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Utility / Re: UNID 6930 USB 2250 11 March 2024
« on: March 12, 2024, 0001 UTC »
Interesting. Very weak here

Excellent sig with psych song with YL singer, computer-voice announcement w/e-mail address, and into an early kind of rockabillyish song (probably called "hillbilly" back in the day)

Decent signal on 6920 at 0520 UTC with a good bit of talk (presumably from Jack). I'm tired . . . hitting record & checking everything tomorrow  :) Is this a relay or actually from WMR?

Excellent with songs with a "help" theme by Beach Boys, Rolling Stones, & Joe Cocker

VG signal with rock and a clip about America being the greatest country. Been about a decade since I've heard Liquid

Excellent steady signal with what I guess would be considered darkwave

VG signal on R8 & recording there. Currently listening on Sony 2010 & switching between this & VoSons of Liberty. Sig poor/fair on just the whip of my 2010. I haven't heard any songs that I know yet, but a YL is belting out a song right now

Excellent signal with the interviewee talking about Capitol Police & FBI on 1/6/20. Recorded an hour on the R8 & now switching back'n'forth between this & Musical Soundtrack Radio on the Sony 2010

VG/excellent signal with alternative pop. One sounded like it might've been from a Japanese synth band. Much weaker but still copyable on the Sony 2010 and PL880 with just the whip antennas. Heard a couple of clear IDs and Charlie giving out the e-mail address via the 2010. Nice to hear PRB again!

Excellent signal. It's the year 2052 and the police force has been reduced from three cars to one, but this one found the narrator

Hearing a song in really heavy local noise

Fair signal. Reading listener letters, a few clear WMR IDs, into a song.

Excellent signal with Green Day song. Said playing '90s alternative rock tonight

Excellent signal. A Tucker Carlson interview about J6, then music-box interval, IDs, into a Tucker Carlson monologue

VG signal. Radio Gemeni CD offer via Merlin ON address, OM DJ into Lee Dorsey song. Nice to hear with a better signal than I could ever hear across the pond

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