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being heard into a SDR site in Suffork UK with a fairly good signal, noted with Doris Day and her version of Fly me to the Moon...many ID's fro Abu Dhabi Radio..nice to hear him again ! :)
then a classic by Vera Lynn..great show of classics...

Heard via SDR site in France with massive signal..Money for Nothing" by Dire :) Straits at 1410

Great signal into SDR in Belgium with classics Great Show .."Tainted Love" @ 1311hours  :)

Yes, I believe that the same ID was hearing for this station,regardless the operator sure likes the Rolling Stones (as I do!)

Heard some sort of ID as "NMD Radio from the Netherlands, but the audio kept cutting in and out. OM with renouncement in EG with hits and tunes of oldies from 1316 hours.could not catch his e-mail address..any one get it?

Switched to SDR site in NW Ireland and cutting of audio gone..me thinks it was at the SDR site in France, when someone is transmitting. This at 1332 hours.

Noted ID and e-mail address (nmdradio@hotmail.com) to 1343 sign-off

Many thanks for verifying that is this station...hearing a SDR site from NW Ireland, the music is clear but the OM with his comments some what difficult to heard..oh well..great program and will see if they reply for this broadcast...many 8) :) thanks

6290 - On a Portuguese SDR site there was red note saying that this was Radio Deltracks broadcasting with their great hits and gave there e-mail address as deltracks@outlook.com ...mmm wondering if is them??

Per pirate chat (pirateradio2011), it's Hit Mix 5800 with mention of closing down..but still on after 1210 hours...Tuned out at 1230..apprently a German Pirate Station via Xmitter in Holland. E-mail address is  erdenman@gmx.de

Believe it's Hit Mix Radio on 5800

Being heard via SDR Site in Ireland from 1102 hours with hits and ID's as Star Radio and gave the e-mail address as 'starradio@gmail.com"

Noted to 1700 sign-off with ID as "You're listening to Radio Continental on 5800 ", with mention of "Studio 3"

Being heard from 1247 to past 1324 hours, via SDR in the Czech Republic with s4 to s5 signal. "A great Classic at 1326 "Purple Haze" by Jim Hendrix...

Was any one able to catch their e-mail address for Double Z Radio  on 5800 AM ??

Noted to 2100 when this signed-off.."gave iD as Thanks for listening to Double Z Radio" gave a e-mail address but all I could catch was ..radio...com.
Heard via SDR in NW Ireland....

6266 at 1843 back on with a classic "Money for Nothing" by Dire Straits ---one of my favourites for sure..nice signal into SDR in France withs6 signal but some what noisy

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