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1806z Good signal in New Hampshire, S8.  Heterodyne from SW broadcaster above, but cutting down to 2.7 filter gets rid of it.

1815z Moved to 6003 (thanks Mix, clear here)

1822z The Three Degrees - When Will I See You Again
1837z James Brown - Papa's Got A Brand New Bag  (extended version, nice)
1855z Jackson 5 - Dancing Machine

Fair signal in New Hampshire with QSB, S3-S5

1710z ID, radio.illuminati6150@gmail.com
1729z Azimuth Coordinator ID, Auld Lang Syne, National Anthem, and off...  Thanks for the show

2052z Good signal in New Hampshire, S7
2053z SSTV
2100z Another SSTV into Hendrix - They Don't Know

1716z Weak in New Hampshire, S4 and down in the noise a bit - still fair copy though
1717z Mix with lots of tunes Bill Haley - Rock Around The Clock, Everly Bros. - Wake Up Little Susie, Elvis...
1722z Goat Herder ID and off

Good signal in New Hampshire, S6 and well above the noise

2002z Dr. John - Right Place, Wrong Time
2006z Jackson 5 - Dancing Machine

2330z Fair signal in New Hampshire, S3-S5 and a bit down in the noise. Playing old-time (1920's 30's) music

2325z Fair signal in New Hampshire, S4-S5 and about even with the noise

2205z Good signal in New Hampshire, S8 and good-sounding audio

2220z Off - Missed ID earlier, was distracted, but sounded like Baa Baa

Thanks, for the little nip - hopefully more later

Fair copy in New Hampshire, S4 and about even with the noise (carrier+USB only)

2120z Doors - L.A. Woman
2122z ID, thanks for the shout-out Melkbus
2146z ID, still pretty good copy here - no QRM
2150z ID, midwave123@gmail.com
2224z Still going, fair copy
2235z Black Betty after The Hues Corporation - Rock The Boat
2239z Kansas Carry On Wayward Son
2242z Thin Lizzy - The Boys Are Back In Town
2246z The Champs - Tequila
2250z Off, Thanks for the show - Good to hear you across the pond on 75m

00001z Big signal in New Hampshire, S9 - Nice audio.  Playing Billie Holiday tunes (nice....)

0008z "Irish Santa Clause", "The weakest part of this station is the power supply, might blow a fuse"
0010z Bye-Bye (BaBa) Radio ID
0013z  Loudon Wainright III - Red Guitar
0018z "Getting very drunk on Russian vodka.  I've got to get another drink, I'll be right back"
0022z "I'm not Bye-Bye Radio, I'm Baa Baa Radio, like the sheep"  (Sorry Baa Baa)
0023z Peter Gabriel - Sledgehammer
0038z Buddy Holly - Peggy Sue (Signal dropping, S3-S5 now and about even with noise)
0044z Bruce Cockburn tune

1544z Weak in New Hampshire, S3 and down in the noise

1450z Good signal in New Hampshire, S7 - Christmas tunes...
1540z Off, thanks AR

Good signal in New Hampshire, S7

Audio seems a bit strange, hard to make anything out, constant scratching/clicking in the background

1435z SSTV x 2 and off

Good signal in New Hampshire, S8

2058z ID "Bye Bye Radio"

Fair signal here in New Hampshire, S5 on 6930.09 and slowly moving up

2025z Pink Floyd - Hey You
2026z Renegade Radio ID
2026z The Who - Behind Blue Eyes
2033z "Microphone's working, that's good!"
2034z Shouts to HFU posters (he knows he's no competition for WWV)
2037z Reports welcome at renegadeshortwave@gmail.com
2100z Still sounding good, S9 now
2109z Off, Thanks Renegade

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