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The 6900 kHz LSB crowd are pretty active, I'm 99% sure they're land-based freebanders or out of band ham operators speaking Spanish.  Some of them appear to be US-based, while others are in Mexico, Latin America, the Caribbean, etc.  I've heard them refer to 6900 LSB as the "home channel" or "home frequency" several times. 

Shortwave Broadcast / Re: WBCQ Superstation 9330 AM 18 Jun 2019
« on: June 19, 2019, 1157 UTC »
2129 UTC: S9+40 again on the KiwiSDR.

2130 UTC: I tried my Sony 7600G and it is an SIO 555 signal with the whip antenna fully retracted and folded into the case.

I wonder if a resonant loop antenna tuned to 9330 kHz could extract useful power to run some light bulbs  ;D

At points 9330 kHz WBCQ was pushing 40db over S9, maybe even closer to 45db over S9.  One of the strongest signals I've ever seen.   The strongest one I've seen on a S-meter is a local VHF paging transmitter on 152.690 MHz, apparently doing well over 1kw ERP and that was with the receiver less than 1000 meters from the transmitter site (S-meter showed S9+60db, the highest the meter read). 

I bet you could hook up some very low wattage LEDs to a receiver tuned to 9330 with a high gain antenna and get some light.  All those photons...

FM Free Radio / Re: Pirating in the Netherlands
« on: June 19, 2019, 1150 UTC »
The one with the pirate FM antenna on top of a high-tension power transmission pylon is my favorite.  How are the owners of the cellular towers not noticing folks installing additional equipment and antennas on their sites? 

Using 3G connections for a STL?  Interesting. 

10/11 meters / Re: 11 meters is active 1445 UTC 12 June 2019
« on: June 18, 2019, 2040 UTC »
Hearing an oddity, somebody using SSB on the lower channels,

26.835 MHz LSB two OMs chatting away about Venus Fly Traps.  Several of the in-band frequencies are very busy (the usual suspects on 27.025 MHz, 27.085 MHz, etc. are busy)

6209 kHz USB and 6212 kHz USB are both popular 6 MHz HF SSB marine voice frequencies, so I imagine 6210 kHz has lots of marine traffic SSB QRM (or, in other words, the broadcaster is causing interference to the marine radio users).

Obviously this is all part of a plot by the Amish. If they knock out the power grids, they can easily take over. An Amish family just moved in a mile away. They're located near a major high tension power transmission line. Coincidence? I think not.

Amish hackers in black hats indeed. 

Why should we necessarily think it's our government, or even the Russians, for that matter? Why would either country take out the grid to Buenos Aires? There is no geopolitical or strategic benefit.

Al Qaeda took down the twin towers, and they were a non-state actor. There are plenty of nefarious, non-state actor groups out in the wild that are tech savvy.

Then again, all it takes is drooping lines, or something similar, to blackout an entire region. If the grid supporting Buenos Aires alone were taken out, that cuts power to millions of people -- I think B.A. has just less than half of the population of Argentina living there. 15 million in the metro alone.

I'm aware that Russia and the US have been playing hacker towards each other, but I don't think that either would try to take out the other's grid except in time of war, because one Trident sub has enough firepower to turn European Russia into a radioactive wasteland (and vice versa).

I was implying that if it was a cyber-attack, it was simply a "test", or "proof of concept" - or, to paraphrase Josh again, "to send a message".  Your point about non-state actors is an excellent one though.  Then there's the gray area of non-state actors that are backed by states to various degrees. 

I imagine the infrastructure in Argentina isn't in that great of shape (maybe it is?) but a cascading failure can happen regardless, given the way electrical grids are interconnected and running close to 100% capacity at given points in the 24 hour day cycle and the annual/yearly cycle (increased air conditioning and/or heating demands during certain seasons).  I did make the point that the blackout happened on election day in Argentina, but that could very well be a coincidence. 

Of course any KiwiSDR online probably went offline but the moment the power got cut, I bet that noise floor dropped down to basically nothing when all the cheap switching supplies and LEDs went off at once. 

