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General Radio Discussion / Re: Edmund Fitzgerald station
« on: November 10, 2019, 0200 UTC »
Thank you

General Radio Discussion / Edmund Fitzgerald station
« on: November 09, 2019, 1707 UTC »
Is the Edmund  Fitzgerald station still broadcasting
 on the anniversary as they did back in the day?

6.900 USB
S9 +10 into central Ohio
2233 piano music then stops at 2234
2235 more electronic piano "One of The FEW" Pink Floyd ends mid tune at 2237
2237 no carrier

2258 "Hell Yes"
2300 "Murder She Wrote"
2305 "Bring The Noise Remix"
2311 no carrier / no sign off

Interesting music  ..Thanks!

Op giving email address


2228 "Waiting For A Star To Fall"
Brief dead air
2232 "Hold On Loosely"

My Thanks to you!

General Radio Discussion / Re: IRCs Maligned
« on: August 19, 2019, 0512 UTC »
Chris's point is well taken with a LOL!
Of course back in the day there were several services that could provide postage stamps for just about every country in the world to the DXer. I beleave that they all have shut down now.

Noise floor pretty active tonight
35223 S-8

0110 play  a police tuned
0112 Elton John
0115 Radio Halfwise ID
0120 SSTV TX
signal still s-8 but with noise floor spike up to S10 +5
0126 "You Make My Dreams"
0130 "Lowdown"
0135 more Police music

S9+10 with some fading
0129 A very strong signal into central Ohio
0131 "The Weight"
carrier drifted to 6.494600
0139 "Ride Captain Ride"
0140 carrier drifted to 6.949610
0142 Twilight Zone theme
0143 "Walking Down the Line" S9+10
0144 Evil Ways
0144 carrier dropped

0124 was hearing music
now a substantial carrier but no apparent audio

S9 into central Ohio
0150 "Come With Me
0152 S7 signal weak
0155 carrier is intermittent on water fall now
little or no audio at this time

S9 into central Ohio
0135 We will rock you
0136 op saying hello?
0138 "Rock N' Roll" by Skrillex

S9+5 into central Ohio
0127 Phil Collins (audio a bit harsh)
0130 "Take Me Away" Kygo remix
0141 MIR ID
0142 off air

wide band wide bandwith broadcast sounded great on USE with a 5.0k filter

Thanks for the show

Propagation / Re: Attention Propagation Nerds
« on: August 15, 2019, 1400 UTC »
A very interesting thread!

fighting with the noise floor this morning. 35343
actual freq is 6.924940 Mhz
1217 Unid guitar music I am not sure who the musician is but I really like it!
1214 momentary interruption in the music.
1225 hear a voice over mentioned transmitter test and have email address can not make out the rest
The music is clearing the noise floor more so than the voice over
1230 have lost you in the noise floor I can still see your carrier on the scope
1236 have risen a bit above the noise floor here
1247 I can hear you "bang, bang, bang" but your signal is less than one S unit above the noise floor at this time

Nice to hear you this morning!

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