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Pretty good carrier, but not yet hearing any audio

Good signal. What I thought sounded like "old movie music" was apparently "Fly Me to the Moon," according to everyone else's logs  :)

Just tuned in to some electric blues. Pretty good signal with some static crashes. Congrats on all of the successful broadcasting!

Country music with a fair/good signal

I had it for just a few seconds. I'll check to see if it came back on

Fair with EDM

Heard a couple of IDs, but I think I would've had to've listened to them a few times to get it right (hopefully). Instead, I saw Harry's & Skipmuck's IDs & I knew what to listen for :)

Fair signal with a lot of blues with harmonica solos. I believe he said his dog wouldn't pee this morning. A couple of SSTV images, incl. what I think is a flaming outhouse & the "At least I have chicken" one that Skipmuck posted

I had the carrier, but the UTE killed anything else

Heard "Eye of the Tiger" around 0121 UTC. Sounds like the vocals are a bit sped up

Really nice signal with The Playmates "Beep Beep" into Friday night ID with bowling alley sfx

Really nice signal w/clear IDs from Dick

Pretty decent strength, but a loud static crashes

Hearing some talking at 2331, but static crashes are loud tonight

Tuned in while dead carrier was on. Into WEHM relay with music, ads, & clear IDs

I also heard it yesterday in the afternoon when VOH wouldn't propagate here. At the time, I assumed it was the station that's been on 6970 at times with Fox radio programming. I rarely hear it with more than about 20% copyable audio. From what I could tell, it sounded like that station.

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