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Yeah - I never did figure out what it was.  Frequency was off just enough - and the music abstract enough - that by the time I was able to figure out that it _WAS_ de-tuned, it was already well into the transmission. 

I guess that's a good reason to at least start a show (and pepper it within the playlist) with a bit of voice, or at least music that everyone knows, so that they can tune it in properly and know that they've done so.  Wailing guitars and obscure jam sets are difficult to tune to, largely because you aren't sure just what they're supposed to sound like when you get them tuned properly.

And drifting ... a wildly preaching preacher is speaking now and the station is 370 Hz high and ... still drifting.

Signal now picking up 9:33 PM / 2:33z

S5 on peaks. So are the lightning crashes unfortunately.

Freq at +380 Hz now

Same source, back up at 9:25 PM CDT 2:25z

Note: About 240 Hz high ...

6.925 USB

02:05 (appx) - on after WEAK cleared the frequency, can't quite make out the music

Okay, the program content is so unusual, that my mind is having a hard time deciphering it ...

It doesn't help that the high-pitched kids voices sound so weird - when the transmitter is 220 Hz (or a little more) high in frequency and it's difficult to 'tune them in' ...

There may also be a 2nd signal in there ...  yes, something else ... maybe someone else has a better copy ...

9:21 PM CDT / 2:23z end of program apparently ...

more to follow

Wow ... and onto a 2nd hour ... total so far by my count 1:10 ...

WEAK still active at 8:54 CDT / 01:55z

9:00 PM ... playing Star Spangled Banner - preparing to sign off ????

... no ...  the music continues 9:02 PM CDT / 02:02z ... "WEAK" ...

Now off ...

Great show WEAK!!!

6.925 USB

01:37 UTC tune-in to extended guitar solo
01:40 - WEAK ID

Fantastic signal - between S9 and +10 on the meter, sounds great.

Sure does ... great sig!

North American Shortwave Pirate / Re: WWB???? 6925usb 0110-
« on: June 23, 2010, 0123 UTC »
Heh!  It's still WEAK, playing bits from "The Tick", a parody of WWV.  You can Google it.  WEAK has used this bit before, so it's not another station QRMing.

He missed it; maybe his copy is really 'weak' ...

Good copy here thus evening on WEAK Radio.

Good program too.

VERY good audio.

North American Shortwave Pirate / Re: WWB???? 6925usb 0110-
« on: June 23, 2010, 0121 UTC »
on at 0110 over WEAK      several IDs   i think WWB?   (may be imcomplete),   then unknown song    23441

Did you miss the WWV parody? (That was WEAK doing a parody of WWV ...)

Weak here... real weak.

Reading S5 over hear, no preamp or anything ...

In NC Texas I should add ...

Dipole antenna.

Good signal NC Texas

So far playing:

  "I'm on Mexican Radio-ooooo"

  "She wants a digital " (?) (New one on me)

Wow ... some really good sounding bass there WEAK!

Dead nuts on 6925.00 kHz too.

Still active as of 8:10 PM CDT or 01:10z

Oh boy WWV parody playing now:

 "WWV one two three four every seconds counts at WWV"

WEAK still active at 8:13 PM ... back to music now ...

What the performance of the OK MO W KX beacons looked like on 2009-01-03 at 1316z :


Frequencies: 3450, 4077.27, 4078, 4097.4 kHz respectively (at the time in early 2009).

Spy Numbers / Re: High Frequency Global Communications System
« on: June 22, 2010, 1627 UTC »

Ref. to (a) above - Anybody here heard 'round the world echo on 20 Meters ?

Often in the past, and several times recently.  I even have some recordings of it around someplace, including SDR recordings that allow you to see it happening on multiple stations.

The most interesting echo or delay I have ever seen happened a couple of years ago on 80M.  Conditions were extremely long and a few of us noticed very, very, heavy echos on each others transmissions, far heavier and longer than I have ever heard on 20M.  Playing around I found that I could slap the desk mic switch making a very audible "crack" during a very short transmission.  I could hear my own "crack" echoing back, like a radar pulse.  At times I could hear multiple copies echoing back.  Unfortunately I got no recordings of that, it would have been very interesting to measure the delay.  I am convinced the delay was possibly more than the ~135 msec max of circling the Earth at the longest distance.  While only a guess, as no measurements were taken, it felt closer to half a second.
Interesting observations ... I've only heard personally the phenom on 20 M some years back ...

This last winter 80 Meters got really, really long on a regular basis, the time station from S. America on 8410, as noted here, was easily heard:


... but no long distance echo effects were observed/heard.

On the subject of LDE (Long Duration Echoes), here's some info on Wikipedia I had not seen before and so I'll post a link (so I can come back later and do some deeper reading when I have time too):


And another personal observation from an individual, with his own theories, perhaps a bit outside the 'mainstream' view, but hey, that's how science progresses (observe a phenomenon, propose a hypothesis, prove it or disprove it and possibly it becomes a theory):


Obs this morning -

"KX"  07:22 AM 12:22 UTC on 4097.5 kHz copyable w/CW filt
"OK " 07:28 AM 12:28 UTC on 3449.7 kHz copyable w/CW filt

"KX"  10:28 AM 15:28 UTC on 4097.5 kHz - weak and drifting in and out slowly (interesting from a propagation standpoint!)

Not found (probably due to propagation) and heavy QRM from switching PSU noise on freq at 10:54 obs :

 "OK " 10:54 AM 15:54 UTC on 3449.7 kHz

Looked for "MO" 4077.2 and cannot be found

Radio/antenna used: Icom756 series w/CW filter engaged and outside 127' 80 M dipole (laying mostly on roof!)

Update: Added radio/ant used


  "KX" beacon ( _._  _.._ ) 4097.4x at 8 PM CDT or 01:00 UTC in NC Tejas

Add to the list:

 "OK" beacon (_ _ _    _._ ) 3449.7 at 8:49 PM or 01:49 UTC in NC Tejas

nothing heard in the 4077 to 4078 kHz range (was: "MO")

Note: With a sharp CW filter (250 Hz) it was not possible to hear "OK" by simply dialing in 3450 kHz. In USB "OK" can be heard (thru the static crashes!) but one has to listen a little harder ...


North American Shortwave Pirate / Re: 6925u
« on: June 22, 2010, 0123 UTC »
I can hear faint traces of something in there right now, USB, at 01:23 UTC ...

A lot of lightning static, but the program signal is just plain weak here in NC Tejas.

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