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Great signal in New Hampshire, S9 (can hear S5 peskie in the background between tunes)

0024z "Have A Very Happy Easter"
0026z ID, texasradiosw@gmail.com
0027z Rockabilly Bunny Hop tune
0029z Signoff by Captain Rick for annual Easter dance party show ("Captain Bunny sucks...")

Thanks Captain Rick

Good signal in New Hampshire, S7

1318z "Julianne"
1321z Compilerbau - Walking In Outer Space
1328z The Northern Lights - Moonwalker
1334z Lucy In Disguise - 1987
1339z Highway Superstar - By My Side
1344z Worship - Horizon
1351z ID ?, "Coming from the Andromeda galaxy"
1552z Morgan Willis - Beyond The Stars
1355z Droid Bishop - Rebirth Of The Machine
1356z SelloRekt & LA Dreams - Westbound On The Late Train
1401z Robert Parker w Miss K - '85 Again
1418z Still doing well in New Hampshire, S8

Fair signal in New Hampshire, S7 and just a bit above the noise

0008z "Yo Ho Ho And A Bottle Of Rum"
0009z, 0010z ION Radio ID
0011z "How Long?"
0014z "Sure Don't Mean No Harm"  (No Shazam-ing tonight...)
0015z Took a big dive down into the noise... nearly gone, weak carrier only

Great signal in New Hampshire, S9+

2348z WTF Radio ID
2349z David Bowie - Ashes To Ashes
2355z Pretenders - Message Of Love
0032z Off, still S9 at signoff

Good signal in New Hampshire, S8

2346z, 2355z RFW ID

Great signal in New Hampshire, S9+10 on 4175

2344z ID, "The Power of X"
0017z Warren Zevon - Lawyers, Guns, And Money
0018z Argent - Hold Your Head Up
0022z ID and shout-outs to HFU posters, comments to xfmshortwave@gmail.com

2314z Pretty good signal in New Hampshire, S7

2312z Pretty good signal in New Hampshire, S6- S7

Good signal in New Hampshire, S9 and way above the noise

2308z Covid Radio ID, Hunker down, stay at home...

2256z Good signal in New Hampshire, S7-S8 with noise peaks S9 but not too bad so far
2259z Op has a call from Yeah Man Radio (who's having some trouble getting on the air)
2303z Def Leppard request from PirateSWL
2311z Shutting down for a bit while he guests on Yeah Man Radio (6925)
2313z Back... Copy a bit tougher now, S6 with S9 noise

Good signal in New Hampshire, S8-S9 - St. Patty's Day show

2358z The Germs - Lexicon Devil
0000z Bad Brains - Attitude
0002z Suicidal Tendencies - I Shot The Devil
0003z Mahones - Get Stuffed
0007z Pogues - How Come

Fair signal in New Hampshire, S5

2348z ID, "This is Texas Radio Shortwave - Hot, Hot, Hot"
2348z Evanescence - Sick
2352z Blind Willie Johnson - Jesus Is Coming Soon

2355z Dropped way down into the noise...

Good signal in New Hampshire on 6869.75 AM, S7
Some choppy QRM now and then from UTE on frequency

2314z George Benson - On Broadway
2318z Neil Young - Out On The Weekend
2321z Allman Brothers - Mellissa
2325z "India, Oscar, November - This is ION Radio"
2325z Peter Frampton (tnx pswl) - She Caught The Katy (The Katy = The Missouri-Kansas-Texas Railroad)
2330z Peter Frampton - Georgia On My Mind
2334z ID, Muddy Waters - The Same Thing
2337z ID, ionradioshortwave@gmail.com
2337z DJfish - What's Up
2339z Led Zeppelin - Poor Tom

2343z Suddenly dropped way down in the noise, still hear a carrier in there...

Fair signal in New Hampshire, S6 and about even with the noise.  Deep QSB now and then.

2334z "You are Listening to WBLU"
0000z SSTV with WBLU ID and then off, Thanks for the show

After signoff a much weaker station came on with Creedence's "Bad Moon on the Rise"

Good signal in New Hampshire, S9

2235z Saint Motel - Van Horn

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