R4002 and I are clearly tuned to the same frequency and his ammo comments have me wondering: grid goes down, what's the next comms step for those of you prepared for this? It's the reason I got involved in HAM. And while I have the gear, energy and skills to communicate,  I don't have a gameplan besides listening on calling frequencies and waiting.

Presuming you have back up power, HF-SSB for long-haul comms and lots of monitoring of your local radio chatter (CB, FRS/GMRS and MURS as well as amateur and the various land mobile services). 

I have the relevant HF frequencies/nets written down on paper and included in my copies of the US Army Survival Manual and US Army FM 24-18 communications field manual - https://fas.org/irp/doddir/army/fm24-18.pdf (which has lots of great info on building field-expedient antennas, NVIS propagation and other HF topics in addition to local VHF comms).  Both of those manuals/frequency lists are part of my grab-and-go emergency bags (the bags also include several VHF/UHF handhelds, AM/FM/SW portables, medical gear, and the usual assortment of survival equipment/emergency food and water purification equipment). 

If you're going to stay where you're at, lots of monitoring should probably be done to get an idea of what's going on around you.  Having a list of the calling frequencies and emergency nets puts you way ahead of most folks.  When I think about a lot of people my age (I'm in my early 30s)...I know that most of them don't even own a portable AM/FM radio anymore.  They get all their information from their smartphone. 

As far as supplies go - I make a point to spend a small amount of every paycheck on emergency preparedness supplies, generally ammunition, batteries, emergency food rations and similar things.  I'm lucky enough to live in a place where you can order ammunition online.

Maduro's big problem was and is the bottom falling out of the oil market a few years back. That was the only egg in Venuzuela's economic basket.

Guaido and the U.S. have a big problem getting Maduro out of power. Guaido has to do one simple thing by international law, take and hold a piece of Venezuelan territory long enough to call for a powerful ally to intervene. (Guess who?) He's not popular enough to get it done. That was the scheme used at the Bay of Pigs. The door was wide open, but JFK hid in the White House until the Cuban rebel force was taken prisoner or killed.

And people wonder why JFK was assassinated? That turd pissed a lot of people off in his short term in office.

Brigade 2506!  Gotta love the Monroe Doctrine, sometimes it works out, and sometimes it doesn’t....I do hope that I was just being paranoid re: another cyber warfare attack (do we actually know if the GPS issue was a cyber attack?) vs. poor maintenance and cascading failure prone power grids. 

If the Russians were to go full-on cyber attack, I will agree with i_hear_you, we have more to lose than the Russians do. 

Target doesn’t sell ammunition, but there are dozens and dozens of reputable online ammunition retailers (if buying ammunition online is legal in your state, of course),

I was more implying that the Russians or the Chinese were behind the most recent massive blackout.

As always, cui bono? Who benefits?  Why would Putin do this, what does he gain? 

Maduro is perfectly able to blackout Venezuela on his own, without any assistance from the CIA  ;D

I appreciate the levity, but I don't personally find the situation in Venezuela a laughing matter.  A CIA-trained and backed goofus stands up and says "I'm the Prez now," our entire media makes it a thing and gets behind him, and after a handful of incitements fail to provoke Maduro's hand at a massacre or get the Venezuelan military to turn, Senator Marco Rubio tweets a taunt at Maduro about the nationwide blackout minutes after it happens.  If this were the extent of it we could all smirk about how out of shape the CIA has become since the 60s, but China and Russia immediately moved in to help fix and protect Venezuela's infrastructure.  In other words, after the US lost the proxy war in Syria to Russia, they've pivoted to Venezuela and are losing there, as well.

And that brings us to last Thursday's absolute shitshow of a frame up on that Japanese tanker in the Middle East.  Sure, our "intelligence agencies" are certain Iran did that, but how dense do you have to be to believe that Iran ordered a hit on a Japanese oil tanker at literally the exact time the Japanese premier was sitting down with Iranian premier?

I know my tone is aggressive and I apologize if it offends.  However, I'm not excited watching my government provoke the planet's two other super powers in several theatres across the planet.  I'm horrified at how few people can see what's going on.  When the moves are this sloppy and stupid, everyone should be able to see through them.

You know the saying about the paranoid:  "just because you're paranoid doesn't mean they aren't to get you."

