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Just caught the last min. or so. Heard the announcer mention that he was going to check HFU for reports. Also heard the IDs & that he was using "low power, 25 watts." Very good signal here, but the audio was overmodulated. I thought the ID sounded like KATH, but I might be wrong because of the overmod. Also, I wasn't able to get it recorded.

Thanks for the show!

QSLs Received / Re: Unique Physical Items Received as a QSL
« on: June 03, 2015, 0215 UTC »
One difference for me is that I have a plaster fish from Radio Repulso. I also have a rubber chicken from CSIC. I think those are my only physical item QSLs, in addition to the others that you mentioned.

Nice signal with YL computer ID, "broadcasting from jfarley's mother's basement." I believe this is Twangy Radio
Thanks for the show!

Checked out HFU logs, tuned in, & am hearing Stones "Let's Spend the Night Together" at 2345, with a fair signal. Haven't heard WAZU ID yet, but I'm assuming it is. If so, it's my 1st time hearing the station outside of 43m & my 1st time hearing a North American pirate on 31m in a long time.
Thanks for the show!

SSTV, then loons & "Freedom from the Great Lakes" ID. Excellent signal

Decent signal here with "10-Inch Record" clear IDs with gmail address. Haven't heard this station in close to 20 years
Thanks for the show!

Good signal here. I think I heard about 20 seconds & it was gone

I missed BBR, but I've been hearing an S9 carrier on 6924. Still on at 0353

Very nice signal here. Audio sounds slightly distorted. Clear IDs with e-mail address.
Thanks for the show!

Heard here, too, with a good signal. It was the Swedish Rhapsody station & it sounded like the Conet Project recording of the station

North American Shortwave Pirate / unid: 6930, 5/11, 0125+
« on: May 11, 2015, 0130 UTC »
Not much of a chance to sit on the bands right now, but while tuning around for RFW a few min ago, I could hear a carrier on 6930. Thought I'd mention it in case someone else could hear it better than I can.

poor but audible here. I doublechecked what I was hearing against Twente & it was definitely Spaceshuttle. A few bits of music here and there were clear. BTW, the signal was very good, but a bit distorted via Twente
Thanks for the show!

Great signal & enjoying the show.

Nope. It's a brand-new show

I was trying to listen to it, too, but I had about 3 signals (pescadors + pirate) at the same time. Oh, and static crashes. 6925 was really messy.

Wonder who it was?

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