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Shortwave Broadcast / BSKSA 9555kHz AM 2116 UTC 21 Feb 2018
« on: February 21, 2018, 2118 UTC »
333.  Solid if a little weak and some minor fades.  Weaker but much more intelligible than the broadcast on 9870kHz.

Coming in like gangbusters solid S7 peaking to S8 with very little static.

Fading in and out here.  Thought i was imaging things for awhile.

No, trying to notch out 700kHz and 800kHz in order to deal with the high power BCB stations near my house that are overloading my receiver.  If possible i'd like to target those two frequencies as they bleed through the high pass filter I already have. 

Perhaps I could either 1) make two filters and separate w/coax (which would give the resistance you pointed out), or 2) put a metal shield between the parallel trap and the series trap and connect them with coax (or maybe a 50 ohm resistor if i can brainstorm a way to do that inside the can). 

I had pretty good luck with NDBs using my H-800...but that was with my PCR-1000, not the Afedri (which is sensitive to BCB overload).  Might be worth looking at LF Engineering's dedicated LF antennas, depending on your receiver.

Hi folks.  i'm putting together a notch filter to deal with the two BCB hotties within about 10km of me.  I think i've done the math right and can figure out the necessary components.  Since there are two frequencies I need to notch, i'm going to set up a series tuned trap for one and a parallel tuned trap for the other.  I was thinking i would put these both in my extremely fancy project box (aka mint tin); are there any interactions or pitfalls i need to worry about?  The fine tuning will be done with a shielded tunable inductor (one on each trap) instead of a variable capacitor mainly because i couldn't find a small variable capacitor in the range i needed....


0314Z-Metallica The thing that should not be

S5-6 with the occasional fade.  Sounds great though!

oooooh nice. 

Equipment / Re: Grounding systems
« on: February 08, 2018, 0112 UTC »
Thanks for the Nautel reference.  Looks like i have some options....run the antenna feed all the way around and ground at the electrical box on the other side of the house, ground it at the shack entrance and bond that ground to the electrical main ground with strap, or put a bunch of ground rods in between the shack entrance and the electrical box and use a ground wire. 

Equipment / Grounding systems
« on: January 23, 2018, 1312 UTC »
So this spring might be time for ďoperation permanently mount antennasĒ.  One big part of that will be installing my station ground.  I need to bond the feedpoint ground to the houseís entrance ground which is pretty much on the other side of the house, so Iíll be running a strip of copper (probably copper) flashing around to make that connection., and adding an extra ground rod about halfway where it goes around the corner of the house.

One question Iíve been pondering is how wide of a strip is sufficient given that itís a fairly long run (60-feet or so)?


SDR - Software Defined Radio / Re: New WR-G65DDCe 'Excalibur Sigma'
« on: January 13, 2018, 2154 UTC »
that's an odd gap for VHF isn't it?

Equipment / Loop on ground experiment
« on: January 13, 2018, 1612 UTC »
Finally got off my lazy butt and pulled all the pieces together to try a loop-on-ground antenna.  I've got about 60 feet of insulated solid copper wire haphazardly looped around the backyard and feeding into one of the NooElec 1:9 baluns.  Some RG-59 takes that upstairs to the radio and through the BC filter i've posted about before. 

This is probably not the best time of day to mess around with it...but initial impressions are favorable. On 20 meters there's at least one S unit less background, and the birdies don't appear as bad compared to the H-800. 

Looking forward to this evening and seeing what pops up on 41 meters...if it shows good performance there it might be a keeper, and i'll have to figure out some way to do a more permanent install.  That is one where the local wildlife won't run off with my balun and antenna wire.....

North American Shortwave Pirate / UNID 6940 USB 0222 11 JAN 2018
« on: January 11, 2018, 0224 UTC »
Solid S4 signal into Central MD.   Peaking in the S7 range.
~0221Z:  Ministry Psalm 69
~0223Z:  NOFX We Called It America
  0227:  NIN Heresy
  0228: Nirvana Smells like teen spirit
0237:  station ID, signal fading & couldn't catch.  go figure
~0255 or so...off the air

Thanks for a great show! 

Software / Re: DX ToolBox 5.0.0 Released
« on: January 08, 2018, 0322 UTC »
Really enjoying the integration with SDRDX. 

Peskies / UNID 6933USB 0148Z 08 JAN 2018
« on: January 08, 2018, 0150 UTC »
sounds like old-time music....barely above S5 noise floor

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