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North American Shortwave Pirate / Re: 6955 AM UNID
« on: Today at 03:48 »
Sternradio IDs by YL computer voice, huge S9+20 signal

Just caught last few min. Excellent signal

CW over music, into a song. Now CW again. fair/good signal in high noise levels

listening on one of the Westminster MD web SDRs until I can get to my own receiver. Excellent signal with pop music, ads getting quickly clipped out, & sirens.

YL computer voice repeating "I am Dr. Remulak" ? (or Remulat?)

Off around 2000 (or will it come back again?)

S9 with Billy Idol "Eyes without a Face." Some Link-11 QRM

Good signal in noise at 0340 with Ventures "Walk, Don't Run"

I tuned in around 0146 & recorded 20 min. The signal was weak in heavy noise & I thought maybe it was an old-time radio show (maybe I heard some Dragnet clips as well?). Then I started wondering if I was hearing a spur or image here because I didn't see any other logs

Excellent with sermon

I tuned in around 0400 and couldn't hear much through the high noise levels. I probably should've started recording but I gave up & went to bed

Theme song & Voice of Sons of Liberty ID into program about suicides during the pandemic. Huge signal

Instrumental jazz with solos, fair sig in heavy static

Excellent signal here, too. Talk about Jan 6 & intermeshing of far-left & communist strategies. A recording of a morning show interview, but not with DJT.

My guess is this is the Voice of the Sons of Liberty. Nope. YL computer voice with ID as "------ in the Morning (?), your one-stop shop for anti-communist talk radio" 1st word maybe "Pygmy"?

Excellent with Aerosmith "Sick as a Dog"

VG signal with a country song

Latin American Pirate / Re: RCW 6925 AM 0118 UTC 02 JUNE 2024
« on: June 02, 2024, 0150 UTC »
Wow, my 1st time hearing RCW. The signal is very weak, but strong enough that the sync detector is locking about 2/3 of the time (strong static crashes seem to be knocking it out of lock & sending the sync detector adrift). Not a lot of audio, but some coming through at times

I didn't hear an ID. Wonder if I heard RCW or Liquid Radio? I'll have to poke around in the recording

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