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European Pirate / UID 6765.00kHz AM - 2000 UTC on 14 Aug, 2015
« on: August 14, 2015, 2022 UTC »
Heavily distorted signal. S4 but on a heavy noise floor. Lots of moderation. Can't make out what it is. No english, french, dutch, italian or german).

European Pirate / UID 6875.00kHz AM - 2000 UTC on 14 Aug, 2015
« on: August 14, 2015, 2015 UTC »
Strong noise floor today on 6-7Mhz here in Berlin/GER
Station comes in with S5-S7, but is heavily distorted.
I can hear music, but it's hard to make out any genre. Every now and then moderation becomes audible. Sounds italian. But I may be mistaken.

Couldn't make out any station ID so far.

Hahaha, yes! ;D


I've been wondering when (and how) this will happen for months by now. I'm taking about Google-Hits regarding the Beacon. People receiving it, wondering what it is and posting stuff. Awesome. Makes me grin right now.

I think I'll ask someone to forward that guy a QSL card. Let's see his reaction to the fact of suddenly receiving such a card from a station he's been wondering about. That could be funny! :D


General Radio Discussion / Re: Future of pirate radio
« on: August 11, 2015, 2308 UTC »
Oh, phew, it's late but I want to write something now. The thoughs my be lost tomorrow. Taken away by sleep. Bear with me about typos, OK? ;)

The Short answer is: there will always be Pirate Radio. In every imaginable way. SW/FM. Audio, Data, Beacons. Technology may change. Laws may changes. Humans passion hardly change.

Peope who share a certain mindset, interest and fascination will always do the stuff that triggers them. Sword are are out of date since... dunno how many hundread years. Still there are poeople who learn this beautiful art (well... let's see it as art, not a way to murder people).

There isn't much Pirate activity on the FM Bands over here in Germany. So I can't relate to that. AFAIK, the government plans to shut down any Analog Broadcasting until 2024. They did that already with Analog TV Broadcasting years ago. Still, I think there may be people who send out a signal, just to see whether there may be someone who hears it. Curiosity kills the cat... and drives our imagination.

SW is way more interesting and will hardly die. Low power transmissions can travel hundreads and thousand of miles. Hardly anyone monitors those bands and may kick your ass (except whenyou interfer with other stations, government used Bands or well... transmit with, like, 10kW... or play up-to-date chart hits nonstop). I there's a certain fascination to SW Broadcasting. A big point is the question "how far can I get?". I think that operating a stationon in the SW Band is like allowing our inner child to come out and play. When we were young we wrote 'messages in a bottle'. Now we manage to ship bottles through the air.

Of course there may be political message that go along with it. But let's be honest: that doesn't change anything. People who broadcast and listen to pirate stuff are very prone to already have a very healty mind that can't be fooled by the government. I think it's just the feeling of "not feeling alone, sharing opinions and knowing that people understand them" is the key here.

(Side note: I think the government accepted piracy on a certain level and lets us play on our 6-7Mhz Band, knowing that we have a playground where we will stick to, causing no trouble and where we can be monitored.)

There may be many individual reason for someone to give in to this facinating - but illegal - hobby. Okay, listening can't be counted as illegal. But on thd large scale I think it boils down to having friends and sating the hunger for adventure and longing. Maybe also a bit of "taming the Beast" (RF stuff is not easy to play with).

In my case: the word can turn as digital as it wants. I know there are folks out there who enjoy the old-school art of radio building and classy operation modes. And I know there are people who're looking for Pirate Ptations. Like they know that there are people who operate such stations. It's a way of comminication. Unidrectional and low level, but with a deep understanding of the longing behind.

okay, I'm not a Radio Station Operator. Several reasons. I may change that one day. Dunno. So, the question is "Why did I buidl 'common and Presious' and why do I work on my next Beacon project already?" Many reasons. Many are on the emotional side who can't be explained that easy and can likely only understood by a sould that feels the same way.

It's some way to break-free. Like urban exploring. Leaving the civilisation, the dayly "be a good worker and live a by the law"-life. I don't hurt anyone. I rob no one, I don't steal (okay... I've to be honest with myself... a tiny bit of energy.). It's my personal aventure. I'm not a Princess in her tower but a Prince (just for the figure of speech, mind you ;p) who screams "I'm here! Find me! Get me outa here!". For many many centuries, people explored other countries... etc. It's my modern way of exploring. Sending a signal (like a dove) and waiting for a message to return.

It's often that I sit on the window bord before I head to bed and look into the sky, full of stars and clouds. A soft, gentle feeling full of longing takes me over in those moments and I wonder where the signal may travel. I get the same sensation when standing (especially during night) next to a broadcast Antenna/Pole/Tower. It's hard to describe. Maybe you understand.

My Beacon is my personal "Candle behind a Windows on the top of a huge tower". Something that can be seen from dozen and dozen of miles away... and you want to go there. You want to know what that light is. It's some dream I have every now and then. There's a huge plain with grass. As far as the eye can see. And far, far away there's a slim but tall black tower that rises into the sky (has anyone seen the movie "The Place Promised In Our Early Days"?). There's a small light that can be seen in the night. It's a candle or something . At the top of the tower, behind a window. Why is it burning? Who lives there? I can't have a tower. But I can have a Beacon that says "Start a journey. Find me. Know me".

