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I don't hear anything, not even a carrier detected in ssb mode. BTW, don't you mean 5-15-16 or 15-5-16 if outside the usa?

Tuned in at 0136utc, fair signal, Alan Maxwell telling a story, R2000 & dipole.

Tuned in at 0051utc, good signal, song "dead or alive", "American pie", R2000 & dipole.

Tuned in at 0030utc, weak but fair sig, distorted audio on volume peaks, some kind of pop/classical hybrid song playing, R2000 & dipole.

Tuned in at 0007utc, fair signal, heard end of choral version of "knocking on heaven's door", now choral version of "these boots are made for walking", R2000 & dipole.

Tuned in at 0056utc, fair sig with some static, heard eerie music like from a scary movie, R2000 & dipole.

North American Shortwave Pirate / Re: OTCR 6976am 5/13/16 2348z
« on: May 14, 2016, 0037 UTC »
Barely hear talk and music under tons of static. R2000 & dipole.

At 0025utc I barely heard Roy Orbison singing "pretty woman" under tons of static from approaching storms. R2000 & dipole.  

I have nothing but tons of static here in northeast Illinois. R2000 & dipole.

Tuned in late at 0121utc, good sig & audio as usual, heard the Supremes singing. R8 & dipole.

Tuned in at 0150utc, fair/poor, *0's music, R8 & dipole. 

Tuned in at 0003utc, hear nothing but static.

I barely detect a carrier in ssb mode. R8 & dipole.

Tuned in at 0034utc, good sig and audio, various big band and swing tunes with sun theme, Drake R8 & dipole. (edit) now various rock tunes with sun theme.

tuned in at 0137utc, fair with low noise floor, playing "purple rain" by the late prince, R2000 & dipole.

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