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VG signal with static crashes. Playing EDM

Excellent signal & audio. Not sure which show this is, but two announcers talking about illegal immigration, how this is depleting social services, Venezuela is releasing prisoners to cross the border, etc. At 1918 UTC, into different show about squatting and a legislator who's trying to extend the amount of time that someone can squat before taking over a property (I think in New York)

Excellent signal with Deep Purple "Highway Star" & more. Clear IDs + computer-voice talk IDing songs

"The request lines are open. I will wait." OK, how about The Kinks "Last of the Steam-Powered Trains"?

Utility / Re: UNID 6930 USB 2354 APRIL 8 2024
« on: April 09, 2024, 0023 UTC »
Slow poppy song. Pretty decent signal

Good signal but distorted with Pink Floyd

Rainbrandy: The voice at end was from the album saying "There is no dark side of the moon; matter of fact, it's all dark"

<later>Looked it up & found that this phrase was spoken by the doorman of Abbey Road Studios, Jerry O'Driscoll

Excellent signal with EDM. Nice to hear Boombox again

Perfect signal with one program about Hunter selling the Biden brand & into one of a series of programs about Volodymyr Zelenskyy

Excellent signal with opera-ish male vocals

VG signal with a wide variety of music & some SSTV. Het from Indy R on 6935

VG signal, tuned in to shoutouts to Shadypro & Ray. Into light music

Excellent signal with indy rock

VG/excellent signal with a flute solo

Out of tune (or at least music not using Western tuning) music at tune in around 2149. VG signal

VG signal with ID & metal. Short, fast fades

VG signal with some static crashes. Not sure about the song at 0300 with YL singer, dead air, then Musical Soundtrack Radio IDs & e-mail address. James Bond = good choice. Thought program might be over, but into Duran Duran "A View to a Kill"

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