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Had them here per SDR recording. 6935  came on at 5:01-5:07  Good strength, similar to WDDJ was but I can also see the slightly narrower bandwidth.  off with no ID

Radio Cinco De Mayo 6925 usb 23:25-23:50 5/5/13  SIO 353 Repeat of the same show with faux mexican accent ID and mexican/mariachi music. off with SSTV

Rave on Radio 6925 usb 00:47-01:36 5/4/13 SIO 253 Kent State shooting tribute show. Volunteers of America, Ohio, Get up Stand Up, War Pigs, off with SSTV


Radio Cinco De Mayo 6925 usb 00:18-00:41 5/4/13 SIO 353 on with faux Mexican accent ID and Mexican/mariachi music.


Global Warming Radio 6930 AM 00:35- 4/30/13 SIO 252 Barely able to make out music in the static crashes. ID at 00:52 of Global Warming Radio GWR  Op gave monologue but unable to make out what was being said. ID again at 00:54 into music.

Rave on Radio  6925 usb 00:35- 4/30/13 SIO 353 Bluegrass mx, Personal Jesus, Pinball Wizard,

Black Cat Radio 6925 usb 01:15-01:52 4/27/13 SIO 454 George Jones, Down in Mexico, All I Know, Own Private Idaho, Kinky Sex makes the world go around by the Dead Kennedys.

UNID 6950 AM 20:10-20:35 4/26/13 SIO 252 Fair to weak signal in high noise levels. Playing a bunch of old blues mx, moved into blues based hard rock by 20:25. off suddenly 20:35

UNID 6950 AM 21:30- 4/26/13 SIO 353 Appears to be same UNID that was on earlier, noise levels are subsiding some. Playing a Jazz mix now


Rave on Radio 6925 usb 01:03-01:22 4/26/13 SIO 353 David Bowie, Warren Zevon, Dylan, The Cure, Couple commercials from the 70ís including Rice A Roni. Many IDís.



North American Shortwave Pirate / Re: TCS 6925AM *0043 22Apr13
« on: April 22, 2013, 0117 UTC »
The Crystal Ship 6925 AM 00:40-01:12 4/22/13 SIO 454  sign on with typical IDs. Age of Aquarius, live for today, Itchycoo Park, Eight miles high, off suddenly sounding like xmtr issues.  


Rave on Radio 6925 usb 01:17-01:44  4/21/13 SIO 253.
on with ID into night like this.Brylcreem ad. Tom Waits, the wallflowers, Mr Clean commercial. Zeppelin. Several IDís


Hardtack Radio 6925 usb 23:27- 4/14/13 SIO 454
 Same show as 4/12/13 Pollywolly Doodle all day, When Johnny comes marching home

doing better than a few days ago.
23:50 off

Radio GaGa  6925 usb 22:37- SIO 152 Started off extremely faint. rose out of the noise to barely ID Donovan's intergalactic Laxative by 22:50, tightrope,
Signal continues to improve, Want Ads, Grove Me.

Radio Appalachia  6935 AM 00:11-01:07 4/14/13 SIO 454  big signal playing bluegrass. Hills of Roan county, Here today gone tomorrow, Black Mountain Rag, Mother no longer awaits me at home,Old Rugged Cross. God Bless America Again.   Ads for Jim Walter Homes


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