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VG signal

Listened to it via one of the Westminster, MD, receivers. Good signal with lots of talk of current US politics & clear IDs. I think JL said he's definitely planning to vote for Trump in '24 . . . or maybe not 

I was listening to it on the Westminster, MD, SDR with the 500' NE Beverage. Audio started to come through around 1615 & was getting copyable around 1630. I drove home to hear it on my own receiver. Around 1650, I'm not hearing it. Too much local noise here right now, possibly from the neighbors' solar arrays. It is still audible on the Westminster SDR with the horizontal loop

"We're having some problems here, so I'm just going to play another song." Mic seems to be cutting out. Excellent signal

Great signal & audio. Clear IDs at the end

Good signal in static crashes with Friendly Freddie's Budget Burial ad, old Battle Creek address with FCC & "broadcasting from a bowling alley somewhere off the coast of North America." I think it was 40 years ago this year that I heard those segments on VOL. 

Huge signal with "Sweet Home Chicago" & Billy Joel "Allentown." Clear ID with barking dogs

Audio from The Rutles parody movie. VG signal despite static crashes

Came here to try to ID who's buried under massive S9+ t-storm crashes

Tuned in a couple of min ago & sounding really good

Excellent signal with "George of the Jungle" theme

Not audible on the R8, but pretty good on the R-390A.

I was listening for YHWH (and could hear it a bit), but reception was ruined by SSB QRM, so I tuned back to 43m and immediately heard this station playing the YHWH theme song "Days of Hard Life." I recorded it for the next hour. Guess I should try to decode the SSTV images. VG signal

Excellent signal. Said 2,000 watts "all free all the time"

Tuned in a few min ago. VG signal

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