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VG signal with Foghat "Slow Ride" & Kansas "Carry on My Wayward Son"

I was recording it here, too. Carrier strong enough that the synch detector could lock on the signal + some audio present

BTW, thanks to this post, I caught the last few songs & the transmitter get cut via one of Chris's SDRs. I think it was the horizontal loop. VG signal there. Also, glad to see MP's taking his part in the Buddy Rich cover band seriously

Excellent signal with stoner rock. Final comments from Zeeky at 0003

If you're gonna go a bit longer, would you mind playing Fresh Blueberry Pancake "Clown on a Rope" ? Super rare record from 1970

Decent signal with Bram

Big signal on 6880U with YL dance pop song

Excellent signal

General Radio Discussion / Re: HB Radio #3 on 5130 1/19 EST
« on: January 19, 2023, 1149 UTC »
It should be on in the 3rd Thursday of February

General Radio Discussion / Re: HB Radio #3 on 5130 1/19 EST
« on: January 19, 2023, 0359 UTC »
My apologies, but WeTransfer failed when I sent the show in. I just sent it again, but I heard back that they're going to re-air last month's episode tomorrow instead

General Radio Discussion / HB Radio #3 on 5130 1/19 EST
« on: January 18, 2023, 2225 UTC »
Just wanted to let you know that HB Radio #3 is on the air tomorrow night on the 5130 kHz transmitter of WBCQ at January 19 at 11 PM EST/10 Central (UTC 0400 1/20). The interview is with someone you might know, Chris Smolinski. I'd never talked to Chris before, so I had a bunch of questions written down so that I could better articulate everything on air. It was like calling up a long lost friend & we talked for 3.5 hours. I essentially tossed out the questions & just winged it. I then tried to assemble a couple of big chunks that I thought shortwave & pirate DXers would be especially interested in hearing from the interview into something that would fit into the time slot. It was kind of like piecing the continents together to form Pangea, except that I was forced to discard more than half of the continents.

If you don't typically stay up 'til 0500 or are out of the signal range of WBCQ, it's possible that it could be relayed by other outlets at a later date. Also, I can send out some MP3 copies. I still am planning to post on YouTube and/or Rumble, but I thought I'd post a grouping of shows

Thanks for your interest, patience, and/or support and hope you like the show!

VG/excellent signal with flute solo jazz

VG signal with a YL pop song

Excellent signal with FDR speech. Audio cut out mid-sentence, but carrier stayed on for a min or two before the plug was pulled. I didn't hear any IDs

Fair signal in higher-than-normal local QRN

Excellent signal with a Kraftwerk song

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