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OM talking about the "traffico en la frecuencia" and saying hello to other operators on frequency this morning.  Primary (?) station is loudest, station he's talking to are barely readable.  Sounds like an impromptu net of some sort (similar to 6900 kHz LSB and 6905 kHz LSB).  Discussion of radio propagation conditions, how much traffic is on what frequencies, etc.  Sounds like freebanders to me.  Station ID as "43" and other numerical callsigns all reminds me of freeband CB-like communications.  All three of these frequencies (6895 kHz, 6900 kHz and 6905 kHz) are more or less the same amount of activity.  Stronger signals but heavy QRN this morning making listening difficult. 

Similar to the traffic heard on 6905 kHz LSB this morning.  6900 kHz LSB / 6900 kHz USB seems to be a "calling" frequency of sorts.  Due to heavy static crashes I'm giving this a SIO 211.  Sounds like more than two stations chatting away (the stations on 6905 LSB possibly QSYed from 6900 LSB...this is the behavior I've noticed in the past).

Two OMs talking, SIO 222 to SIO 333 with static crashes this morning.  Long, information conversations.  Sounds like freebanders but difficult to tell what the background noise is (if any) due to heavy static crashes.  

Other / Re: UNID 4947 USB 1600 UTC 16 March 2017
« on: March 20, 2017, 1640 UTC »
I sure do remember Yosemite Sam!  :D

Military or intelligence services sound plausible

AM signal, around SIO 444.  S5-S6 signal level.  Sounds like an older Dragnet episode....not sure if its one of the radio episodes or TV episodes.

1529 UTC "the narcotics distribution system" "checked the car he owned through DMV"
1530 UTC "the source of the dope"
1534 UTC interviewing the mother of the teenage dope-seller
1544 UTC "a steady supply of obscene literature"
1600 UTC strong carrier het on 6923.8 kHz making listening in AM mode a bit harder.  SIO 433 now
1601 UTC "dead boy report" "body was found in a gutter"
1605 UTC dramatic music
1612 UTC talking about interviewing people at a bar "left the bar at about 1:45am"
1623 UTC "the subject was tried and convicted of manslaughter"
1624 UTC Dragnet theme song "the story you are about to hear is true" "NBC brings you Dragnet"
1625 UTC "a police officer has been shot"
1633 UTC gunfire
1634 UTC "James Vicars, murder suspect, died almost instantly"
1653 UTC audio difficulties, another Dragnet episode starting "for months helpless citizens have been robbed...beaten senseless...kidnapped"
1719 UTC "attention all units suspect is headed east on Wilshire Blvd" siren and tire screeching sound FX
1720 UTC more dramatic music, police radio chatter
1723 UTC Fatima cigarette ad "smoke the best of long cigarettes, smoke Fatima!" then the start of another Dragnet episode
1725 UTC long-distance telephone call to Murphy 761 being placed through several operators (complete with in-band signalling!)
1750 UTC another Dragnet episode starting theme music with Fatima cigarette ad
1817 UTC audio off, carrier dropped off 2-3 seconds later 

Other / Re: UNID 4947 USB 1600 UTC 16 March 2017
« on: March 20, 2017, 1456 UTC »
If its not a pirate, what is it?

The frequency choice is interesting for sure, 60 meter broadcasting band (technically).

Other / Re: UNID 8000 LSB 2229 UTC 2017-03-18
« on: March 20, 2017, 1455 UTC »
8888 kHz is in an aircraft band/aeronautical allocation - as is 6666 kHz. 

I'd like to see your logs for other fishermen/peskies frequencies, Token

Other / Re: UNID 8000 LSB 2229 UTC 2017-03-18
« on: March 19, 2017, 1821 UTC »
8000 kHz lies in the same "allocation type" as 6765-7000 kHz ("fixed/mobile") which means a grab bag of all sorts of stuff.  The pescadores seem to like these allocations (or bands, I should say) so that would support Chris' theory.  The use LSB mode sort of does as well.

Also, 8000 is an easy-to-remember frequency.  It seems like the pescadores/freebanders like to do this.  6919 kHz, 6900 kHz, 6888 kHz, 8000 kHz, etc.

Wouldn't surprise me if there's fishermen using 7777 kHz and 8888 kHz somewhere :D

Hearing what sound like test tones at 1510-1511 UTC.

