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10/11 meters / 11 meter DX Logs 15 December 2015 1700 UTC +
« on: December 15, 2015, 1845 UTC »
Even though the band seems to have quieted down a bit these past few weeks, I'm hearing some Latin American DX this afternoon:

25000 AM - WWV - Fading up and down.  Peaking at S9 and down to S5.  Nice and loud.
25775 AM - YL Taxicab dispatcher
25875 AM - Spanish language, weak.  Likely taxis going by the frequency
25950 FM - STL, very weak but I can tell there's a signal/carrier there..
25965 AM - YL Taxicab dispatcher
26055 AM - Spanish language traffic, right at noise level but I can hear the telltale roger beeps
26105 AM - Spanish language, possibly truckers.  Heavy fading
26225 USB - Latin American Calling Freq, active
26240 USB - Likely stations QSYed from 26225 USB
26305 AM - Spanish language
26375 AM - Spanish language
26395 AM - Similar to 26375, heavy fading
26415 AM - OM talking, Spanish.  Roger beeps
26525 AM - Spanish language, with lots and echo/reverb and people keying up with roger beeps/music
26535 AM - Two OMs talking, Spanish language, Mexican accents with echo/reverb fx and elaborate roger beeps
26555 LSB - Spanish language
26585 AM - Spanish language, Mexican accents - this is one of the AM calling channels
26605 AM - Similar to 26585 AM, less QRM though
26625 AM - Similar to 26585 AM
26635 AM - Lots of stations, similar to 26585 AM
26645 AM - YL Taxicab dispatcher, reading numbers.  Fading up to S9 and down to JBA levels
26695 AM - YL Taxicab dispatcher
26705 AM - Very loud (and sometimes overmodulated) signals, likely from Puerto Rico
26715 AM - Same as 26705, with splatter from 26705 AM
26725 AM - YL Taxicab dispatcher with roger beep - can hear the mobiles she's talking to.  With splatter/QRM from 26715 AM
26855 AM - English language, Southern US accents - likely hunters
26965 AM - "Barefoot Boy in Georgia" Nice S9 signal.  (CB channel 1)
27000 AM/CW - Some sort of carrier here right on 27000.0.  Could be local (???)
27005 AM - Spanish language (CB channel 4)
27015 AM - Spanish language, unreadable due to heavy heterodyne QRM (CB channel 5)
27025 AM - The usual S9++ "Super Bowl" Kilowatt QRM Splatter (CB channel 6)
27065 AM - Latin American AM DX Calling Frequency (see also, 26585 AM, 26705 AM, 26715 AM) - CB Channel 9
27095 AM - Spanish language QSO, OM and YL, possibly taxis.  Not a legal CB frequency, but known as Channel 11A
27125 AM - Southern US traffic, this is a channel used by locals in my area as well.  (CB channel 14)
27145 AM - Spanish language, likely taxicab dispatch with data (in FM mode) underneath.  Known as CB Channel 15A
27165 AM - Truckers (CB channel 17)
27185 AM - CB channel 19 - S5 to S7 level heterodyne, hearing several stations at once during peaks.
27265 AM - AM DX Traffic USA (CB Channel 26)
27285 AM - AM DX Traffic USA (CB Channel 28)
27375 AM - OM and YL talking, OM with echo/reverb Spanish language (CB channel 37)
27385 LSB - US SSB DX Calling Frequency, hearing stations from Southeastern US
27390 LSB - Stations in Florida having a QSO (likely QSYed from 27385)
27405 AM - Spanish language
27425 AM - YL Taxicab dispatcher, other AM traffic underneath
27440 LSB - US Stations, common calling frequency (see also 27425 LSB and 27435 LSB)
27455 USB - The usual Spanish language traffic, with music and roger beeps.  
27515 AM - YL Taxicab dispatcher
27625 AM - Very weak, but carrier heard in SSB mode.  Could be truckers
27665 USB - Spanish language, weak.  This frequency, along with 27695 USB/LSB, are usually active when the band is open
27680 AM/FM - Wideband "warble" QRM, likely over-the-horizon radar (OTHR).  20-30 kHz wide moving up and down the band.
27675 USB - Spanish language, weak
27690 LSB - Spanish language
27695 LSB - Spanish language, single OM station peaking at 30 over S9.  One of the more active freeband freqs
27815 AM - YL Taxicab dispatcher
27925 AM - YL Taxicab dispatcher

Tuned back in at 0235 UTC, hearing MGMT - Electric Feel, S7 on the peaks. 

Hearing trance/acid beats with male vocals at 0149 UTC on 6950 kHz USB on the K2SDR WebSDR.  Peaking at S7.  Nice audio, especially on the peaks with the noisy band tonight.

0151 UTC - Buzzing QRM for a second while song was on the breakdown (good timing!).  Back to vocals/beats still at 0151 UTC.  
0152 UTC - Either breakdown of first track or we're on another track (hard to tell).  Hearing bell-like tones and other electronic sound fx
0153 UTC - Feedback squeal.  
0154 UTC - XLR8 ID with echo, into music with guitar
0158 UTC - X  L  R  8 ID into more music

Have Moonlight Radio on 6925 USB just right at the noise level (roughly S5 on the NJ WebSDR and my local RX setup).  Hearing Christmas music through the noise.  Signal is very faint on the waterfall but its there.  Pescadores much louder on 6925 LSB and 6930 LSB at the moment.  Slight amount of QRM from 6930 LSB while listening to Moonlight Radio on 6925 USB.

