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Good-fair, but sounding kind of "long-distancey" with music that sounds kind of like a rock opera with organ at 0210

Trying, but not hearing as of yet

fair signal with techno. Music reminds me of Liquid Radio

fair good in some sort of local noise. Nazareth "Hair of the Dog" at 0211

Weak/poor signal, just caught part of the last song before QRT. Great to hear Channel Z again!

'80s hair metal, clear YL computer-voice IDs, circus music, & calliope music. Motley Crue "Looks That Kill" right now. Good signal

excellent signal with wide variety of music, including a pop-punk song (I guess this was NOFX), Dusty Springfield "Son of a Preacher Man," & now one by Louis Armstrong

"Hitchin' a Ride" into "Walk of Life" S9+10 peaks

Fair signal. YL talking with what sounds like a recording warble, which makes it hard for me to understand. Now into some martial-sounding music. If I was tuning through the SWBC bands, I'd've guessed this was Radio Pyongyang.

ID at 1354 as "Squatter Town Radio" ?

Into what sounds like a BBC report with talk about Loving Awareness (Radio Caroline)

Now playing the Radio Nordsea International audio from when their ship (Mebo II) was sabotaged and they were calling SOS

Rush "Spirit of Radio"

Excellent signal with some static crashes. OTR show, talking about the will right now

Roma Wine ad. Orson Wells in Suspense. Reanimating William Donovan's brain "The brain will live!"

Funny that he and the brain evidently communicated by wiggling a BFO over an open carrier

Orson mentioned war bonds for a strong post-war America. CBS ID, the Cloudsplitter IDs before QRT

Tuned in during an SSTV image, then into an instrumental blues song. Excellent signal

Fair/good signal with instrumental EDM. The original WONS only broadcast during snowstorms about 45 or so years ago. Someone knows their pirate radio history

Excellent signal with "Windy"

excellent signal with instrumental music

Excellent with a Frank Zappa song at tune in

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