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Signal audible but I didn't hear ID. About a 3/3 signal, a lot of fading tonight. Still listening and it's still on, I hear what sounds like flute music, great to hear activity tonight out here.

You got "Heart of the City" by Nick Lowe? God bless yer, D. D.J.!

[edit... Audio is good enough to jam along with, pulling out the ole' Strat...]

Signal has improved into AZ, there are occasional static crashes but in general S9 up to now. Fantastic audio! I'm playing this loudly as the AZ sky is fading, and my neighbors walk their dogs down the street. I really need to hook this up to the stereo...

Strange propagation tonight. Some kind of pipelines going on, there's certainly one here.

Thank you DDJ! Still grooving, still listening!

General Radio Discussion / Re: Brother Stair Dies
« on: April 18, 2021, 0051 UTC »
Some great comments above, particularly the idea about pirates renting the empty space.

However, before the topic of B. Stair dies away, I would like to sincerely thank whoever it was that made the so-called "Brother Stair Numbers Station."

That was really a riot, a classic, a million good things you could say about it. It needs to be better known or re-appear.

S7 signal here out West, excellent audio quality (of course), through lame-a$$ed MFJ loop around my window. 00:26z -- Factory Girl by the Stones. Once again, Wolverine Radio provides the themed theme music for our weekend, this week the girls of now and forever.  Now "Cinnamon Girl".  Thank you Wolverine, this set is brilliant!

[Edit: going up to S8-9 as the sun goes down, a good feeling for the listener to have]

Good signal here at about 0100, really brings back memories, I have a QSL from the old Radio Airplane from sometime in the 90's. The Wellsville drop box!

10 meters opened up this afternoon, made a lot of South American contacts. 15m was good too. Hopefully tomorrow will bring more of this activity.

Amateur Radio / Re: RUSSIAN DX CONTEST - 2021, Weekend of 3/21.
« on: March 22, 2021, 2326 UTC »
It was pretty much a bust out here, sadly. The conditions/propagation just weren't up to it. I heard Lithuania and Serbia, barely, but they couldn't hear me.

Anyone do any better?

As pinto said, 15 was pretty good both days, some kind of pipeline to South America was happening here. I wonder what it was like on the East Coast.

Stumbled on the mighty Wolverine while scanning the bands. Not quite S3 here. Thanks very much for the broadcast!

Totally epic marathon broadcast, RedHat. Thank you so much. Been doing other stuff but when I catch you on the air I'll keep it on till the end. Thanks for doing your part to keep us sane out here.

What I love about X-FM  is that the operator genuinely has no snobbery about music categories, he just plays whatever moves him, whatever he likes. This is maybe _the_ theme of pirate broadcasting, back to the Radio Caroline days, it's true of most operators, come to think of it. Even when the music style isn't my usual thing I learn something, and there's always a good idea in there.  Sometimes there are themes from music over the years, which is pretty much a pirates-only thing.  I'm more a rocker too and listen to very little current stuff, but I'm hearing good songs tonight. Cheers to XFM for this incredible signal and for flying the freak flag, high, as Jimi Hendrix used to say.

edit: signal into Baja Arizona has only improved over the last hour

I'm late to the party! Lots of fading here but totally copyable on primitive passive loop of wire around my window. Thank you once again, RedHat!

Coming in consistently strong down here, playing some of the finest music ever anywhere on the bands. What a way to bring in the year.

Some fading here and there but my vertical on the truck doesn't flinch, every guitar lick and harmonica riff coming in loud and clear. You can hear the late 50's tube amps pummeling both.

The stations vibe is blues but also rock n roll, call it "Jimmy-Reed-ish", very rare to hear a station specialize in that. Imagine it feels like the 60's rock guys listening to Radio Caroline and friends, literal pirate ships. Thank you so much, Outhouse Radio, this material is deep enough to educate even serious blues fanatics.

Killer strong signal into southern AZ, great audio, great blues music -- the real deal. Thank you and Happy New Year to whoever is broadcasting this!

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