2254 UTC - Hearing Trans-Siberian Orchestra coming out through the noise nicely on peaks.  Getting stronger at 2255.
2256 UTC - Somebody dropped a very strong carrier for about a second on 6925, visible on the waterfall for a moment.
2257 UTC - Signal has dropped back down a bit, or noise is increasing....but can see hear Bono's vocals on U2's "New Year's Day"
2257/2258 UTC - Several more keyups in AM/CW mode on 6925 or 6925.1

Hearing some nice trance on 6957 USB on the WebSDR.  A bit of fading up and down, S8 or so on the peaks, sounding nice on the peaks.  Good modulation.  Signal seems to be improving at 0048 UTC.  Lots of peskies on the band tonight - good frequency choice as there's no peskie QRM on 6957 USB.

0051 UTC - still hearing some trance, signal dropped down to S5-S7 levels but is still completely readable.  
0053 UTC - now able to hear it on my local receiver as well as the WebSDR.  Similar signal strength, fighting the local QRN (still much more pleasant to listen on the WebSDR).  CW at 0053 as well.  Following CW, there was a pause (no audio heard).
0054 UTC - hearing OM vocals music - Ghost Chickens In The Sky (oh yeah!!!!)

There's some sort of pulsing QRM (seems to be pretty widebanded) that comes and goes as well.  At points its blocking the signal on 6957 USB.

0058 UTC - Pulsing QRM is back.  However, Green Day's classic "Good Riddance (Time Of Your Life)" is punching through it nicely.   

I can tell that there's music playing on 6925 USB but that's it.  Can't make out any specifics.  Unfortunately the peskies on 6930 LSB are much louder at my location (and, at least at the moment, on the K2SDR WebSDR in New Jersey).

Utility / 6991 USB 12/11/2015 - 0000 UTC
« on: December 11, 2015, 0011 UTC »
Hearing data on 6991 USB (also hearing it on 6992...but I'm calling it 6991...).

Anybody know what this is? 

"New Year's Day" (one of my favorite U2 tracks) just at the noise level at 2247 UTC.  Hearing a carrier whine at 6925.00 as well.

MW Loggings / Re: 1710 "CHIM-FM 92.7", nightly
« on: December 10, 2015, 2234 UTC »
Their website - http://www.chimfm.com/index.html - lists "1710 AM" as the "on air" frequency.  Callsign is still "CHIM FM" as per the website...

Also via the K2SDR WebSDR in NJ - S5 with with S4-S5 noise levels.  Hearing "Hold On Loosely"

CCC, you're right next to a wideband ute signal that spans roughly 6970 to 6980 kHz.  Assuming that's why you're on 6969 kHz LSB and not 6969 kHz USB?  ;)

ID at 1928 UTC - "Cold Country Canada 6969 Shortwave" into "Born To Be Wild"

Knock, Knock, Knockin' on Heaven's Door at tune-in (0114 UTC).  Nice solid signal, no noise.  Solid S9, no fading.  Probably the best I've heard Burn It Down Radio!   ;D

0116 - signal DROPPED.  Then, came right back up to armchair levels with CCR - Lookin' Out My Back Door.

0118 - "BID Radio - BURN. IT. DOWN.  Thanks for the test run.  OM DJ talk.  Remember, discover the world one frequency at a time.  Goodnight, once again.".  Then off, it appears, at 0119. 

Returned to the listening post at about 1720 UTC.  Now I'm seeing a carrier on the waterfall display but the music is way down in the noise.  I can hear SOMETHING but I can't determine what it is or even what genre of music I'm hearing.

Pretty good considering 25 watts and how noisy the band has been this morning/this afternoon.  

Came back up enough around 1730 UTC for me to hear "Jessie's Girl" but still heavy QSB

At 1626 listening to THX 1138 on the K2SDR WebSDR in NJ.  Heavy noise conditions prevent me from listening at my home QTH.  Nice signal on the peaks but there's a lot of noise fading in and out on the WebSDR.  UNID music at the moment.

Carrier seems to be just below 6925.00 kHz.  Somewhere closer to 6924.97 or 6924.94 kHz.  Still a nice wide AM signal so parking the tuner on 6925.00 yields the same audio (which is good on the peaks).  

1630 UTC - Little River Band - Lonesome Loser

Hearing 'Don't Stop Believing' on 6950 AM with heavy noise conditions 1611 UTC.  On the peaks the audio is excellent.  Nice modulation.

Getting obliterated by local QRN at 1612 UTC

1614 UTC "Undercover Radio" ID "don't know if anybody's still listening"  then email address given.

1614 UTC - start of Journey's "Wheel In The Sky" - excellent track! 

Started listening at roughly 0100 UTC, signal was a solid S9 to S9+10, nice copy with the usual strong, but nicely modulated signal.  Wolverine always has awesome audio, especially for SSB..  Signal then dipped down into the (very intense) noise.

As of 0126 UTC I'm hearing SRV's "Pride and Joy" coming out of the noise, just strong enough to copy.  I bet Wolverine is skipping over me!

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