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Hearing only one station now (0121 UTC) with piano music.  Lots of static crashes, but readable.  Some fading up to almost-nice listening levels

Either multiple stations are talking at once (I'm hearing English and Spanish, I think...maybe Portuguese? maybe both) or its one station playing audio from several stations

"I turn the switch and check the number"

Wall of Voodoo's "Mexican Radio" full wall-to-wall S8-S9 signal with nice wide AM audio (as usual) at 1640 UTC tune-in.  

XLR8 going strong at 0140 UTC.  Been listening locally and switching between a half dozen East Coast and Midwest remote SDRs while away from the radio for the past hour or so.  Busy band tonight (mostly two-way traffic with pescadores, freebanders, etc).  Good frequency choice 6950 kHz USB seems to be one of the few clear frequencies on 43 meters this evening, with a couple bits of minor LSB QRM (from 6953 kHz or 6955 kHz) earlier in the show.  XLR8's signal was, and is, much stronger than basically everything else on the 6765-7000 kHz band.  Keep up the good work XLR8.  

Always enjoy hearing XLR8 and their long marathon broadcasts!  Thanks for the Wednesday evening show! :D

0200 UTC - band finally going long?  Hearing two-way USB voice traffic over XLR8 now
0210 UTC - XLR8 came back up considerably, and the two-way chatter has either QSYed, gone QRT/faded or XLR8 is overpowering them enough that they are no longer QRMing him.  at 0211 UTC, however, came a very deep fade down into the noise.  I can tell there's something there, but can't make it out
0212 UTC - signal came screaming back, with Queens Of The Stone Age - Medication, followed by "XLR8" ID x2 then off the air or very rapid fade

Alternating between movie audio/radio drama audio and music.  Possibly another relay of Relay Station 5150?  Currently playing the same track (mash-up version and everything) as Relay Station 5150 on 5150 kHz AM

2018 UTC - Supertramp - The Logical Song vs. Gnarls Barkley - Crazy (remix/mashup)

Just heard "Shortwave Ghost" ID and shortwaveghost@outlook.com email address repeated several times. 

Sounds like Relay Station 5150 is relaying Shortwave Ghost :D

North American Shortwave Pirate / UNID 6925 AM 1845 UTC 16 Feb 2017
« on: February 16, 2017, 1846 UTC »
"Bad Boys" (COPS Theme) playing in AM mode.  Sounds like an episode of "COPS".  S9 to S9+10db on Warrenton, VA WebSDR.  

People talking about "$50,000 warrant" "stolen bike" "you didn't have a bike light"

1855 UTC: "alright man, how much crack did you eat?" "if that tests positive for cocaine, that's two more felonies"
1903 UTC: police radio chatter "132 and Bush we've got him at gunpoint"
1904 UTC: "he's running he's running!" "get on the ground!"
1905 UTC: "taser taser!"
1909 UTC: interviewing suspect - lots of [beeps] as the suspect talks
1911 UTC: talking about a pursuit, suspect wanted for theft - police sirens and police radio chatter heard
1912 UTC: "control, start patching everyone, east district, south district"
1913 UTC: "ran southbound down the alley"
1924 UTC: "all suspects are innocent until proven guilty in the court of law"
1925 UTC: signal dropped down to S4/S5 or so, then came back up pretty quick (rapid fade/QSB)
1928 UTC: sirens "relax the fire department is here" "he's complaining of heart problems"
1936 UTC: talking about Palm Springs, disabled vehicle or accident "few subjects standing outside of the vehicle"
1939 UTC: "do you want to tell me honestly when you last used drugs?"
1941 UTC: "how long have you been using methamphetamine for?" "do you always allow people in your car with meth pipes?"
1943 UTC: Inner Circle - Bad Boys (COPS Theme)
1945 UTC: abruptly off

Have a very faint carrier at 1430 UTC

North American Shortwave Pirate / UNID 6950 USB 0445 UTC 16 FEB 2017
« on: February 16, 2017, 0450 UTC »
6950 kHz USB 0445 UTC - February 16th, 2017.

Listening on a California-based remote SDR late this evening.  Hearing a OM and YL talking, with bits and pieces of music at points.  Weak signal, but there's certainly something there.  S5-S6 level as per the WebSDR's S-meter, but looks to be somewhat noisy at the receive location.  While the OM's voice is hard to make out, but it sounds vaguely familiar...

