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VG signal, ID at about 0255. It's been a long time since I've heard pop music on CMSW

Solid S9+10 with really nice audio (as always) playing light pop

Fair/good with an instrumental song that sounds like a xylophone & nature (?) sounds (that kinda sound like screams)

fair signal. At about 2354, YL computer voice ID alternating with numbers station tones . . . and ID gradually slowing down

Imitating Link-11 with "Bork Bork Bork Bork Bork Bork Boooork, Bork Bork Bork Bork Bork Bork Boooork, etc."

SSTV images

Noisy tonight with tons of static crashes

VG signal with a Tucker Carlson interview--I think the interviewee might be from South America & they're talking about communism

Just saw the logging & tuned in via the W3HFU 900' Sky Loop online receiver. VG signal. Once again, I tuned in during the theme song about a minute before QRT (at 1544)

Tuned in late to a lot of odd and repeating sounds. VG signal, but sounds "distant"

0123 A number of clear Sycko Radio IDs at varying speed. QRT at about 0138

Excellent signal. Just tuned in to theme music, so I guess it's about to sign off

. . . and it did sign off about a minute or so after I tuned in. Carrier cut immediately after last musical note

Signals are a bit better than usual here for B Side, but lotsa t-storm crashes tonight

Listening for the past 40+ minutes. Lots of instrumental jazz & some talk. Haven't really been able to copy much of the announcer because of the crashes.

Just tuned in to jazz. Excellent signal. I assume this is still 77LJS, but I'm still on the 1st song

Tuned in to YL computer voice saying "Radio Nowhere Man" and into Beatles "Nowhere Man" with the vocals stripped out. Another ID at 0243. Very different sound from the Radio Nowhere shows that I've heard, which rarely ID and are in AM mode

VG signal on the W3HFU receiver with the 500' NE beverage (tried the 900' horizontal loop 1st, but the signal was fair/poor). A Tucker Carlson interview talking with someone about RHINOs & uninformed Republicans. I think this was a rep from Texas. He was later talking about dangerous areas around Houston & Austin. Into a program about Alejandro Mayorkas & a speech against him.

ID by YL computer voice @1759 & into regular theme music. QRT @1703.

Wonder if VoSoL's gonna start popping up on other SWBC bands, too?

VG signal with static crashes. Playing EDM

Excellent signal & audio. Not sure which show this is, but two announcers talking about illegal immigration, how this is depleting social services, Venezuela is releasing prisoners to cross the border, etc. At 1918 UTC, into different show about squatting and a legislator who's trying to extend the amount of time that someone can squat before taking over a property (I think in New York)

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