is not a good low-angle antenna, and for DX on HF you could have an incoming signal at 20 degrees elevation (from W8JI site; vertical omni included for comparison):

Antenna Type        RDF  (dB)      20-degree forward gain (dBi)   Average Gain (dBi)
---------------    -----------     ----------------------------     ----------------------
1/2wl Beverage           4.52                 -20.28                               -24.8

Vertical Omni, 60
   1/4wl radials           5.05                     1.9                                  -3.15

Also - your link for W8KI site is broken

  (Here's how a link should be embedded in text on a Simple Machines BB:

  [ url=http://somesite/]Site Name[ /url ]     <-- Note: No double quotes

  Just take out the three spaces I added near the URLs!)


I listened earlier, could not hear anything as far west as I am ...

I should add: I copied a JA (Japan) station (ham) on 40 Meters in QSO with a stateside station and a S. American broke in ... two weeks ago, in the AM hours a couple hrs before local dawn ... it is possible to get good propagation on world-wide basis ...

AND - this was with a portable during a pre-dawn walk ... so ...

Opens with: "Saturday night and I ain't got nobody ..."

0245z And - waiting waiting waiting waiting ...

(Barely giving the HFDFC anything to work with ...)

0247z We go again ... good sounding!

0250z Another tune ... mentioned "Saturday night" ... opening song: "Saturday night" ... missed identing the 2nd one

Probable Theme: Sat night

0255z "Bad boys, bad boys, watcha gonna do ..." Full cut - does this have a "Sat night" in it? Copy a little rough b/c fades, QRN combo ...

0259z New tune - signal now peaking S6 ... "Saturday Night" mentioned again in lyrics ...

0306z ... the airwaves hang heavy in anticipation of the next tune (which we have not heard yet) ...

0315z Next tune (had to wait long enough!) ... Change-up pitch: "Saturday AFTERNOON" ...

0318z ID: "WEAK" ... and then silence ... this 'could make the heart grow fonder', ya know?

0322z Next tune, rich with a guitar open ... "my baby and I ... on a Saturday night"

0324z Signal peaks to S6 and a tad ...

0327z Can hear a really weak signal when WEAK is down ... maybe WEAK is going to a Watt or less? This has been the case for quite awhile now, so, it's not something that just started ... WEAK is that you going really, really weak?

0331z "Saturday night Saturday night, we all get together on Saturday night ..."

0334z "Well, Saturday night, I know where I'm going to go, I'm going to pick my baby up ... Saturday night at the movies who cares what picture you see ... "

0338z Next tune "Saturday night is the loneliest night of the week ... " something out of the 40's given the tone ...

0343z Something almost came up - a fumble with the RF pwr lvl sw?

0345z "Saturday, in the park, I think it was the 4th of July ..."

0348z Fades making it harder to hear this one "... Saturday night ... " that much I could make out ...

0352z Warner Brother's cartoon voice of Elmer Fudd: "That's all folks"  and then then usual female voice of WEAK: "W E A K - WEAK Radio"

Thanks WEAK!

0354z Can hear something much weaker on freq now ... same thing probably heard earlier and noted then as well ...

North American Shortwave Pirate / 6925u UNID 0117z 9-05-2010
« on: September 05, 2010, 0118 UTC »
Up for maybe 3 mins max before encountering ...

0124z ... dead air for 4 minutes or so thru  0128z ...

North American Shortwave Pirate / 6935u Radio GaGa 0037z 9-05-2010
« on: September 05, 2010, 0038 UTC »
Must have come up ~ last 15 min

0045z Pgm is continuing ... not able to copy everything due to some QRN ...

0050z ID: "Radio GaGa"

0053z Yup, just catching the SSTV coming in ...

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