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Believe it's Hit Mix Radio on 5800

Being heard via SDR Site in Ireland from 1102 hours with hits and ID's as Star Radio and gave the e-mail address as 'starradio@gmail.com"

Noted to 1700 sign-off with ID as "You're listening to Radio Continental on 5800 ", with mention of "Studio 3"

Being heard from 1247 to past 1324 hours, via SDR in the Czech Republic with s4 to s5 signal. "A great Classic at 1326 "Purple Haze" by Jim Hendrix...

Was any one able to catch their e-mail address for Double Z Radio  on 5800 AM ??

Noted to 2100 when this signed-off.."gave iD as Thanks for listening to Double Z Radio" gave a e-mail address but all I could catch was ..radio...com.
Heard via SDR in NW Ireland....

6266 at 1843 back on with a classic "Money for Nothing" by Dire Straits ---one of my favourites for sure..nice signal into SDR in France withs6 signal but some what noisy

Thank you for the correct e-mail address..I sated tuned to 1202 till the signal became quite noisy in trying to listen too...

Hearing this (1140+)station with classic tunes..gave the e-mail address but somewhat garbled..any one know the correct address they gave...

0945 "Traffic" via Tisto (via Belgium)
Mentioned closing down by OM @ 0948 hrs

Mention as Test Broadcast and thanked listener's for tuning in
The Grasshopper Polka played at close..final ID and off at 0952 hrs.

6293 hearing this station from 0916 hours via SDR Site in Ireland. Very Noisy conditions with variety of music from Polka's (Kugel Polka @o921) to "Ghost Riders in the Sky" @ 0918. Use Shazam to decrepit the music. 0942 OM in Dutch followed with a Polka Song.

6070 Captian Blackbeard Radio broadcast relayed via channel 292 from 0300 s/on with the 'true truck' experience at 0324 hours... great signal into Finland...

15075 Mike Radio being heard here in Alberta via VE6JY's antenna farm with a decent signal @ 1340 hours ..unbelievable to hear this at this hour!

2202 - Under Mi Sensi by Barrington Levy
2205 Fu Man Chu by Desmond Dekker and the Aces
2209 YL with ID,
Blah Blah Blah by Amin van Buuren selection

Just like DXace1, I too have this QSL...two of them...

Any one know the contact information for this broadcast and to who??

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