Just because you are a Latin American strongman doesn't mean the CIA isn't trying to regime change you.

Sounds like we're both a little paranoid, perhaps for different reasons.  I see Maduro as a puppet of Putin and even his now-dead predecessor.  Maybe the CIA killed Chavez too (maybe).  Maduro also drove what was one of the most prosperous Latin American countries into a hell with record-breaking inflation and skyrocketing crime.

As far as the proxy war / baiting multiple super powers at once thing goes - you have a point.  Jumping into several wars would be a nice distraction from the sooner-or-later economic slowdown/crash...but I'll stop there.  Wag The Dog, etc.  Gulf of Tonkin II?  Maybe.  I'm not sure.  That's another direction though.   

As far as how does Putin benefit?  In several ways (presuming a Russian cyber-attack is behind both the GPS outage and the South American blackout here).  First, he shows the folks who are paying attention (in both the United States and elsewhere) that his capabilities have increased past turning off the power for an hour or so in Kiev.  Electronic saber-rattling, maybe...to paraphrase Josh, "to send a message".  The benefit does not have to be immediate, or readily apparent.  Putin is an ex-KGB man and is playing multiple angles.  Yes, the CIA have been involved in regime change in Latin America in the past...but I still rank the KGB and its successor agencies as worse.  If only because the FSB and SVR serve the Russians and the CIA and the NSA serve the United States (read into that how you like).   The Russians are still the bad guys in my eyes.  At no point in history when both the United States and Russia were/are superpowers were we on completely friendly terms (save for World War II, maybe, but even then there was mistrust).  There are reasons for that...

A day long blackout is more of an inconvenience and malfunctioning GPS is annoying but combine those things with cyber-attacks that cause longer-lasting damage and you have a formidable weapon of war.  If you draw the comparison between cyber-weapons and conventional weapons the "who benefits?" question gets closer to answering itself.

I'm glad that somebody else sees the connection between the South American blackout and the GPS outage.  Maybe sending a message, "hey, this can be done!" - I know that Russia did what you could easily call a "proof of concept" cyber-attack against portions of the Ukrainian power grid back in 2015.  It can be done on various scales. 

Nefarious intelligence agencies employing nefarious hackers in nefarious hoodies and nefarious black hats under the command of a nefarious president (Putin, Kim, etc.)   

Maybe I'm a little paranoid, but I see this as the shape of things to come....and that scares me.   

Maduro is perfectly able to blackout Venezuela on his own, without any assistance from the CIA  ;D

Indeed.  He's also blamed (list of every other problem in Venezuela) on the CIA.

The Venezuelan power outage could very well have been a test run as well.  Kommissar Putin likes Maduro, though.

I was more implying that the Russians or the Chinese were behind the most recent massive blackout.

UNICOM would be one frequency, the FBO might have their own frequency - plus ground control frequency (ramp) and then the associated approach/departure area frequencies (if monitoring them was required). 

Other / Re: Arecibo HF Heater Planned Ops
« on: June 17, 2019, 1441 UTC »
Considering the power they're running, I wonder if they're causing any QRM to the datalink transmission appearing on the waterfall image around 5120 kHz / 5120.5 kHz (appears to be centered on 5120.7 kHz or so).


Too much of a coincidence that it occurred on Argentina's election day and right after the New York Times reported on US Cyber Command's installation of sit-and-wait malware in the Russian power grid (in response to the Russians doing the same thing to us for years now - cf. https://www.us-cert.gov/ncas/alerts/TA18-074A)? 

While the various governments (Argentina mostly, but also parts of Uruguay, Paraguay, Chile, etc.) seem to be willing to rule out cyberattack as the reason for the massive blackout that affected more than 40 million people (!!) it seems like somebody is doing another test, proof of concept, whatever you want to call it.  Combine with the recent airnav GPS issues. 

Time to buy more solar panels, batteries, and, of course, can openers.  Also ammunition.  Battery-powered HF and VHF/UHF capability.

Would have been nice to have a before/after waterfall image for MF/HF/VHF/UHF in Buenos Aires when the lights went out.  See how much the noise floor drops (and see which broadcast stations, etc. went off the air). 

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