Dramatic music at 0447 UTC, still very weak..signal seems to have faded away around 0450 UTC.

Unfortunately I have to go to sleep pretty soon so I won't be able to listen very much longer.

North American Shortwave Pirate / Re: Unid 6929 USB 1855z 2/12/2017
« on: February 12, 2017, 1859 UTC »
Seems to be in AM mode.  Talking about mobs, Chicago, "Bugs" Morgan, Al Capone, Chicago mob wars 6929 kHz AM - possibly St. Valentine's Day Massacre

Talking about the Thompson Submachine Gun/Tommy Gun, aka "The Chicago Typewriter" at 1908 UTC, discussion of Al Capone's childhood in New York at 1915 UTC, "Al Capone probably left New York somewhere around 1919" (at 1919 UTC!)

1945 UTC - talking about Al Capone's $20,000 custom Cadillac, complete with bulletproof glass, steel armor plating, police siren and police radio receiver
2012 UTC - discussion of coroner's investigation of the St. Valentine's Day Massacre

Not Amphetamine Radio, they went QRT about a minute before this station came on.  These guys are transmitting a considerably wider signal than AR was transmitting (~3kHz wide vs. ~5kHz wide)

Tuned in to hear the tail end of Weezer's "Buddy Holly" nice wide signal and loud audio!

Radio Ga-Ga "waterfall ID" heard (well, seen) at 1628/1629 UTC, then off the air for about 4 minutes.

Music came back on at 1634 UTC.  Listening locally and watching it on a remote SDR waterfall.  WIDE audio on the USB, looks to be 5-6 kHz wide.  Sounds great with the bandwidth opened to 4480 Hz (this remote's max bandwidth for SSB mode).  ZZ Top at 1636.  Carrier sitting on frequency (6925.0 kHz) as well.  Bandwidth appears to have dropped a little bit (with ZZ Top's "Tush" compared to the first music clip).

Station ID by OM at 1627, then into The Eagles "Life In The Fast Lane" signal jumped up considerably at 1638-1639, now a strong S7.  A bit of splatter to the LSB at peaks.  Switched to AM mode and it actually sounds good.  Not sure if Ga-Ga is transmitting the carrier or if its another station. Carrier gone at 1644 UTC.

CCR's "Run Through The Jungle" being played at 1644 UTC.  Strong audio sounds good in USB.  CSN (and Y??) - Teach Your Children with audio cutting out a couple times at the start of the song and intermittent adjacent-channel utility QRM but still sounding good

"Radio Ga-Ga broadcasting live from Zipper Lake" at 1650 UTC, some clips - then AC/DC's venereal classic "The Jack" (possibly a live/bootleg recording).  Signal getting even stronger now (1652 UTC), peaked at S9, then back down to S7.  Audio cutting out a couple times during "The Jack" - sounds like audience sounds in the background. Thanks for the show!

Signed off at 1706, followed by "and remember, fish on!" and then GA GA GA GA sent several times, followed by FISH FISH FISH (all in "waterfall ID" mode)

Hearing bits and pieces of a discussion between an OM and YL on 6770 kHz with a very tiny carrier.  Lots of noise this morning, only getting bits and pieces but there is something there.

North American Shortwave Pirate / Re: UNID 6925 AM 2220 UTC 2 Feb 2017
« on: February 02, 2017, 2248 UTC »
Decent strength carrier on 6925 kHz AM, but the spur from the "bubble" wub wub wub jammer is on the USB and there's our friends on 6925 LSB chatting away.... ;D  I can't make out any audio or modulation right now, just the carrier, S3 or so signal level, slightly stronger than the pescadore two-way chatter on 6925 kHz LSB.  At 2247 I heard what I thought was music underneath the QRM but it was very hard to make it out.  Somebody tuned up on top of the carrier at 2249 then dropped down to 6923 or so and did some VFO swooshing all over the peskies.

Tuned back in at 2308 UTC..there now appears to be a QSO on 6928 kHz LSB as well.  The familiar "HOOOOOOOOOOOLLLLAAAAAA" and et cetera.  Right on the edge of the passband when I'm tuned to 6925 kHz USB. 

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