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Caught this too on the overnight recorder, 6924.991 odd signal with 3 times the audio occurring on the usb side of the carrier than the left.
 Second carrier came up at 04:06 just a bit higher in frequency near 6925.334. couldn't make out the song played by the new station but more rock/funk than the mellow mx the original station played. The co-interference of the two stations made a mess of it, both stations being of near equal strength.
 By 4:13 second station was improving and was broadcasting 'horse whinny's'? as a intermittent signal. don't think I heard that before, reminiscent of the whispering wolf of a few years back. first station off at 04:23, second station broadcasting SIO 353. 04:26 monologue by male op with voice lowered in pitch. [Poet?] into mx. another Horse Whinny and  op speech, which was hard to understand. maddness, society, Signal dove at end of prgm, could hear clip clop of horses and more whinny's. off at 04:35

General Radio Discussion / Re: marine traffic map site
« on: June 06, 2013, 2156 UTC »
Nice site!

North American Shortwave Pirate / WFUQ 6925 AM
« on: June 06, 2013, 0102 UTC »
WFUQ  6925 AM 00:55-01:14  6/6/13 SIO 444 Some faint pescadore on lsb underneath the music.  off then briefly back for a spoken WFUQ ID repeated twice. sporadically return with music. and off at 01:03 with op stating technical difficulties.  Returned at 01:08 with one song and ID. (RD)

Hard Tack Radio 6925 usb 00:56- 6/3-4/13 SIO 353  music of the American civil war. Yellow Rose of Texas played and promise to be included in QSLs being sent out. Off with SSTV image.

Wolverine Radio 6935 usb 02:15-03:34  6/2/13 SIO 454  Typical massive wolverine Radio signal with bluesy rock music. signal began to dive at end of show. off with SSTV.

Hard Tack Radio 6925 usb 00:05-00:20 6/2/13 SIO 353  Johnny Reb, Yellow Rose of Texas, several IDs. off with SSTV

General Radio Discussion / Re: I'd like to donate?!
« on: May 29, 2013, 1015 UTC »
Actually, from time to time we do get the odd kidney donated.

Really?  any chance there is a spare liver hanging around,... I uh, may have need of a new one.

UNID 6925 usb 21:40-22:13  5/28/13 SIO 142. Blues guitar amongst local T storm static crashes Time Pips at sign off (possible intermittent signal )

Renegade Radio 6925 usb 00:02-00:39 5/28/13 SIO 454 Born in the USA, Eighteen,Dirty Deeds, Fortunate Son, Op came on to give his thoughts on Memorial Day and a trip to the cemetery to honor the veterans. Freebird, Renegade threatens to return. Sign off with air raid siren.


Voice of Honor 6925 usb 23:15 SIO 253  CW and SSTV at sign on. CW: Cq Cq voice of Honor Happy Memorial Day. SSTV Black and white image of American Flag with Today's Color Alert- Red, White and Blue.

Black Cat Radio 6925 usb 22:45- 5/26/13 SIO 544  Memorial Day Program. Rock mx by  Airbourne. SSTV back with Guns and Roses, Zero boys, Nashville Pussy

XLR8 6925 usb 23:45-00:56 5/25-26/13 SIO 454 mix of punk music. moving into classic rock by 00:35 with ELO, The Cars, ID @ 00:43 back to the punk.


Rave on Radio 6925 usb 01:30- 5/23/13 SIO 353 Rockn blues in the static crashes. Missed the sign on ID. 02:00 with J. Tull.

 off air recording on the FTP site http://shortwavepirate.homeftp.org

Red Mercury Labs 05:47- 5/9/13 SIO 253 Couple songs played Including Moving in Stereo.  ID and off   recorder catch



 Grab whatever you want, I have both.


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