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Once again you beat me by moments!  Deleting my duplicative post now....

~0044 UTC: Saw this in the waterfall but thought it was part of the 6950 USB signal
0057 UTC: Coming in stronger (but still <S2) and can make out music (blues?).  Definitely an AM signal but losing the lower side lobe into the 6950 USB transmission.
0101 UTC: faded into QRN

0048Z 02 Aug. S3-S4 but really good audio!
0102Z:  Thanks for the shout out!   Just tuned back in after investigating your neighbor on 6955 AM ;)
0125Z: starting to fade out

beat me to it!  Only S1-S2 here unfortunately.

2323Z:tail end of"Always look on the bright side of life"
2323Z: another monty python song?   'sit on my face and tell me that you love me....'
2325Z: more monty python...i think we have a theme here. 
2328Z: SSTV, followed by WF image of some sort

Weak USB signal, blues followed by SSTV (maybe ML280, caught it late), then more blues.  Fading into QRN at 0229 UTC.
0233 UTC...more SSTV but i've got blobs of QRM crawling across the band now :(

Yeah i just recalibrated against WWV and this seems to be on 6920.05.
0129UTC: still going, high QRN, S2-3
0132UTC: weird digital mode? if it was a waterfall image i couldn't make it out....
0134UTC: Supertramp, Take the long way home
0139UTC: ??? music still going but losing it into the noise

General Radio Discussion / Moskva SOS?
« on: April 14, 2022, 0240 UTC »

General Radio Discussion / SAR based radar interference tracker
« on: March 20, 2022, 2047 UTC »

General Radio Discussion / Re: Russian HF
« on: March 05, 2022, 1711 UTC »
Indeed!  There's a youtube channel that continually monitors UVB-76, and you can sometimes catch the 'weirdos' in action :)

Even on the days when i can pick up the buzzer at my location i haven't been able to catch any of the related fun :(


General Radio Discussion / Russian HF
« on: March 04, 2022, 1450 UTC »
From the Scan-DC mailing list; no idea of how valid these are.

3920.00        USB      Working stations in rear bases or Russia
4029.50        USB      Tactical in-country, jammed with screaming
woman and "Rooster" jammer loops
4090.50        CW      Endless 5L groups in Cyrillic, unknown origin
4128.50        CW      Endless 5L groups in Cyrillic, unknown origin
4220.00        USB      Duplex for mobiles wkg control on 5125 kHz
4380.00        USB      “Basis”  Kaliningrad ATC
4395.00        CW      Endless 5L groups in Cyrillic, unknown origin
4397.00        USB      Tactical artillery coordinates etc, jammed by
4421.00        USB      Unknown air use
4610.00        USB      Tactical artillery coordinates etc
4625.00        USB      S28 - (The Buzzer) - no MONOLITH heard, but
continuous jamming and pirate radio stations being weird. Ukraine
national anthem. Waterfall pictures. Screaming pig jammer.
4649.50        USB      Possible Tank Commanders main active channel,
possible Artillery, bearings/grid numbers in Russian, very busy but
now seems dead
4651.00        CW      Russian Navy Maritime Patrol/ ASW a/c ground control
4913.00        CW      Endless 5L groups in Cyrillic, unknown origin
5050.00        USB      Jamming
5125.00        USB      Suspected Russian mil command channel, mostly
hearing jamming - the pig loop, Ukraine patriotic music, loop of
Russian voice "Go back to Russia."
5130.00        USB      Reported Ukraine MOD use, unverified
5293.00        CW      RMP-Russian Navy Baltic Fleet HQ, broadcast
messages for Baltic Fleet collective REO in Cyrillic, “KARTA,” loud at
5331.00        USB      Russian military comms, Rooster jamming
5784.00        USB      Korsar, Air Force transport control, primary
ground channel
6460.70        CW      RMP, like 5293
6552.00        CW      Russian Navy MPA/ASW air. Duplex w/6752
6752.00        CW      Russian Navy MPA/ ASW ground. Dx w/6552

7050.00        LSB      "40 Meter Radio War," stations jamming each
other, similar activity on 7055 and other frequencies
7933.00        USB      Very active Russian mil in Kyiv area, heavy
pig jammer and similar, now seems dead
8112.00        CW      Russian Air Force - Ground control for bombers
and tankers. A/c on 8990
8131.00        USB      Russian Air Force - Bombers and tankers.
Katolik wkg Balans, Russian Air Force Moscow
8821.00        CW      Russian Navy, "S" marker and aircraft duplex
with ground on 8830
8830.00        CW      Russian Navy ground, aircraft transmit 8821
8990.00        CW      Russian Air Force ground, aircraft transmit 8112
9741.00        ISB      Very busy command channel, Russian military
with coordinates, LSB and USB duplex
10021.00      CW      Russian Navy Maritime Patrol/ ASW a/c ground control
18030.00      USB      Korsar: Russian Military Transport Aviation HQ,

North American Shortwave Pirate / UNID 6946 USB 2336 UTC 24 FEB 2022
« on: February 24, 2022, 2338 UTC »
Tuned in at 2336.  S3, strong audio.  Iron Maiden-Two minutes to midnight
2339 UTC: Iron Maiden-Two minutes to midnight.
2346 UTC: OTA

Shortwave Broadcast / EBC Radio 7110 AM 0407 UTC 29 Jan 2022
« on: January 29, 2022, 0407 UTC »
EBC Radio or Radio Ethiopia.  Noisy signal, S2 but can hear singing and voices. 

North American Shortwave Pirate / WFDR 6935 USB 2255 UTC 16 Jan 2022
« on: January 16, 2022, 2303 UTC »
Broadcasting FDR speeches

2301 UTC:  Station ID as WFDR, broadcasting from Shangri-la :)   OTA

S5 into central MD
0300Z: music
0303Z: must conquer COVID!
0305Z: OTA

0322Z: Vanilla ice for a second...
0323Z: Virus, Deltron 3030
0324Z: shift to 6895U.  Good S4 signal
0328Z:  Fairly local, twenty one pilots.  bouncing between 6985U and 6900U a few times; settles on 6900U
0334Z:  multiple IDs "unknown Maine? Main? radio network" -> "unknown name radio" per discord :)

0407Z: OTA.  Great show.   Hot mike afterwards?

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