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Turned on set at 0032utc, good/fair, heard off beat rock, then 1970's tune, suddenly switched to another tune from 1970's.

I thought I heard "Left Lane" at 0128utc. Maybe I'm wrong. weak sig & severe static. Heard dance music at 0100utc, now hear punk rock. Too much static to ID. Edit: just heard XLR8 ID at 0141utc.

Welcome back, Ann. 0043utc, fair/poor/static, Ann strumming guitar and singing, "neverending song of love", "move over little dog", etc.

0100utc with Blondie "call me", Willie Nelson "blue eyes cryin", poor with much static, redmercurylabs@yahoo.com, difficult to understand DJ thru static.

tuned in at 0015utc, poor with much static, unable to hear clear ID's due to static, song: "is that not a (whatever) yes that is a (whatever)", now playing a Supremes tune from 1960's.

Turned on radio at 0107utc and heard mournful country and western music, said Rave on Radio, said George Jones tribute show. I am not much of a fan of his music because it's too sad.

Tuned in at 0150 after seeing TCS email but hear WDDJ, Tune by Earth Wind & Fire, song "right place wrong time", now playing "daddy cool". Kenwood R-2000 7mhz dipole.

Kent State shooting tribute show (tribute to the 4 who died) J Airplane "volunteers of America", CSNY "4 dead in Ohio", Dylan: "hard rain", now playing reggae tune "get up stand up",

S-on at 0018utc with rapid Mexican ranchero(?) music, said "Hola amigos, este es Radio Cinco de Mayo", played several Mexican polkas, rock tune: "Cinco de Mayo", now playing genuine version of "La Bamba" not the Richie Valenzuela pop hit version, fair with some static, Kenwood R-2000 & 7mhz dipole. (edit) no more audio after "La Bamba".

Just barely hear occasional bits of music and discussion of government activities on 6925usb. Not much static but signal very weak. From other posts it sounds interesting. Now hearing bits of rap music and a siren.  Something about Goldman Sachs CEO on capitol hill.

S-on at 0011utc with what sounded like a Dylan spoof, morse code, heavy metal tune, more morse, sed "calling CQ", C&W tune "join me on the airwaves", song "CQ serenade", now a doo-wop tune about morse code, where did he find these tunes? Excellent program, Kenwood R-2000 7mhz dipole 20miles (32km) NW of downtown Chicago.

S-on at 0117utc with Dylan: "on a night like this", old Brylcream ad (a little dab'll do ya), sed "we aim to please", movie house ad "let's all go to the lobby", song: "o ble dee o bla dah", old Mr Clean ad, just sed he's shutting down, sed "thanks for listening". Kenwood R-2000 7mhz dipole, WN suburbs of Chicago.  

Tuned in at 0244utc, fair signal good audio, 20 miles (32km) NW of downtown Chicago, variety of pop and rock music, sed hello to listeners incl Andrew Yoder, mentioned my email at 0316utc,  

tuned in at 0202utc heard ID: X-FM, generic pop music, off suddenly.

S-on with testing 123 can anybody hear me, big band swing, this program has songs about the wind. SSTV/FAX at 0236, off at 0238. Thanks for a nice program Wolverine Radio. That must take a lot of work.

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