Utility two-tone signal on 6925 USB (I would say "dial frequency" for the ute signal is 6925.5 kHz or 6926 kHz) but either way its right in the middle of the upper side of 6925 kHz AM.

Carrier disappeared at 1515 UTC.

Hearing two-way communications in Spanish on 6905 LSB, sounds like two OMs talking.  One of them in quite long-winded.  Also heard a couple radio tests on this frequency.  SIO 222 at best (just above the noise floor at 1500 UTC).  At 1508 UTC, heard two stations talking over each other.  No callsigns/names/handles/identifiers heard so logging this as a pure UNID.

Conversation seems pretty informal.  Hearing one of the ops laughing at what the other op said.  Kind of early for these sort of logs (usually these guys don't show up until the afternoon/evening East Coast of USA time).

Given the proximity to 6900 kHz LSB and the fact that that seems to be the "standard" frequency for Spanish-speaking stations (as opposed to 6925 kHz LSB for Portuguese-speaking stations), I would venture a guess that these operators simply QSYed from 6900 LSB to 6905 LSB. 

10/11 meters / Re: Chanel 6 am
« on: March 19, 2017, 0514 UTC »
"No Excuses On The Bowl" is the motto of CB channel 6 - 27.025 MHz (27025 kHz since this is HF Underground ;)).

Even 1 kilowatt stations are considered "mud ducks" on channel 6.  Next time you hear lots of activity on channel 6/27.025, check out the following "big radio" channels:

26.555 MHz / 26555 kHz (LSB) - Spanish-speaking stations from Mexico, Miami, Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico, etc
26.585 MHz / 26585 kHz (AM) - Mexico's version of CB Channel 6 (see also: 26705 AM, 26715 AM, 26725 AM, etc)
26.705 MHz / 26705 kHz (AM) - "La 705" (mostly Spanish-speaking stations from Puerto Rico, Miami, Dominican Republic, etc)
26.715 MHz / 26715 kHz (AM) - "La 715" see 26705 AM
26.725 MHz / 26725 kHz (AM) - "La 725" see 26705 AM and 26715 AM
26.915 MHz / 26915 kHz (AM) - often referred to as "915" or "36 low" - very active in the Southern USA
26.955 MHz / 26955 kHz (AM)
27.085 MHz / 27085 kHz (AM) - CB Channel 11 - the original CB calling channel back in the 23-channel days
27.265 MHz / 27265 kHz (AM) - CB Channel 26 - very active in the Southern USA
27.285 MHz / 27285 kHz (AM) - CB Channel 28 - very active in the Southern USA

When the skip is really rolling, you'll find the guys with the "big radios" on all sorts of frequencies...within the legal 40 channel, below channel 1, and above channel 40.  26915 AM is one of the most popular ones, at least when it comes to out-of-band (aka "freeband") frequencies.

YL talking to several OMs.  Sounds like audio from a movie.  S5 signal

About SIO 333 or so

Two ops chatting away (one considerably stronger than the other) on 6895 kHz LSB.  Some minor QRM from strong signals on 6900 LSB.  Talking about antennas, weather, and other "ham radio like" topics.  Possibly QSYed from the more busier frequencies of 6900 kHz LSB or 6915 kHz LSB.

SIO 444 for the strong station, SIO 333 for the weaker one.  Both entirely readable though.  

Other / UNID 4947 USB 1600 UTC 16 March 2017
« on: March 16, 2017, 1628 UTC »
Re-transmission of Declaration of War against Japan, very faint voice signal heard on remote SDR.  4947 kHz USB.  Appears to be on some sort of a loop... about 4-5 minutes long.

Loop restarted at 1630 UTC.  
Loop restarted at 1635 UTC. 

SIO 222 at best.

Peskies / Re: UNID 6928 LSB 0220+ UTC 16 March 2017
« on: March 16, 2017, 1602 UTC »
I've noticed that a lot of the time there will be both USB and LSB traffic on the same frequency.  As TheRelayStation mentioned, assuming b/w is within reasonable limits, this entirely possible (as is 3 kHz steps vs. 5 kHz steps).  6900 kHz is a great example.  I've logged 6900 LSB and 6900 USB at the same time many many times. 

The other obvious example is 6925 kHz ;)

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