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North American Shortwave Pirate / UNID 6950 AM 2135 utc Feb 18
« on: February 18, 2016, 2136 UTC »
2135  Music, good signal, S3-5
2141 Same unusual piece, strength has increased, S6-7
(Fixed date, sorry)
2158 Going out on a limb here, might be a different piece playing.
2204 Good solid S9 now. Wish I could tell you what was playing. Out of my depth.
2207  Morse id ( missed it) and off.

0013  SnowBall Radio ID
0015  Hippopotamus song  Decent signal S5+
0016  ID  Snow Ball Radio.. email snowballradio@gmail.com (lots of pest LSB QRM)

0033 Booming now, S9, no shortage of ID's and greetings.
0036  Slight drift in the freq.
0039  Looks like it's off now.

Nice show, thanks!

European Pirates and Private Stations / 2219 UTC 6930 AM Nov14 UNID
« on: November 14, 2014, 2220 UTC »
2219  Willie Nelson  On the Road Again
2220  Another well known CW tune ( not an expert on titles someone else can fill in the artist)
S6-7  slight fade
2224  Might be Patsy Cline, (must be a classics CW program)
2236  Back to back tunes, no ID heard yet.
2255  Lots of LSB pest interference
2301  Off.  Never heard an ID

My receive antennas tell me this is S West of me. Probably not Eu

Other / 6933 LSB 0046 UTC Oct 9
« on: October 09, 2014, 0047 UTC »
0046 I'll be there... music, LSB, could be a pest playing music, LSB QRM. Music quite clear  S4
0049 This could be the pests out-pesting each other, I suppose.

North American Shortwave Pirate / XLR8 6925 USB Oct 8 0053 UTC
« on: October 08, 2014, 0054 UTC »
0053  Don't know what this is.. S4, weakish, LSB QRM..music coming through better than anncr.
0100  Music end for end.
(will go with JFarley's ID..I sure didn't catch it.)

North American Shortwave Pirate / 6924.4 AM 2350 UTC Jul 8 RFW
« on: July 08, 2014, 2352 UTC »
2352  Stefan and Dick Weed discussing Jackie Gleason
2353  ID  RFW, RPM   decent signal, S9 a little fading
0002  ID  More 'elevator music'
( there is a class 2 (?) radio flare event being reported on Ionoprobe)
0006  Jackie Gleason  orchestra. Dick Weed RFW ID
0013  RPM mood music still going. Very mellow.. reminds me of watching curling , for some reason.
0019  Record bag vs record stack !  Al Goodman & orchestra

Thanks Dick and Stefan.. always enjoy the show !

0048  Version of Night Train
0058 Sign off, email address DickweedDJ@gmail.com

0111 Modulation suddenly came up.. can hear it better on USB.."Summertime"  S5. Missed an ID but heard "something radio"
( Thanks  Chris)
0119  This seems to be an under modulated signal. I can hear the modulation but it's distorted. Reasonable strength so sounds like transmitter needs some TLC. Easier to make some sense on SSB, but it's still hard sledding.

North American Shortwave Pirate / RFW 6950 USB 0039 June 15
« on: June 15, 2014, 0039 UTC »
0038 Signing on RFW Dick Weed
0041  S5-6   I am getting this better on USB, but looks like an AM signal  
0043  ID RFW
0051 Pseudo disco ?  OOOOH KAY...
0055.. I often find RFW signal is worth getting the R390 warmed up for some improved fidelity, but not happening this evening.. noise is bad. The DSP tools on the IC7700 doing a great job though.
0126  Off

Thanks for the show and fun listening !

0005  Music, S4-5, rapid fading
0020 Can't say ths very clear in Halifax, struggling with intelligibility.

0021   AM here, with QRM , maybe from a pesty.
0028   Music.. but not really clear.
0030  Must be off, but never really heard enough for an ID

0141  Dick Weed ( and friend, Stephen), monologue ( dualogue ?) with Easter greetings RFW, Good signal, clear.

Thanks guys.. I will remove the question mark !

0144 RFW anthem.. very good  ( really enjoy your show !)
0147  QSL commentary.. excuses.. yeah, excuses.
0150 Lack of pirates comment !
0152 Music show started
HiFi USB signal.. per RFW standards.
0245 Email addr.. great show guys, thanks  ( Rerun.. but I missed it first time around)
0248 Shoutouts... audio is great guys. Hi fi (ve)
0257  Off... always a fun listen.

0100 Popped on with some smooth jazz.  S5, peskie interference

(a bit clearer in USB, can cut the LSB QRM down a little)
0106 Flip Flop Fly.. sounds like DownChild Blues Band
Lots of blues.. end for end. Good show

Other / unid cw 6912 2215 April 18
« on: April 18, 2014, 2219 UTC »
2215  CW groups of letters, off at 2216. Not a broadcast pirate but probably something covert.

2130.. just coming clear now. Been hearing music for 10 minutes with male DJ voice over. S4, noisy. Sounds a bit like Premier Radio International.
2152 S7 now, music clearer, still no ID, noisy
2205 Dropped back to S4-5, very noisy. Still haven't got an ID. Music techno/dance sort of thing.

North American Shortwave Pirate / 0039 UTC Mar 23 6910 AM UNID
« on: March 23, 2014, 0031 UTC »
0030 Can hear   music here under utility, just pulling it out with NE DADFA. S5
0036  Off ?
Kind of sounded like Radio Premier International format, but did not pull out an ID

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