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6925U   Partial India radio with the 20th anniversary special about Pirate Radio Boston ( one of the one's heard way back in 1992 )
Nice to hear some of these specials ..signal pretty good up here in Alberta dispute the static/noise bursts..nice audio in SSB. Thumbs up on this broadcast!
Edward Kusalik

North American Shortwave Pirate / Re: Red Mercury Labs 6930 USB 3:06 ut
« on: September 09, 2013, 0356 UTC »
Booming up here in Alberta (s5 to s6) but some local static  ..hearing from 03:49 hours ...asked about the west coast and if any one was hearing the station....mentioned the propagation was good tonight..yes...it is!

Gave the e-mail address at the sign-off as haroldkrishnapir@gmail.com followed with a Indian Pop tune to 03:23 1/2 hrs.

GREAT Program !!

03:07 plus ,, GREAT Program from Partial India Radio with DJ and Sanjay with allot reference to Hauser and a DX'er's poem . Mention of listening to pirate radio stations on 6955 @ 03:21 and re-consider Christian stations.
Audio and signal really good tonight...what can I say...that's a good broadcast from Partial India Radio..way to go fellas!!

Edward Kusalik
up here in Daysland, Alberta...........

QSLs Received / Re: The CBS (Cinema-by-Shortwave) Late Movie eQSL
« on: September 08, 2013, 2126 UTC »
Same here for this station..
I posted my reply under the original logging for this satuion for clarification....

Edward Kusalik

6925U  Cinema-by-Shortwave radio

The station that we had been hearing is this.

Received this e-mail letter and a e-mail QSL from 'thelate sinny'.
His e-mail address is thelatemovie@gmail.com

The operator sent a very attractive QSL depicting the Cinematic sounds ' The CBS* Late Movie' with * as Cinema-by-Shortwave... with frequency,date and time. Really Cool QSL !!!!

Says what we heard was "The Late Movie" Episode #2  fro 9/6&7/2013. and the program is movie-themed but not strictly to 'soundtracks' and also included music with a 'cinematic' character.

A BIG THANKS to Operator of Cinema-by-Shortwave Radio for the QSL

Edward Kusalik
Daysland, Alberta
in the early stages of autumn.....

The sign-off was at 03:42 hrs not o3:40 my nibble fingers where just to fast for my brain....
maybe he might come back...wonder if it was Radio True North ?????

Gone at 03:40 with the last theme movie song.....

03:39 - Horn Trumpets and the DJ mentioned about 'Movie Theme Program and hope enjoying this"plus a ID but couldn't copy it..any one else this?

It seems propagation is weird tonight 'cause at times the signal is really in and then goes right back into the noise..hearing pretty much the same..Pop selection @03:35 with heavy guitar lyrics..wish this station would ID...
03:36 hrs. - 'The Man who shot Liberty Vance'

Yes, Johnny Rivers @3:13 hrs, who came after now...audio just a bit tinny other wise a nice program of oldies from the 60's
03:15 hrs - from 1969 "white room with Black Curtains'

03:02 same here in USB with the 'Good,Bad and Ugly' and then into another selection. Readable but weak needs more investigation of who it is......

Heard Radio True North with a nice clean signal from 0414 to past 0500 hours. Another fine and well produced program ranging some oldies to recent melodies ( that's what I call them instead of heavy rock or Pop) Gave the e-mail address as radiotruenorth@gmail.com and also the postal mail route via Merlin in Ontario.
Oh signal strength at times was from s2 to peaks of s6.....

Edward Kusalik
listening in Daysland, Alberta and a rather muggy summer evening....

6925AM  Aug.3. 04:20-040 hrs. UTC  Another great program from this True North Station...Promotions for the Chat rooms and talks aboiuyt Free Radio. Gave a contact information  followed a pop selection @ n0423. Mentioned about Sky reports from Alberta, followed with a Led Zeppin Selection from the 25 single, followed with some AC &DC music @04:29. Lot'sa ID's for Radio True North and for Free Radio short wave Station. Sorry but I tuned out at 0440 hrs. Great audio, no problems with modulation and s-reading about s4 to s6 @ times....
only problem was some power line noise acting up tonight....
Thank you for the Broadcast!

Edward Kusalik
up here in Daysland, Alberta

Receiver: Drake R8A
Antenna:  Trapsloper for 6955 khzs ( 3/4 wavelength).

6940USB  Noted up here in Alberta with a strong (s4-s5) signal from 0337 tune-in with a great program. Dr. Strangelove with comments about the 80's program,pirate radio, Hollywood Bowel, Kristi Hand(?) gave a e-mail address ..something @yahoo.com ( but sort of missed that) Played a favorite form 80's by Simple minds 'Don't Fool..don't forget about Me' @ 03:48 hrs.  He also mentioned that this might be a QSL for this Show and went off the air @ 0354, then came back on and made a comment about all the reports posted, again mentioning the a 'QSL Show' gave Popular/Intensity Labs mention, and went the air @03:56 hrs.  Signal was massive but the audio was somewhat clipper on the voice but no problem on the mmusical side. otherwise a nice program and hope to heard more from RML at this hour ( propagates good to the western regions) TNX again Dr. StrangeLove!
Oh if you plan on sending out e-mail QSL's here is my address, sure would appreciate one!
Edward Kusalik :)

Receiver: Drake R8A
Antenna: trap- sloper cut for 6955

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