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QSLs Received / The Pirate Pumpkin eQSL 20 Jan 2022
« on: January 20, 2022, 0411 UTC »
Thank you for the eQSL The Pirate Pumpkin.

Just signed on with a good signal.


QSLs Received / The Pirate Pumpkin eQSL 11 Jan 2022
« on: January 12, 2022, 1953 UTC »
Here is the eQSL that I received along with some other information from the station op. Thank you so much for the eQSL.

"Thanks for posting! You did indeed found my signal. Just a test with 15 watts, you did decode my SSTV images. Amazing! Problem here, most listeners looking toward the northeast. We are in the deep south. Propogation not that great either? But you did catch my signal. Started with Love potion #9 By the Clovers SSTV image Little Devil by Neil Sedaka SSTV image SSTV image and last with The Thing! I am sending the original SSTV images, but your catch was the true images you caught! Halloween is a 365 Day a year thing here. Look for us more in the future! 73s The Pirate Pumpkin"

Was sitting on 6930 thanks to a tip on HFU of a pirate test. Although I heard multiple SSTV images being sent I only got decodes on two of them.


All I can say is that there are orange colorations in the images and it was a test on Pirate Pumpkin Radio. Would love a QSL if this is accurate.

Station ID confirmed by the QSL sent by the station op.

By the way these are the two SSTV images sent by the op. He was kind enough to send me them.


Fighting the noise with a S5 signal here. Noise is probably S3 to S4.


Amateur Radio / Ham Radio on the Moon
« on: January 07, 2022, 0055 UTC »
Japan's OMOTENASHI, the world's smallest moon lander, will have an X-band and UHF communication system, although it will not carry an amateur band transponder.

OMOTENASHI is a 6 Unit sized CubeSat set for launch via a NASA SLS rocket as early as February 2022. It will have a mission period of 4 to 5 days. The name is an acronym for Outstanding Moon Exploration Technologies demonstrated by Nano Semi-Hard Impactor. Wataru Torii of the Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency Ham Radio Club, JQ1ZVI, said radio amateurs can play a role in gathering data from the spacecraft.

The spacecraft is made up of two separable components, both having independent communication systems, an orbiting module and a surface probe. The orbiting module will take the surface probe to the moon. It will transmit beacon or digital telemetry data on 437.31 MHz. The moon lander surface probe will transmit digital telemetry or three-axis acceleration analog-wave with FM modulation on 437.41 MHz. Transmitter power is 1 Watt, enough to be picked up with a high gain yagi.

According to Torii, JQ1ZVI, if they succeed in receiving the UHF signal from the surface probe, one could know the acceleration data of the impact on the moon and the success of the landing sequence. They already have a station for the uplink and downlink at Wakayama in Japan, normally used as an EME station. However, when the moon and satellite is not visible from Japan, help with the receiption of the downlink signal will be needed from ham radio stations worldwide.

The orbiting module beacon will transmit on 437.31 MHz using PSK31. The surface probe beacon will transmit on 22.41 MHz using FM, PSK31, and PCM-PSK.


North American Shortwave Pirate / unid 6925 USB 2125 UTC 6 JAN 2022
« on: January 06, 2022, 2128 UTC »
Good signal, sounds like Frank Sinatra.

Blues music with several Outhouse Radio ID's.


Off at 0225z.

North American Shortwave Pirate / Zeke 6925 USB 2143 UTC 30 Nov 2021
« on: November 30, 2021, 2143 UTC »
Good signal with music on 6925 USB.

Sounds like Zeke at 2146z.

Weak and in the noise. Caught a SSTV signal (late start on the decode) and then into some music. Not sure how to describe it other than a spooky sound.



Very weak music and some talk on 6934 USB.

Getting stronger but now data burst are killing the signal. There were several mentions of Dan Cooper and the hijacking. So maybe DB Cooper Radio?

Thanks Bali_Frank for the correct frequency and mode. And as I type this off at 0055z.

Thanks I also corrected my incorrect date. Thanks to whomever brought it to my attention, you deleted your post before I could see your name.

Wishing I hadn't posted this to begin with now.

Pandemic Radio now starting up. Good S5 signal.

By 0136z the signal is fading and fighting some occasional type of buzzing interference which covers up the signal.

Off at 0211z.

Two Dog Radio testing the ether with Satisfaction at 0004z. Good S3+ signal. 

At 21300z tune in banjo music with an id after that.
2309z sounds like the ID is Mack Truck Radio.
2327z; there were many ids of KBOX so I'm not sure if this is a relay or not.

SSTV image followed by music, S5 signal. I got a late start on the SSTV image.


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