And, yeah, I was one of those poor souls that were unfortunate enough to be given an old Tube Radio/Shortwave Receiver during childhood. "Oh? There's MORE than we're-the-best-radio-station-ever-with-the-best-mix-but-we-play-the-same-f*ing-14-tracks-allday-long-like-all-other-stations-and-our-moderator-thinks-he's-funny-FM stations? I WANT MORE!!"

Right now I'm sitting in my hammock in the garden. It's past midnight and warm. The wind is whispering in the leaves and I know that my Beacon beeps it's way through the night. Bridging cities, countries, continets, languages, religions, political systems. There's nothing to it but a simple message "I'm here. Common but precious. Like we all".

Kind regards,


For those who are listening to CW and looking for extrem narrow filters. There are some old, big mechanical filters available on ebay.de (Germany) since several weeks. So, in case you have a receiver that comes with 10/100Hz tuning steps, this may be a filter of interest.

I got myself a 100Hz Filter and it's pretty awesome. Bad side: a IF of about 30kHz, which means you've to come up with your own IF Downmixer-Circuit. Used it for testing with my Yaesu VR5000.  Used the 10,7M IF output jack and mixed the signal it down to 30Khz (variable, So I also have an adjustable  BFO).

Look for "Mechanisches Filter Siemens E401"

150Hz Filter
75Hz Filter


QSLs Received / Re: Beacon Station "Common and Precious" QSL Card
« on: August 10, 2015, 1202 UTC »
You guys are welcome! :)

Hi there Claudio Italy,

Thank you for the report (I also got your DM) :). The Frequency is supposed to be 10237.74kHz but it floats a bit due to large temperature swings.

Kind regards,

QSLs Received / Re: Common and Precious QSL Card available
« on: August 05, 2015, 1212 UTC »
Hey ulx2,

Got the report. Positive confirmation. :)
Will send your SQL Card on the way on Friday.

Kind regards,

QSLs Received / Re: Common and Precious QSL Card available
« on: August 04, 2015, 1240 UTC »
Hey ulx2,

Are reception reports and audio recordings from Eastern Europe acceptable?
BTW, something is wrong with tone at the moment: the frequency has slightly been swinging.

Of couse! There' no restriction in any regard. I'm always bouncy about a new report. I'll DM you my mailaddy. :)

Hmm, it's pretty hot today. The Transmitter sits on a (even hotter) black roof in a chassis that's also black. And it produces heat itself. Maybe that causes a minor oscillation instability. Will check that on the next hot da on a weekend. Thank you for the report! :)

Kidn regards,

Hi there, George!

No, that's the Common and Precious Beacon. I've changed the CW speed a while ago. The initial idea was to have it rolling slow so it's easier to copy from a weak signal on a heavy noise floor. But after doing it for myself several times it became clear to me, that it's too slow and that, in case the signal can only be received for a short period, it makes it impossible to read it all. The current speed is 0,2s for a dit and 0,6s for a dat. Which is still readable. Even for less experiences people. Had a friend of mine trying to copy it. He got it after several rounds.

Thank you for the report! Feels nice to know that, with all the changes, it still makes it over the atlantic. :)

Kind regards,

Equipment / Re: 10M Antenna and operation time
« on: August 03, 2015, 1128 UTC »
Bump. :)

Basically, I curious about what kind of Antenna you'd use for the  project in context. :)


Hey skeezix!

How did you etch the board?  Looks pretty good.

It was done the old fasioned way by using a photo active PCB material and Ferric Chloride Etchant.

The layout was done in Eagly Professional by hand. Since I didn't want to do a through-hole board but a SMD-like surface mounted one (easier for debugging and testing). I put the components from the library into their final position and started routing the conducting paths by hand  (with the "draw rectangle" function).

I'm not satified with the job. The board  turned out too dense (I'm used building high density PCBs and the big screen fooled me). It's a big ugly to solder and I hope I won't end up with oscillation due to too little component spacing.)

But: thanks a lot! :)



Progress! I've etched the PCB and populated it almost entirely (most inductors are still missining). In fact I'd build two identical boards. One for the final setup and one for experiments (so I don't ruin the primary board like I almost did with the 30m one.).

Also, I wanted to play a bit with a Frequency Doubler Circuit. Just becasue I haven't for a while. The Frequency I'm gonna use is 27.215,00kHz (so I use a 13.605,5kHz X-tal) , which is basically CH #21 on the CB Band. Due to the Signal propagation behaviour I won't molest many people. Ch #21 is devasted around here. Haben't heard anyone on it during the last 3 weeks. Also, chances are good that it may be heard because it's a knows used/frequency.

From the left to the right: Oscillator, Frequency Doubler (and Buffer), PA Stage and Filter. The PO will be around 1.1W. One Vari-Cap is to pull the X-Tal and the second tunes the Inductor for the Frequency Doubler into resonance.


Changed the Antenna configuration back to straight Dipole. The local field was nice but the reception in Enschede dropped a great deal.  Also, I took some photos (finally).

Whole Setup 1
Whole Setup 2
Whole Setup 1


QSLs Received / Re: Common and Precious QSL Card available
« on: July 30, 2015, 0851 UTC »
Hi Oliver,

per the heraldic animal on Zazzel's QSL I would guess Berlin / Germany.
Which is an estimated 4200 Miles North-East from your location in PA.

Zazzle,please correct me if I'm wrong.

There's nothing to correct. You're right with what you said. :)

Kind regards,

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