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Utility / Re: Any TACAMO Activity on VLF
« on: March 07, 2019, 1702 UTC »
I don't have any information for you, but I did have to look up what TACAMO is and it got me interested in what you are monitoring.

Please let us know if you ever hear anything.

Other / Re: 6990 LSB chanting, Febrarury 14, 2019 - 2300UTC
« on: February 22, 2019, 2009 UTC »
Here is a very clear recording of what appears to be the same transmission on the same frequency, recorded January 5, 2019 at 2205 UTC.

From the YouTube description: "Heard in Michigan. Due to the signal strength and time of day here, I think it's safe to assume this is coming out of North America."

Other / Re: 6990 LSB chanting, Febrarury 14, 2019 - 2300UTC
« on: February 22, 2019, 1916 UTC »
Captured on my own SDR in Central Indiana.  Mode was LSB.

Thanks. Have you heard this signal more than once? I noted that you copied it at 2300 UTC and I'm interested in trying to catch this signal on my own SDR, located in Seattle, Washington.

Other / Re: 6990 LSB chanting, Febrarury 14, 2019 - 2300UTC
« on: February 17, 2019, 1725 UTC »
Snagged about a 20 minute recording of this station speaking what sounds like Japanese words or numbers.  Any help would be appreciated.


OK, that is a very interesting catch. Questions: Did you tune this via a web SDR or with your own radio? (I'm asking because I want to try to catch this one myself). And what mode did you use (USB, LSB, AM)?

Spy Numbers / Re: XPA2, 10261 USB, 11 FEB 2019, 1620 UTC
« on: February 13, 2019, 2249 UTC »
I recorded this same transmission. Here's a link to the video, if anyone wants to check it out:


General Radio Discussion / Re: Sad News: Don Schimmel has passed away
« on: February 07, 2019, 1731 UTC »
The title of Don's book The Underground Frequency Guide was the inspiration for the name of this site.

That is an excellent legacy.

The Underground Frequency Guide is the book that really launched me into this sub-region of the radio hobby (that and childhood memories of monitoring strange signals on my uncle's old shortwave radio at night when I was supposed to be sleeping).

General Radio Discussion / Sad News: Don Schimmel has passed away
« on: February 04, 2019, 0108 UTC »
Sad News: I just learned today that Don Schimmel has passed away at the age of 91. Don worked in communications with the U.S. Navy and CIA. He is best remembered by radio hobbyists as the author of the book, "The Underground Frequency Guide" and the online column about radio oddities, "Radio Intrigue." SK


Huh? / Re: Trackdown Trump
« on: February 02, 2019, 1428 UTC »
You guys know she had Kurt murdered, right?

I'm flashing back to my years in Seattle. My favorite public access TV show there (in a city with some real good ones) was "See It Now Person To Person - Kurt Cobain Was Murdered." I swear that I haven't seen a less self aware jackass than "journalist" Richard Lee. Some shows he would just rerun older stuff after he'd processed it to the point of illegibility - only if you had paid any attention when it first ran would you have a clue that it was footage of him harassing Krist Novoselic at a book signing.

I moved to Seattle in 1998 and I remember seeing Kurt Cobain Was Murdered on public access. And while the show is no longer on the air, Richard Lee is still around, as I saw him recently shopping in a local grocery store. No, I didn't acknowledge his presence...

This signal is very active today, as I just used the Highland Falls, New York KiwiSDR to tune the signal in, at 27252 kHz in USB mode. I also tried to decode it using Rivet 90 decoder in FSK (Raw) mode with the baud rate set at 200 and the shift at 1000 Hz. (That was the only setting that seemed to decode anything, though I'm not sure whether the results were accurate or not). Using Rivet at those settings, each data burst translated into what looks like long and short strings of binary numbers.

If anyone figures out the proper settings for Rivet, please let me know, as I'd like to try to decode.

General Radio Discussion / Re: KiwiSDR On Sale
« on: January 26, 2019, 0459 UTC »
Dang, and I bought mine two weeks ago and paid full price!

Nice gesture, though. I love this message board.

ID and Translation Requests / UNID Low Frequency signal at 147.25 kHz
« on: January 19, 2019, 0511 UTC »
Tuning through the low frequency spectrum on my KiwiSDR tonight and found this odd signal. I have absolutely no idea what this is, but it sounds and looks a bit like a digital mode of some kind. You can listen to it yourself via my KiwiSDR (if it is still transmitting).

Software / Re: Transmitting WEFAX images with FLDIGI
« on: January 18, 2019, 2333 UTC »
Perhaps the app's coded with a line in the exe that shuts off tx after 5 mins regardless of the option. In that case I'd be looking at dm780 or easypal or some other sstv app.


Yes, that is what I suspect, too (a line of code to shut off transmission, likely done to protect the radio from overheating).

I'm already using a couple of good SSTV apps. I was essentially just wanting to experiment with sending via WEFAX, as I kind of like its old school black and white image format.

Software / Transmitting WEFAX images with FLDIGI
« on: January 18, 2019, 0130 UTC »
Does anyone here have any experience using FLDIGI to transmit images using WEFAX mode?

I have been attempting to transmit images, but keep running into the problem of the program timing out after 5 minutes of transmitting (a dialog box opens that says, "TX timeout expired! Are you awake"). The FLDIGI guide suggests going into the configuration settings and changing the browser settings for "Inactivity timeout" via the scrolling menu that is there. I have done this, using every setting possible and the program still times out after 5 minutes.

Not having any luck with that, I then tried making the images smaller, thinking that lower resolution and small sized might help. Still no luck.

I've reached the end of my tweaking and tinkering with this and could really use some help from anyone who has successfully transmitted WEFAX images with this program. If you could help me with any FLDIGI settings that I need to check, or with changing the images to make them more friendly to the program, I'd really appreciate it.


Spy Numbers / Re: MC03 on 5139 kHz LSB, January, 2019
« on: January 14, 2019, 2259 UTC »
Thanks for posting about this signal. I just tuned in via an SDR in Japan and it is going strong at that frequency, so strong in fact, that I had to turn my volume down in order to avoid a bit of distortion.

SDR - Software Defined Radio / Re: KiwiSDR antenna question
« on: January 12, 2019, 1611 UTC »
Thanks for weighing in, guys. I've gone ahead and purchased the W6LVP loop. I hope to have it assembled and connected by early next week.

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