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Excellent signal with RHCP songs. Some RF feedback or something on the mic that I could hear and that Zeke was talking about. Goat Herder R IDs

Excellent signal. "Hello, this is ----, and welcome to Clever Name Radio"

Excellent signal with Rush "Spirit of Radio"

Big signal with Motley Crue "Girls Girls Girls" Billy Idol "Rebel Yell"

CNR is clearly audible on the Twente (Netherlands) SDR, so European DXers should give this a shot

Good signal with instrumental jazz. YL computer voice repeated ID about 4X . . . sounded like "Die Man Radio" ?

OK, the IDs at 2124 definitely sounded like "Sky Man Radio"

fair with blues rock at 2014

Excellent signal with Frank Sinatra "Night & Day"

Huge signal with hip hop

VG signal with what sounds like a couple of '80s metal songs

Excellent signal & heard some repeating new world order clips

Excellent signal. I was even able to tune it in with a good signal on a Heath GR-81 2-tube regenerative receiver.

DJ said it's really cold in the valley today. Said hasn't been on the air because he's been really reclusive for the past two years. Into a song by the Flaming Groovies. Excellent signal

Dead carrier here, but I assume it's a pirate

If the station pulls the plug without airing anything, this post can be deleted

Good signal, but QRM with hard rock. Tried to tune it in on a Heath GR-81, but couldn't

Decent carrier, no audio present

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