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Wow! Nice job getting out with such low power!

Sounds like Outhouse. Did he just say 4 watts?

Station pretty deep in noise with electronic music

Good signal with Depeche Mode, Redhat talking about death of Andy Fletcher of Depeche Mode & that life is finite and that it goes by fast, shoutouts, etc.

Xray Spex "World Turned Dayglo," Stiff Little Fingers "Suspect Device," Peter & the Test Tube Babies "Banned from the Pubs," Sham 69 "Borstal Breakout," The Only Ones "Another Girl, Another Planet," Discharge "Protest & Survive," UK Subs "Teenage," Carpettes "Radio Wunderbar," and other old punk songs

Reminds me of listening to WEAK Radio about 12 years ago

VG signal with a couple of modern punkish songs. No announcements yet

Peter Gabriel "Games without Frontiers," a number of IDs, Falco "Der Kommissar" (English version),

Playing "around the world" on the SDRs: In addition to the excellent signal that I'm getting on my own receiver, I'm hearing it via online SDRs in Netherlands (VG), Hawaii, Trinidad, Netherlands Antilles, Brazil, Canary Islands (excellent),  Portugal, Spain, France, Sardinia (exc), Italy, Switzerland (exc), Iceland, Denmark, Poland, Ireland (exc), Scotland (VG), Germany (exc), Austria, New Zealand . . . still to early for Australia, Japan, & Alaska

Sounds & music with short phrases from a slowed-down voice: "Everything is a lie" "Do not trust anyone" "the signal is coming down from the sky" "You can't stop it" "Where do you go from here" etc.

Excellent signal

Voice ID at 0310, "What you just heard was the ramblings of a madman . . . a strange character . . . warning of the  coming dangers . . . keep your tube radios, folks . . .  "

"I guess we're not doing too bad for 20 watts of radio madness . . . especially considering the time"

Am hearing jazzy instrumental piano music. Audio sounds low

VG with jazz. One song sounded kind of like a jazz/ska fusion. Lots of '60s-style organ

Pretty good carrier, but not yet hearing any audio

Good signal. What I thought sounded like "old movie music" was apparently "Fly Me to the Moon," according to everyone else's logs  :)

Just tuned in to some electric blues. Pretty good signal with some static crashes. Congrats on all of the successful broadcasting!

Country music with a fair/good signal

I had it for just a few seconds. I'll check to see if it came back on

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