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High local QRN noise level making a hard local copy of 5150 kHz this morning.  However, I'm getting really nice signals on several remote SDRs.  

Relay Station 5150 playing Lady Gaga's "Poker Face" at 1426 UTC tune-in, good signal with some fades.

Stepped away from the radio/computer for a few minutes, tuned back in (remotely) at 1437 UTC to the Mario Bro's theme music.   Nothing like watching 8-bit music on the waterfall :D

North American Shortwave Pirate / UNID 6948 LSB 0019 UTC 5 Jan 2017
« on: January 05, 2017, 0020 UTC »
OM talking about "Draining The Swamp" and El Nino weather patterns.   

Very difficult copy with QRM from 6925 kHz AM and 6932 kHz LSB (Spanish language two-way traffic/QSOs - likely pescadores)

Tuned back in at 2355 UTC.  Seems like the pecadores have moved down to 6920 kHz LSB.  That, or Liquid Radio is being them out enough for me not be able to hear them at all.  They are very very strong on 6920 LSB right now though. 

Nice to hear Liquid Radio without the SSB QRM in the background. 

Came on shortly after Amphetamine Radio signed off.  Bits and pieces of modulation (with some pescadore QRM from 6925 kHz LSB).  Solid carrier on 6925.0 kHz. 

North American Shortwave Pirate / UNID 6925 AM 1620 UTC 4 Jan 2017
« on: January 04, 2017, 1636 UTC »
OMs talking, yelling, seems to be clips from The Bounty...I recognize Anthony Hopkins' voice from the film.

S3-S4, solid signal with very little fading on the OH remote.  Much more readable here with wider AM audio.  9-10 kHz on peaks actually sounding pretty good.  

S3 with weak audio on the Milford, PA remote.  

1637 UTC - "I hope never to see Fletcher Christian again, unless it is to see him hanged"
1641 UTC - Ominous-sounding electronic music
1643 UTC - Men singing, ocean sounds in background
1646 UTC - Off suddenly, audio disappeared 1-2 seconds before the carrier dropped off

OM and YL talking, piano music.  

S3 peaking to S5 via Ohio remote.

2043 UTC - Rap music

Seems like an episode of "The Boondocks"

Live relay of 5150 on 6925 USB (on the Ohio remote)

S3-S4 signal at 1900 UTC
A bit of fading with Cum On Feel The Noise 1916 UTC
Van Halen - Panama 1919 UTC 

Hearing electronic dance music strong on 6925 LSB (not AM or USB).  Liquid Radio is underneath but what I'm hearing right now is only on 6925 kHz LSB.  Possibly peskie party radio?  Haven't heard any lyrics yet.  

0112 - Rapid fade down to noise and then faded right back up
0113 - Track changes, nice driving house music with laser sound fx.  
0114 - OM (I think) vocals, but unable to tell what language/what's being said due to distortion

On the Ohio remote (KH6ILT KiwiSDR)  

I have Liquid Radio right at the noise floor at 0100 UTC, I can tell there's music there...but not much else.  

I see what looks like two carriers, one on 6925.0 kHz and another one at 6925.1 kHz or 6925.12 kHz.  I imagine the 6925.1 kHz one is Liquid Radio (given how they've been logged on that frequency in the past, etc).  Not sure about the other carrier and as other remotes don't seem to have it.  

Some very minor pescadore QRM on 6925 kHz LSB but its basically nil compared to how bad it has been lately.  Thanks LR!


Trying out some other remotes, K1RA/KW4VA (Virginia) KiwiSDR has a carrier on 6925.1 kHz but is suffering from extreme local storm static or another type of high level static QRN/QRM that's making copying anything on the band almost impossible at this time (0110 UTC).  But I do see the carrier and hear music during the lulls between the static crashes.  Electronic music punching through the pescadore QRM on top of that!

North American Shortwave Pirate / UNID 6920 USB 2040 UTC 2 Jan 2017
« on: January 02, 2017, 2045 UTC »
Via OH KiwiSDR and New Hampshire KiwiSDR.  

S5-S6 signal level on the Ohio remote
S3 signal level on the NH remote

Music and forest sound effects,

Man singing in the background.

2045: YL talking
2046: OM talking, battle sound effects in background
2048: YLs talking English/French, southern accented YLs
2100: Off (or extremely rapid drop in signal strength/fade)

North American Shortwave Pirate / Re: UNID 6925 USB 1614 UTC 1/2/17
« on: January 02, 2017, 1915 UTC »
1915 UTC - Checked the remotes again.

All Virginia-based WebSDRs, the signal appears to have disappeared, except for N4TVC where the signal is now at S2-S3 and barely readable.

New Jersey K2SDR WebSDR - S6-S7 noticeable degradation in quality since earlier
Ohio KH6ILT KiwiSDR - S2-S3 slight reduction in signal strength
Pennsylvania KF6VO KiwiSDR - totally gone
New Hampshire AB1KW KiwiSDR - S3-S4 slightly noisy - signal strength and quality haven't changed since roughly 1830 UTC

North American Shortwave Pirate / Re: UNID 6925 USB 1614 UTC 1/2/17
« on: January 02, 2017, 1816 UTC »
Good audio, old Dragnet radio program relays, with Fatima cigarette ads and old NBC radio interval signal.

Got it on several web receivers,

New Jersey K2SDR WebSDR - S7-S8 nice signal
Ohio KH6ILT KiwiSDR - S3-S5
Virginia N4TVC KiwiSDR - S5-S7
Pennsylvania KF6VO KiwiSDR - S1-S2 barely readable
New Hampshire AB1KW KiwiSDR - S3-S4 slightly noisy

Virginia K1RA/KW4VA KiwiSDR - S6-S7 (checked back in at 1827:  solid S7-S9 very nice signal)

Checked back again at 1842 UTC, signal has dropped down from S7 to S3-S4.  Signal dropped down on this remote, but signal on the New Jersey SDR has stayed in the S7-S9

1829 UTC Still going strong, discussion of a man working the con game for 30 years.
1851 UTC Talk about an attempted murder of a gangster
1938 UTC End of Dragnet episode, Fatima cigarettes ads, NBC tones and off. 

Appears to be a live relay of Electric Circus up on 6925 kHz USB.  Heavy fading and somewhat tinny audio leads me to believe its somebody using a remote receiver as their audio source.  

2117 UTC, heard a conversation between an OM and a YL underneath the Electric Circus relay.  Not sure if that's another station or simply lower-level audio on this transmitter's side.
2122 UTC - S3-S4 level carrier, with weak modulation
2125 UTC - YL heard talking underneath music, difficult to dig what is being said out of the (louder) music.
2129 UTC - Music (from Electric Circus on 6925 kHz USB) dropped off for a second, that or deep fade (or both).
2131 UTC - Signal now down to more of a S3 steady with some fades.  
2133 UTC - Sultry-sounding YL chatter now in the background...
2146 UTC - Relaying SSTV being sent by Electric Circus on 6925 kHz USB...

2100 UTC "Drop the screen now!"  "How ya doin', Vince?"
2107 UTC Getting killed by OTHR/ute QRM
2108 UTC - QRT? or faded out..pescadores starting to pop up on 6925 kHz LSB, making listening in AM mode quite interesting

K1RA/KW4VA KiwiSDR is showing a carrier on 6925.0 kHz AM as well as the UNID station on 6925 kHz USB.  Perhaps two stations at once?  

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