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Shortwave Pirate / Re: UNID 6945 USB 01:32 October 7, 2013
« on: October 07, 2013, 0153 UTC »
Just ID'ed as RML. Still loud here.

Shortwave Pirate / Re: 6945usb unid 1:31 10/7/13
« on: October 07, 2013, 0144 UTC »
They're peaking 30 - 40 over S9 in east central Illinois. Little to no QSB. One of the loudest I've heard here. Propagation? Or am I close to them?

Shortwave Pirate / Re: UNID 6945 USB 01:32 October 7, 2013
« on: October 07, 2013, 0141 UTC »
REALLY loud here in central Illinois - 30 over S9!

Shortwave Pirate / Re: Radio Ga Ga, 6925 usb, 1333z, 10-6-13
« on: October 06, 2013, 1501 UTC »
Someone was asking on the Spooks mailing list if Radio Gaga had an e-mail address for reception reports. Do they?

I'm still trying to figure out what you get when you cross Schrödinger's cat with Maxwell's demon ...

I keep hoping for a double peak like we had in the last solar cycle (#23). No hope for any F2 propagation on 50 MHz this time.  :(

Utility / Re: Night of Nights 13Jul13 Logs
« on: August 14, 2013, 2113 UTC »
I tuned in late but caught the Benediction at ~0705Z. There was a message that Ms. Denice Stoops was unable to send it.

Shortwave Pirate / Re: Voice Of Bacon 6931 AM 0021 UTC 14 Aug 2013
« on: August 14, 2013, 2051 UTC »
I'm surprised they didn't play "Bringing Home The Bacon" (Grand Hotel album by Procol Harum)

Shortwave Pirate / Re: Renegade Radio 6925 USB 00:31 04/01/2103
« on: April 01, 2013, 0054 UTC »
No QSB here whatsoever in Illinois. Very strong, 20 over 9, 55455.
Doing PBR commercials at 0054Z.

Funny, Pee Pee Vagina Radio just gave a shoutout to others who have posted here at 0044Z. Announcer on Renegade Radio said he heard it and made comments about Pee Pee Vagina Radio QRM'ing them. :-)

The station on at 0030Z with Tom Sawyer is Renegade Radio.

Shortwave Pirate / Renegade Radio 6925 USB 0030Z April 1
« on: April 01, 2013, 0035 UTC »
Playing "Tom Sawyer" by Rush.Very strong here, 20 over S9. No QSB noted. 55455.
Just did ID but I didn't get it. "This is __ Radio Pirate Shortwave."

Pee Pee Vagina Radio ID'ed in Morse over top at 0036Z but they were transmitting in AM before and this station is USB.

Played Going to California by Led Zeppelin, now at 0039Z Gold Dust Woman by Fleetwood Mac.

Now giving shout-outs to all of us who posted reports here at 0046Z. Thanks! You are stronger here than Pee Pee Vagina Radio, plus CW doesn't really interfere too much. :-)

More shout-outs at 0100Z. Now playing Rock and Roll Fantasy by Bad Company. Thanks for the show!

Shortwave Pirate / Pee Pee Vagina Radio 6925 kHz AM 0015Z April 1
« on: April 01, 2013, 0023 UTC »
Decent signal, S7 or better. Music with repetitive ID over top. Just ID'ed in Morse code at 0023Z.

I thought they went QRT at 0024Z but they just sent a Morse message giving me a shout-out for the report. Thanks for the show!

And another Morse shout-out to me at 0029Z! I heard the words "Vacation Time" in there a couple times. Now either the same station or another is playing "Tom Sawyer" by Rush at 0030Z.

Sure looks like a 6AK5. I remember building a 6AK5 preamp for my first shortwave radio that was slightly deaf back in the 60's.

These are cool! Don't know if I'd want to spend the $ on one but I like the looks.

HF Beacons / Re: "RLO" Beacon on 8420 kHz
« on: March 23, 2013, 1457 UTC »
Yes, WLO has been on for decades. Now they usually ID in CW followed by bursts of SITOR or some other digital mode. But I used this station to cut my teeth on copying CW back in the 60's when their traffic was carried out entirely with CW.

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