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North American Shortwave Pirate / UNID 6925.4 AM 1915 UTC 01/16/2016
« on: January 16, 2016, 1919 UTC »
Carrier come on right after Amphetamine Radio signed off.  6925.39 kHz or so.  Hearing OM talking down in the noise.  

S7 signal, OM talking about making a new will.  Noisy condx here but signal is readable.  This does remind me a lot of OTR.  I tuned down to 6770 kHz AM and they're playing a different radio drama (so at least we know they're not using the same stream at the same time!)

Booker T and The MG's at tune in (1805 UTC).  Nice signal on 6935 kHz AM.  Sounds best in AM narrow.  Some fading/QSB.  Heavy fading as I type this, now down at the noise floor.  Either the condx changed really quick or the station is adjusting power levels.  Back up to previous levels at 1806.

1742 UTC: Heard tones (selcall of some sort?) or DTMF touch tone on 6925 USB.  The AM signal on 6925 is gone now as well (at least at on my local RX setup and on the K2SDR WebSDR).

1749 UTC:  I stand corrected.  There's something on the SDR waterfall on 6925 AM still.  Hard to tell if its music or the two-way comms on 6925 as the band seems to be getting noisier.
1751 UTC: An AM signal pops out of the noise on the waterfall.  Still fading up and down but I can hear music down in the noise in AM mode.  
1754 UTC: Fading is getting worse.  Signal disappears, comes back up nice and loud for a second and then its gone again.  Band is noisy, noise level is around S5.
1755 UTC: More business comms heard on 6925 USB.  
1800 UTC: Data bursts and other sounds on USB.  Then more voice traffic.  Still a very faint carrier on 6925.0 kHz.
1812 UTC: AM carrier comes back out of nowhere!  More swelling dramatic music for a few moments then back to just a carrier.  Very rapid fading/QSB.  Signal was nice and strong for a bit and then dropped back down to just above the noise level.  Weak two-way voice traffic back on 6925 USB, fading in and out with the AM signal.  

Tuned back in at 2000 UTC.  AM carrier still there on the WebSDR waterfall.  Nothing heard on the local RX setup.

Barely have a signal at 1725 UTC.  There's some voice comms on 6925 USB (in English!!!)

1733 UTC - signal jumped up considerably.  Now S7 or so.  Classical music heard with some rapid fades.  Sounds good on the peaks.  Some minor QRM from two-way traffic on 6925 kHz USB.  Sounds like business comms (I think). 

Tuned in at 1715, S6 signal with the noise at S5 right now.  Can hear the carrier and hints of old time music.  A tad bit easier to listen to in USB.   ;D

Still have a S7 level carrier on 6925 at 0215 UTC but can't hear much of any audio in AM mode.  The LSB seems to have a tone on it, around 500 Hz away from the center carrier on 6925.0 kHz, along with some pescadores (that, or there's another, slightly weaker, carrier on 6924.5 kHz).  Been listening for a few minutes on 6925 USB and haven't heard anything except for some weak beeps which may be Link-11?

Real messy on 6925 right now with the pescadores on 6925 LSB, talking/sirens on 6922.1 USB and whoever is on 6925 AM

"What are you, some kind of doomsday machine, boy?!"

Sounds like audio clips from Live and Let Die

Regarding the Link-11 signals on 6925 USB, is that the same thing I'm hearing/seeing on the K2SDR waterfall as what looks like CW dots across the 6926-6929 kHz range?  See thread:  http://www.hfunderground.com/board/index.php/topic,25673.0.html

Carrier on 6933 kHz now...

Somebody is dropping carriers all over the band.  6910 kHz, 6920 kHz, 6925 kHz, 6930 kHz, 6950 kHz with some VFO swooshing, then back down to 6940 kHz and 6930 kHz.  Saw a strong carrier on 6975 kHz for a moment as well.

Utility / Re: unid 6929.75 CW 2124 UTC 01.10.2016
« on: January 10, 2016, 2129 UTC »
I'm also listening on the K2SDR WebSDR.  6927.8 kHz USB mode.  Seems like two dashers (different tones) going at once.  S6 on the peaks it looks like. 

Somebody tuning up on 6914 kHz.  Saw a carrier pop up for a few seconds, then a few dashes on the same frequency.  Same thing on 6910 about 60 seconds later.

Somebody is moving around the band.  Saw a carrier on 6915, 6925 and then 6930 (each only for a second or so).

"Knife calling Variable do you copy, over?".  Talking about antennas and power output as well as filter caps.  Discussiong of TM-218 terminal box and "BC-620" radio. 

Sounds like somebody giving a demo of vintage military radio gear (listening on the K2SDR WebSDR)

10/11 meters / 27255 kHz Pager/Data DX 10 January 2015
« on: January 10, 2016, 2008 UTC »
CB channel 23 - 27.255 - is technically part of both the CB radio service and the R/C radio service.  Per Part 95 of the FCC rules, R/C users are allowed to transmit up to 25w carrier power on 27255....not 25w PEP.  This means, in theory, that a legal pager or R/C transmitter on 27255 could transmit up to 100w PEP power and still be within the FCC power limits, provided the carrier power was 25w or less (carrier power x4 for PEP output).  Ref: FCC Rules 95.210(a) - see https://www.law.cornell.edu/cfr/text/47/95.210. Additionally, modulation methods are not specified, which could explain why the signal I heard seemed to be in FM mode instead of the usual AM.  

During my 11 meter adventures this afternoon I came across a very strong data signal (sounded much better in FM mode) on 27255.  Full scale S9+30 db on my CRE 8900 (Alinco DR-135DX) mobile radio.  I have heard strong data signals on this frequency before but this is the strongest I've heard.  Just another 11 meter frequency to check during band openings :D

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