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Hearing yes and roundabout at s9. Thank you comrade for rockin show.

Its yoshimi battles the pink robots...flaming lips. I got it just barely on my tecsun 880 plugged into my loop.

Greetings radio comrade! I'm tuning in late. Great to hear a new voice on the sw radio.

How about green grass and high tides by the outlaws?

Assistant Stavin is texting me his request....waiting. he's a very slow texter. Big fingers. Slow brain.

Ok Stavin asked for Hall and Oates, your imagination.
2 pages of posters on hfu for a weeknight is not too shabby my friend! You're doing a great job even drunk.

WDDR = wolverine!? Yeah I had some bets going on that. Lol. Ok im drunk too now. ill admit it. I'm Chairman of the Board Radio too. A good program director must have his side projects!

Still rockin my radio at 3:35! With +30 signal! Wow!

He jumped to 6935 now. Much better comrade. S9 and wide open filter. 6932.4? Ok you guys with your fancy pants radio gear would know better than dickweed with just his measly portable.

Ghost...Just that you're doing a Monday show for us is awesome! I appreciate it. Thank you for weeknight joy.

Lots of fsk interference on 6950 but I have it with a narrow filter.

Yeah I hear a tremendous carrier on top of the music.

Very enjoyable show. The atmospherics tonight are not very good, so there's noise and fading but the signal is still overcoming. Good audio too.

Thanks especially for "fish heads". I love that song!  :)

0307 Hearing "major tom" by peter schilling now but the signal is almost gone. Using ECSS to get it.

North American Shortwave Pirate / Re: UNID 6954.9 AM 0519 7/4/15
« on: July 04, 2015, 0524 UTC »
I have a clear copy of tunes...trying to identify.  Maybe david bowie? Sounded like live recording of a concert. Op just came on and said freq...but didn't get the ID. Sstv now...ok synth voice just gave email twice but again i couldnt make it out. Too many static crashes. Sounds like 80s rock now. "These boots" coming through clear now. Did I just hear a "COOL AM" ID?

Oh no! Now you've got that terrible O'Reilly radio jingle stuck in my head.

QSL for QRM show. Honor system here. Legit listeners only please.

Lol I guess this is some kind of response to RFW? Who's the guy in the picture? I have no idea who that is.

I'm hearing the go gos I think? Good audio and strong here. Thanks for the show!

1:06 big jump in signal up to +20

If I could get an old fashioned snail mail drop that would be even better. I would drop some cash to print up some nice glossy paper cards but somebody's gotta send them. For now please accept my shitty offering. Oh and some day soon we should be releasing this QSL artwork on a tshirt. That is something else I'm being patient with Stavin on.

We did E-QSL for a while but we got behind a little over a year ago and haven't since. We used to do nice personalized QSLs but it got tedious to do a dozen or so after shows...at least for me Mr. A.D.D. So I asked Assistant Stavin to do it. After all, HES THE FRIGGIN ASSISTANT. I produce each show myself in the studio. I spend hours listening and flagging new tunes to share on RFW. Surely just doing the QSLs would be an ok chore for Stavin...but then his computer crashed and then he got incarcerated, and then he had some mini strokes, and then he had biblical leprosy, uh herpes, I mean um...SHINGLES. Yada Yada Yada, one excuse after another. Yeah so he won't do them. I'm tired of disappointing people over the QSL thing so I have an idea. Maybe I can post a generic QSL on here for each show y'all can download. It's a hell of a lot easier to make one than like 10 or more per show.


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