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Felt like summer today & it sounds like summer tonight. Fair in horrible QRN. Styx "Renegade," Journey "Wheel in the Sky," Def Leppard "Rock of Ages," Loverboy "Turn Me Loose," Foreigner "Head Games," etc. Op talking about HFU & some shoutouts (thanks for the shoutout to me  :) )

Call out for a last song . . . started to type one in but I hear that he's playing a request for Ratt "Round & Round" "Have a good night, everybody. Take care"
Thanks for the show!

Sounds like an old recording of someone talking about modulation and demodulation.  On audio peaks, the transmitter would "pop" and the modulation would quickly drop before swinging back up. Maybe from RF feedback? The op switched to SSB around 0128 or so and the audio is now OK.

Excellent signal with early '70s J. Geils Band songs: "House Party" "Give It to Me," etc. Great to hear JPS again!

VG signal here, starting at 0041. Electronic that's largely instrumental, but spoken & repeating vocals as well (but used more like an instrument than regular vocals)

Excellent signal now fading below very strong pescadores

Twilight Zone theme, Paul McCartney "Band on the Run." No IDs, but based on the TZ theme, I'm guessing that this is Captain Morgan. Just checked the Twente receiver & it's still too early for the signal to reach Europe. A whole bunch of computer-voiced IDs at 2325, then off

North American Shortwave Pirate / Re: UNID 6230 AM 2048 UTC 4/1/17
« on: April 01, 2017, 2107 UTC »
Excellent signal here, wonder if this is Radio Cinco?

North American Shortwave Pirate / Re: XEROX? 6929 AM 1437 - 4/1/17
« on: April 01, 2017, 1448 UTC »
Just tuned in. Excellent signal with reggae

Cupid Radio (ID per op) starting to fade in here, with a YL vocal pop song. I've got some local noise on the freq, but others should be able to hear it well

Weak, funk with sax. ID per station, who said it was a James Brown song. Thanks for the QSL & the info!

Just an update that the weekend has started. Congratulations to Captain Morgan for being reported in New Zealand last night!

I've also heard from listeners in India who have asked for more scheduled broadcasts. If any stations want to try for India (and to reach others), you could either post test schedules in the Broadcast Announcements page on HFU or e-mail the schedule to me and I'll post it on the weekend test page on my blog with no station name.

Carrier, but didn't hear any audio. Too bad; it's been a while

CW, then part of Wall of Voodoo "Mexican Radio" then ZZ Top "Nationwide" Excellent signal

Nice signal, but terrible local QRM. I'm guessing that this is the same station that I heard IDs as "Radio Cinco" last evening.

Tuned in to a Billy Joel song, then a Steve Mann editorial from Radio Eclipse and Louis Armstrong "What a Wonderful World." If I remember correctly, Voice of the Long Run was a Radio Eclipse parody about 20 years ago. Nice signal

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