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North American Shortwave Pirate / Old Time Radio? 6770 kHz AM @0227
« on: August 16, 2014, 0234 UTC »
0227  mention of a special formula
0229 three stooges

Have Border hunter here @0121 S9
Hearing music just a bit under the band noise

Id @ 0122

Just a tiny trace here at 2300 on the display but no audio.

MAC 6.950 AM 0141

Good signal here tonight

"The house with the little red barn"

Louie Armstrong

0142 shout outs

op suggests tune up or tune down a little

gives time 0145 UTC

a fair signal over an up and down noise floor.

Nice to hear you again RTN!

2336 have them here but very low in a very high noise band tonight

2337 op talking then back into the same piece of music

2340 sounds like a change in music

2341 stepped on by station coming on 6.935 with wide AM signal (then this station went off at 2344)

Big signal into Central OH tonight S9+25 at peak

Very nice modulation pattern on the Perseus!

A nice wide AM signal!

0106 Sunshine Superman

0111 CW

0112 numbers

0123 OFF

Has to be a 55555, s9+25

The usual great story telling.

LOL..The black flag tunage!!

Thanks Dr.!

Dr. Benway!

Looks like a new record w/ 32+ reports!

you are S9+20 into my location.

The usual way above par story telling experience!

You have few peers!

Thanks for the production!

Playing blues swing music tonight

finish at S9+15-25

off 0357

Thanks CM!!

S9 here @ 0254
"The Great Game of love"
0257 "She's not there"

S9+ here @0251

Playing a ZZ Top tune

S8 here

0229 "I know you are out there somewhere" by the Moody Blues
0230 "Oh, Pretty Woman" Roy Orbison
0233 ID then the op said "The best part of love is the chase"
0234 "When a man loves a woman"
0237 "love caught up to me" Dwight Yoakam
0240 "I've been lonely to long" poor modulation at the start of this song with improvement after 0243
0251 "Black magic woman" Santana!
0336 sign off

Thanks for the show!

North American Shortwave Pirate / Re: X-FM 6925 AM *0118 UTC 31Jan14
« on: January 31, 2014, 0142 UTC »
A very nice signal here tonight! S-9+10

Shout outs to posters on the HFU

0144 Shadow Flash
0150 "Good Times Roll" by the Powerman 5000
0154 "Hotel California" by the Chencha Berrinches
0200 "Paint it Black" by VersaEmerge
0201 S9+15 with a bit of band noise intruding

Thanks for the great show!

Had him on 6.960 them he moved to 6.935

a fair signal tonight 35355

Thanks Cool and RTN!

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