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Huh? / Proof the world has gone to Hell.....
« on: September 15, 2015, 2138 UTC »
Yesterday I was sitting in the doctors office reading Outdoor Life.

Immediately I go to the back of the magazine to read the always spine tingling tales of daring-do in "It Happened To Me." my favorite feature. Or should I say my former favorite feature for this one was a foul one.

It starts innocently enough, with a man taking his two "t'ween" daughters squirrel hunting, but soon degrades into such a tale of base cowardice that right thinking men such as Al Fansome will be mortified.

The father hearing snarling, turns to see what it is. A great bear perhaps? No. A prowling puma? Not a chance. A rabid rabbit? Nooooo! It was a coyote. About the size of your Aunt Milly's full sized Pomeranian. What does our hero do? The natural thing, chuck a rock at it and tell it to "git"? Nope, not this boy. He pops off the only round in his old single shot .22 rifle the coyote's way. He missed. From 20 yards. The coyote scampers off a little ways and works it's way back. Our hero once again hears the snarling coyote (no doubt drawn in by the scent of the ham sandwich in our hero's pocket.) and "charges". Our hero grabs one of the girl's shotguns manages to hit the charging coyote and it drops dead at his feet. Wowsers!

Several questions; Has anyone ever heard of a "charging" coyote? My guess is someone has. I've seen rabid raccoons do it. Is their anyone on this board who didn't take "Rocks and Canines:101" , voluntarily or otherwise, by the age of five? I didn't think so. What kind of knothead fires his only round off-hand at an animal he felt was menacing and misses? Why would same knothead then turn his back on said threat?

Finally, why would said individual write into a national Huntin', Fishin' and Shootin' magazine telling such a tale with his name and hometown out there for the world to see? Has the man no shame?

And the doc wonders why I have high blood pressure?

Huh? / Is Al back from Burning Man?
« on: September 09, 2015, 0206 UTC »
If so, how bad did the hippies scorch him this year?

General Radio Discussion / Al, did you forget something?
« on: September 06, 2015, 1237 UTC »
Not a peep out of you about the death of Oliver Sacks a week ago. And you call yourself a scientist.

You're lucky Atrain is in college. I wouldn't hesitate to lead a drive to put him in your spot as official HF Underground obit writer under normal circumstances.

I spoke with your Mom last night. Expect a stern lecture and no fancy cheese in your lunchbox for the next month.

Huh? / High School Football starts tonight......
« on: August 28, 2015, 1813 UTC »
Nothing like stuffing yourself on cheap chili-dogs and Frito pies at the home opener.

I'll be hanging out on the fence by the locker room signing autographs and regaling the fans about the time we made the state playoffs. (We wuz robbed.)

They used to call me the "Flying Pig". 260 pounds and could run a 4.6 40. I did my own blocking and returned kicks to boot. People still squeal when I stroll the sidelines.

Darryl Royal went to his grave wishing he would have recruited me to put me on the other side of the 'bone opposite Earl Campbell.

Huh? / I spent the evening watching "Walker: Texas Ranger"
« on: August 27, 2015, 0332 UTC »
I never watched when it was in it's original run. It's possibly the most surreal television comedy I've seen since "Green Acres" and "The Adventures of Pete and Pete".

Is their anything Chuck Norris can't do?

Huh? / Python hunting to be legal in the Everglades.....
« on: August 26, 2015, 1828 UTC »
What's the standard load, Al? I was thinking home-loaded sixteen gauge buck and ball with a medium choke. Of course, napalm would be the ticket in the dry season. We could strap a few barrels to the wings of your old Cessna. A few top of the wing mounted Ruger Mini-14's should allow us to do low level strafing runs to take care of the survivors.

We could put Nella out on the struts to light the barrels just before we drop them. Letting her do the exciting part should make her feel more like one of the gang. I'm sensing she's feeling a little left out.

Huh? / Al, you're a scientist. What do you know about volcanism?
« on: August 19, 2015, 1047 UTC »
I have a young friend who is concerned about the Yellowstone caldera. He says it's "overdue". I told him A) There is no standard gestation period for these things; and B) he had more pressing things to worry about, like a proper haircut. Alas, my soothing words didn't calm him.

What advice have you for the young fellow?

Fairly steady audible signal on this one tonight. Music and OM announcer.

It should be an easy catch for you folks near the Atlantic coast. It's the best I've heard it in a couple of years.

I think they run a mighty 500 watts these days?

Huh? / Is Al back from Deaf-Con?
« on: August 10, 2015, 1613 UTC »
I understand his amplified funnels stole the show.

Huh? / Al, I'm proud of you.
« on: August 06, 2015, 2102 UTC »
You tore that round-earther a new one on Art Bell's show last night. Kudos!

Playing blues and classic rock. I thought I heard an OM in the breaks between songs but who knows?

There used to be a lot of this type of stuff in that region w/ the AM guys screwing around late at night. It's been ages since I've run across someone playing around there. No one is bothering to jam him, but those AM guys go to bed early.

Signal is peaking at about s-3 with short deep fades. Nice audio, but a little lacking on the bass end.

General Radio Discussion / Email addy annouced for OTR?
« on: July 23, 2015, 0105 UTC »
It sure sounded like one. Around 0:49-0:50 for you SDR boys to check out. There was a drop in the programming audio, a voice that was walloped by static, but did end in "dotcom".

Huh? / Al, your sheepskin pants arrived......
« on: July 18, 2015, 0520 UTC »
at the office for this year's gathering at Bohemian Grove.

Remember, the fleece goes on the outside. You won't get that nasty rash, and the company won't have to change dry cleaners............., again.

Say "hello" to Dick Cheney and the lesser imps for me. Stay away from the altar in front of the wooden owl during the festivities. You know how blood can stain wool.

North American MW Pirate Radio / 1710 Unid. 2:51 UTC 7/17/15
« on: July 17, 2015, 0257 UTC »
 I'm hearing something under the Springfield TIS. Announcer speaking possible SS and horn based dance music.

Huh? / News on the depth of the Hollywood fault.
« on: July 02, 2015, 0437 UTC »
Al, did you forget to fill in the Hollywood fault when you were visiting the the folks this past Xmas? Local seismologists think you broke through the mantle poking around.

There were a couple of soundbites on today's news from them, and I quote, "We have a massive helium leak. How will the Earth remain in orbit if it can't stay aloft?" and "If the Moho Men get loose, it's Fansome's fault."

I knew I shouldn't have loaned you my good shovel.

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