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Fantastic signal! After SSTV, op said "We don't want to stop there, do we?" I think that's the first time I've heard any talk that wasn't one of the simple IDs from the op on a Wolverine (not WDDR) show. <later> Guess I spoke too soon; that talk was part of the following WDDR show. Still a fantastic signal & audio!

Pretty good carrier, but faint audio here

by 2222, the audio's much louder

Good here, but there's a bit of a het on the frequency. No IDs yet, but I'm hearing light guitar jazz

Het disappeared at 2305 & it's sounding pretty good now. Just waiting to hear an ID or some other talk

VG signal here

NIce signal with Zager & Evans "In the Year 2525"
Honda ad, said 1988 car of the year, so I guess the aircheck was from either '88 or '89
Back on at 1802

Carrier only, then faded up to a decent signal for the closing credits of an OTR show. Gone when came back at 1420

SSTV at 1421. Bruce Cockburn "If I Had a Rocket Launcher." Off after VOA signoff announcement & "Yankee Doodle"

Pretty good sig. Into SSTV at 1333

Many clear Deez Nuts Radio computer-voiced IDs. Metallica, Minstry "Stigmata," etc.

VG signal here

Nice signal. I've only gotten an SSTV signal so far

Sounded like a talk show being relayed. Some local computer noise on freq. Heard for about a min or two, then gone

1907: same station back on the air with '70s pop-rock (maybe Steely Dan?). Clear IDs at 1955. Thanks for the show!

Crooked Man relay starting at 2011

Both of those AC/DC songs here, too. VG signal

Fair sig. Said warming up for the Super Bowl, mentioned that it's in Minneapolis & the teams playing

Pretty good signal here since around 1650. A lot of oldies. A few min ago, playing a show that seems to be aired on a few licensed SW stations. Thanks for the show!

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